Hastha Nakshatra Baby Boy Names

Shamun Shamun means name of a prophet Boy
Shamvat Shamvat means auspicious, wealthy Boy
Shamya Shamya means blessings, one who listens, exalted, noble, much praised Boy
Shamyak Shamyak means enough Boy
Shan Shan means pride, peaceful Boy
Shan- Shan- means from john, killing with an arrow, another name for shiva Boy
Shanan Shanan means gaining, acquiring Boy
Shanay Shanay means ancient, one that will last forever Boy
Shandar Shandar means proud Boy
Shandilya Shandilya means name of a saint Boy
Shanen Shanen means wise, river Boy
Shani Shani means gift, reward, a portion of the sky, same pronunciation as sunny meaning bright Boy
Shanith Shanith means obtainment Boy
Shanjeev Shanjeev means giving life, re animating, love Boy
Shankamalee Boy
Shankan Shankan means causing awe, wonderous, awe-inspiring Boy
Shankar Shankar means lord shiva, causing happiness, conferring good fortune, auspicious, an epithet of shiva, name of a celebrated teacher of vedanta philosophy shankaracharya, name of a raaga Boy
Shankaran Shankaran means sinkam Boy
Shankarshan Shankarshan means brother of lord krishna Boy
Shankdhar Shankdhar means lord krishna, the one who bears a conch Boy
Shankesh Boy
Shankh Shankh means a shell, conch, auspicious, a number equivalent to 10 billion crores Boy
Shankha Shankha means a shell, conch, auspicious, a number equivalent to 10 billion crores Boy
Shankhapani Shankhapani means lord vishnu, the one who bears the shankh in his hand Boy
Shankhi Shankhi means ocean Boy
Shankhin Shankhin means lord vishnu, the one who bears the shankh Boy
Shankir Shankir means lord shiva, one who causes happiness Boy
Shanmith Boy
Shanmuga Priya Shanmuga Priya means kartikeya; first son of lord shiva "beloved." Boy
Shanmugam Shanmugam means six faces Boy
Shanmughan Shanmughan means lord subramanyan Boy
Shanmuk Shanmuk means god Boy
Shanmuka Shanmuka means shanmuka means lord of subramaniam son of lord shiva, lord kartikeyalord murugan Boy
Shanmukh Shanmukh means lord kartikeya, having six faces, epithet of kaarttikeya, desitiny (first son of lord shiva) Boy
Shanmukha Shanmukha means shanmuka means lord of subramaniam son of lord shiva, lord kartikeyalord murugan (first son of lord shiva) Boy
Shanmukha Nathan Shanmukha Nathan means lord murugan, the six-faced lord Boy
Shanmukha Sundaram Shanmukha Sundaram means lord murugan, six-faced beauty Boy
Shanmukha Vadivelan Shanmukha Vadivelan means lord murugan, six-faced vadivel Boy
Shanmukha Velan Shanmukha Velan means lord murugan, six-faced vel Boy
Shanmukhan Shanmukhan means shanmuka means lord of subramaniam son of lord shiva, lord kartikeyalord murugan Boy
Shannin Shannin means old, wise, river, auspicious, fortunate, happy Boy
Shannu Boy
Shant Shant means saintly person, tranquil, calm, saint Boy
Shantah Shantah means peaceful lord Boy
Shantam Shantam means quite Boy
Shantan Shantan means king, whole Boy
Shantanav Shantanav means bhishma pitamaha Boy
Shantanu Shantanu means wholesome, a king from the epic mahabharata (great grandfather of the pandavas and kauravas; father of bhishma, chitranga and vichitravirya; married to ganga and satyavati.) Boy
Shantappa Shantappa means peace Boy
Shantaram Boy
Shantashil Shantashil means gentle Boy
Shanthan Shanthan means king, whole Boy
Shanti Priya Shanti Priya means peace loving Boy
Shantidev Shantidev means lord of peace Boy
Shantidoot Shantidoot means shanti ka doot Boy
Shantimay Shantimay means peaceful Boy
Shantinath Shantinath means lord of peace Boy
Shantiprakash Shantiprakash means light of peace Boy
Shantosh Shantosh means satisfaction Boy
Shanvik Boy
Shanyu Shanyu means benevolent, kind hearted, kind, lucky, happy Boy
Shanyuth Shanyuth means benevolent Boy
Shapath Shapath means oath Boy
Shapon Shapon means dream Boy
Shar Shar means habit, custom, name of lord ayyappa, arrow Boy
Sharad Sharad means autumn Boy
Sharadchandra Sharadchandra means autumn moon Boy
Sharadendu Sharadendu means moon of autumn, autumn moon Boy
Sharadindu Sharadindu means moon of autumn, autumn moon Boy
Sharan Sharan means surrender, injuring, running, lily, yard of a sail Boy
Sharanatrana Tatpara Sharanatrana Tatpara means protector of devotees Boy
Sharang Sharang means a musical instrument, distinguished, brilliance, light, jewel, gold light, the earth, a musical raag another name for the love god kaama and shiva Boy
Sharanith Boy
Sharanyan Sharanyan means the one who bestows protection to anyone who comes seeking it. the word sharan in sanskrit means protection. and the one who bestows it is sharanyan Boy
Sharapanjarabhedaka Sharapanjarabhedaka means destroyer of the nest made of arrows Boy
Shararth Shararth means a season Boy
Sharat Sharat means a season, autumn, breeze, cloud Boy
Sharath Sharath means a season, autumn, breeze, cloud Boy
Sharav Sharav means pure and innocent Boy
Shardool Shardool means lion, a tiger Boy
Shardul Shardul means lion, a tiger Boy
Sharleen Sharleen means womanly Boy
Sharmad Sharmad means one whop confers happiness, everlasting Boy
Sharman Sharman means joy, delight, shelter, happiness, protection Boy
Sharnie Sharnie means dirty stunted grass Boy
Sharokh Sharokh means honorable man Boy
Sharol Sharol means name of flower Boy
Sharu Sharu means lord vishnu, an arrow, dart, the thunderbolt of indra, the weapon of the maruts, passion, epithet of vishnu Boy
Sharul Sharul means shark Boy
Sharun Sharun means sweet, fragrance, honey Boy
Sharunan Sharunan means naughty boy Boy
Sharvarish Sharvarish means the moon Boy
Sharvas Sharvas means lord vishnu, the auspicious Boy
Sharvathan Boy
Sharvesh Sharvesh means master of all or god or king or lord of all, emperor, lord shiva Boy
Sharveshwar Sharveshwar means lord of all Boy
Sharvil Sharvil means lord krishna, derived from sharv, sharv meaning sacred to shiva Boy
Sharvin Sharvin means victory, best archer, god of love Boy
Sharwanand Boy
Sharwin Sharwin means victory Boy