Visakha Nakshatra Baby Boy Names

Tohit Tohit means beautiful Boy
Toru Toru means bull Boy
Tosh Tosh means pleasure, satisfaction Boy
Toshal Toshal means association Boy
Toshan Toshan means satisfaction Boy
Toshanav Toshanav means gem; talented Boy
Toshin Toshin means satisfied Boy
Toshit Toshit means pleasant, satisfied Boy
Toyaj Toyaj means lotus stem Boy
Toyesh Toyesh means lord of water Boy
Tubal Tubal means thou shall be brought Boy
Tuhin Tuhin means snow Boy
Tujaram Tujaram means good boy Boy
Tuka Tuka means young boy Boy
Tukaram Tukaram means a poet saint Boy
Tuksa Boy
Tula Tula means balance scale, zodiac sign libra Boy
Tulaji Tulaji means balance, a zodiac sign Boy
Tulak Tulak means thinker Boy
Tulashiram Boy
Tuliln Tuliln means snow, moonlight Boy
Tulinder Boy
Tulsidas Tulsidas means a famous saint, servant of tulsi (basil plant (sanskrit scholar and poet who created ramcharitmanas, a version of valmiki ramayana in local avadhi language) Boy
Tunava Tunava means a flute Boy
Tunda Tunda means lord shiva, mouth, face, the point of an instrument, a name of shiva Boy
Tunganath Tunganath means lord of the mountains Boy
Tungar Tungar means high, lofty Boy
Tungesh Tungesh means the moon Boy
Tungeshwar Tungeshwar means lord of the mountains Boy
Tungish Tungish means lord shiva, lord vishnu Boy
Tupam Tupam means love Boy
Turag Turag means a thought, agile, mind Boy
Turang Turang means a thought Boy
Turanyu Turanyu means swift Boy
Turashat Turashat means anthor name for lord indra, overpowering the mighty Boy
Turvasu Turvasu means a son of yayaati (a son of yayaati) Boy
Tushaar Tushaar means ice, snow, fine drops of water, cold Boy
Tushant Tushant means power Boy
Tushar Tushar means ice, snow, fine drops of water, cold Boy
Tusharkanti Tusharkanti means lord shiva, beloved of the snow mountains, epithet of shiva Boy
Tusharsuvra Tusharsuvra means white as snow Boy
Tushin Tushin means satisfied Boy
Tushir Tushir means new small leaf Boy
Tushit Tushit means satisfied, another name of lord vishnu, an incarnation of vishnu Boy
Tushya Tushya means satisfied, lord shiva Boy
Tusya Tusya means satisfied, lord shiva Boy
Tusya Udarchis Tusya Udarchis means lord shiva Boy
Tuvidyumna Tuvidyumna means lord indra Boy
Tuvijat Tuvijat means lord indra Boy
Tuviksh Tuviksh means powerful lord indra bow, strong Boy
Tuyam Tuyam means water, strong, rapid Boy