Hastha Nakshatra Baby Boy Names

Poojan Poojan means the ceremony of worshiping Boy
Poojit Poojit means worshipped, respected Boy
Poojith Poojith means worshipped Boy
Poonish Poonish means lord of the pious, man, the pupil of the eye, brahman or the supreme spirit Boy
Poorab Poorab means east Boy
Pooran Pooran means complete, successors, momento, abundant Boy
Poorna Poorna means complete Boy
Poornachandra Poornachandra means full moon Boy
Poornamada Poornamada means complete, whole Boy
Poornamrith Poornamrith means full of nectar Boy
Poornan Poornan means complete Boy
Poornanand Poornanand means complete joy Boy
Poornendu Poornendu means full moon Boy
Poorv Poorv means the east, chanting voice from east at sunrise Boy
Poorvaj Poorvaj means elder, ancestors Boy
Poorvans Poorvans means the moon Boy
Poorvesh Poorvesh means earth Boy
Poorvith Poorvith means a complete man Boy
Poovendan Poovendan means leader Boy
Purahan Purahan means lord shiva, conqueror of pura Boy
Purajit Purajit means lord shiva, conqueror of city purumitra Boy
Purandar Purandar means lord indra, fortress destroyer, name of indra, an epithet of shiva, krishna, agni and vishnu Boy
Purshottam Purshottam means lord vishnu, best among men Boy
Pushkal Pushkal means lord shiva, rich, excellent, magnificient, full, complete, powerful, purified, abundant, splendid, name of a son of varun, epithet of shiva, name of a buddha, son of bharat Boy
Pushpaketu Pushpaketu means kamdev, cupid Boy
Shaahil Shaahil means sea shore, guide, shore, bank Boy
Shaan Shaan means pride, peaceful Boy
Shaantiv Shaantiv means peaceful Boy
Shaar Shaar means habit, custom, name of lord ayyappa, arrow Boy
Shaarwin Shaarwin means victory Boy
Shaast Shaast means ruler, one who commands Boy
Shabar Shabar means lord shiva, water, the vital element for life, name of shiva Boy
Shabarish Shabarish means lord ayyappa Boy
Shabast Shabast means armoured, protected Boy
Shabd Shabd means awaz sound, akhar word Boy
Shabin Shabin means from the name sabine an italian culture Boy
Shachin Shachin means lord indra, pure existence, affectionate, epithet of shiva Boy
Shadananan Shadananan means lord subramanyan Boy
Shadual Shadual means someone who has happiness Boy
Shagdav Boy
Shahan Shahan means king, one of the kauravas Boy
Shahant Shahant means slayer of aksha Boy
Shahir Boy
Shahraan Boy
Shaifali Shaifali means sweet smell Boy
Shaiksha Shaiksha means king Boy
Shail Shail means mountain, rocky Boy
Shailaj Shailaj means daughter of the mountains Boy
Shaildhar Shaildhar means one who holds mountain Boy
Shailen Shailen means king of mountains Boy
Shailender Shailender means lord shiva, lord of the mountain, epithet of shiva Boy
Shailendra Shailendra means king of mountains, himalaya Boy
Shailesh Shailesh means god of mountain, himalaya Boy
Shainin Shainin means peaceful, restrained Boy
Shaiv Shaiv means pure and innocent, holy, a sect worshipping shiva Boy
Shaivya Shaivya means the cult of lord shiva, auspicious, wealthy Boy
Shajan Shajan means beloved, good man Boy
Shajaneesh Boy
Shaji Shaji means bold, courageous, king of noble men Boy
Shajunan Boy
Shakith Boy
Shakthidhar Shakthidhar means lord shiva, the lord subramanian Boy
Shaktidhar Shaktidhar means lord shiva, the lord subramanian Boy
Shakun Shakun means auspicious Boy
Shakuni Shakuni means bird, uncle of kauravas (younger brother of gandhari; maternal uncle of duryodhana; an expert dice player.) Boy
Shakunt Shakunt means blue jay Boy
Shakunth Shakunth means blue jay Boy
Shakyasinha Shakyasinha means lord buddha, the lion of the sakya Boy
Shalang Shalang means emperor Boy
Shalen Shalen means modest Boy
Shaligram Shaligram means lord vishnu, refers to a fossilized shell Boy
Shalik Shalik means a sage Boy
Shalina Shalina means courteous Boy
Shaline Shaline means modest Boy
Shalivahan Shalivahan means name of a famous king Boy
Shalya Shalya means an arrow Boy
Shamak Shamak means makes peace, peaceful, lord buddha Boy
Shamakarn Shamakarn means lord shiva, the one who has black ears Boy
Shaman Shaman means jasmine, soothing, purifying, hymn, prosperous, universal plentiful Boy
Shamant Shamant means universal, whole, lord rama Boy
Shamanth Shamanth means universal, whole, lord rama Boy
Shamath Shamath means quiet, tranquillity, a counseller, residing in peace, peaceful, calm Boy
Shambho Shambho means compassion Boy
Shambhu Shambhu means abode of joy, lord shiva, sa + amba - with amba Boy
Shameek Shameek means ancient sage, peaceful, restrained Boy
Shameer Shameer means a message or tidings or that which is heard, rock that can penetrate metal Boy
Shamen Shamen means holy man, happy, auspicious, security, wealthy Boy
Shami Shami means fire, name of a tree, work Boy
Shamijith Boy
Shamik Shamik means ancient sage, peaceful, restrained Boy
Shamindra Shamindra means quiet, gentle Boy
Shamir Shamir means a message or tidings or that which is heard, rock that can penetrate metal Boy
Shamish Shamish means the sun, lord shiva Boy
Shamit Shamit means peacemaker, who is calm and disciplined, peaceful, calmed, prepared Boy
Shamith Shamith means peacemaker, who is calm and disciplined, peaceful, calmed, prepared Boy
Shammad Shammad means one who has conquered his ego Boy
Shampak Shampak means created by thunderbolts, brilliant Boy
Shams Shams means fragrance, the sun Boy
Shamsher Shamsher means the sword of honors, the leader lion of the herd Boy
Shamshu Shamshu means beautiful Boy