Mesha Rashi Baby Boy Names

Aabhas Aabhas means feeling, virtual Boy
Aabhat Aabhat means shining, visible, brilliant Boy
Aabheer Aabheer means a cowherd, name of dynasty Boy
Aabir Aabir means gulal Boy
Aacharya Aacharya means a prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide, teacher Boy
Aachman Aachman means intake of a sip of water before a yagya, puja Boy
Aadamya Aadamya means apne dam par Boy
Aadarsh Aadarsh means ideal, the sun, principle, belief, excellence Boy
Aadarsha Aadarsha means idol, mentor, with an ideology Boy
Aadavan Aadavan means the sun Boy
Aadesh Aadesh means command, message, counsel Boy
Aadhar Aadhar means base Boy
Aadhav Aadhav means ruler Boy
Aadhavan Aadhavan means the sun Boy
Aadhirai Aadhirai means a special star Boy
Aadhiren Aadhiren means dark Boy
Aadhish Aadhish means full of wisdom, intelligent, commanded, counselled Boy
Aadhyatm Aadhyatm means dhyan Boy
Aadi Aadi means adornment, beginning, perfect, most important, ornament, unequalled, first Boy
Aadia Aadia means being a gift, first, unequalled, perfect, the earth, another name for durga, the initial reality Boy
Aadidev Aadidev means the lord of the lords, the first god Boy
Aadijay Aadijay means the first victory Boy
Aadim Aadim means entire universe, first, foundation, original Boy
Aadinath Aadinath means the first lord, lord vishnu Boy
Aadipta Aadipta means bright Boy
Aadish Aadish means full of wisdom, intelligent, commanded, counselled Boy
Aadishankar Aadishankar means sri shankaracharya, founder of adwaitha philosophy Boy
Aadit Aadit means peak, lord of the sun, first Boy
Aaditey Aaditey means son of aditi, the sun Boy
Aaditeya Aaditeya means the sun (son of aditi) Boy
Aadith Aadith means peak, lord of the sun, first Boy
Aadithya Aadithya means aditis son, the sun, sun god Boy
Aadithyakethu Aadithyakethu means one of the kauravas Boy
Aaditva Aaditva means variant of aditya: the sun Boy
Aaditya Aaditya means aditis son, the sun, sun god Boy
Aadiv Aadiv means delicate Boy
Aadvay Aadvay means unique, one, united, with no duplicate Boy
Aadvik Aadvik means unique Boy
Aadyant Aadyant means infinite from adi to ant, from begining to end Boy
Aadyot Aadyot means praise, brilliant Boy
Aagam Aagam means coming, arrival, a name of jain shastra, insight, intelligence, wisdom Boy
Aaghosh Aaghosh means lapped Boy
Aagney Aagney means karna, the great warrior, one who is born from fire (son of the fire) Boy
Aagneya Aagneya means karna, the great warrior, one who is born from fire (son of the fire) Boy
Aahaan Aahaan means dawn, sunrise, morning glory, first ray of light, one who is of the nature of time itself Boy
Aahan Aahan means dawn, sunrise, morning glory, first ray of light, one who is of the nature of time itself Boy
Aahil Aahil means prince Boy
Aahlaad Aahlaad means delight, joy, happy, happiness Boy
Aahlad Aahlad means delight, joy, happy, happiness Boy
Aahnik Aahnik means prayer Boy
Aahva Aahva means beloved Boy
Aahvan Aahvan means an invitation call Boy
Aaish Aaish means delight, joy, pleasure, god blessings Boy
Aakaar Aakaar means shape, form Boy
Aakampan Aakampan means unshaken, calm, determined Boy
Aakanksh Aakanksh means hope, desire Boy
Aakar Aakar means shape, form Boy
Aakarsh Aakarsh means attractive Boy
Aakarshak Aakarshak means attractive Boy
Aakarshan Aakarshan means attraction, charm Boy
Aakash Aakash means the sky, open mindedness Boy
Aakashi Aakashi means the sky, universal, atmosphere Boy
Aakesh Aakesh means lord of the sky Boy
Aakhyaan Aakhyaan means legend story of famous person Boy
Aakshaya Aakshaya means eternal, immortal, indestructible, goddess parvati Boy
Aalakshya Aalakshya means visible Boy
Aalamb Aalamb means sanctuary Boy
Aalap Aalap means musical prelude, conversation Boy
Aalay Aalay means home, refuge Boy
Aalekh Aalekh means picture, painting Boy
Aalhad Aalhad means joy, happiness Boy
Aalok Aalok means light, brilliance, vision Boy
Aalop Aalop means that which does not disappear Boy
Aamish Aamish means honest, trustworthy, pleasing Boy
Aamod Aamod means pleasure, serenity, fragrance Boy
Aamodh Aamodh means pleasure, serenity, fragrance Boy
Aamodin Aamodin means happy, sweet fragrant, celebrated Boy
Aamogh Aamogh means unerring, lord ganesha Boy
Aan Aan means the sun Boy
Aanal Aanal means fire Boy
Aanand Aanand means joy, happiness, delight Boy
Aanandit Aanandit means one who spreads joy, joyous, full of bliss, happy, pleased Boy
Aanandswarup Aanandswarup means full of joy Boy
Aananth Aananth means infinite, eternal, godly, the earth, vishnu, shiva, another name for brahma, endless Boy
Aanantya Aanantya means endless, eternal, godly Boy
Aanav Aanav means ocean, king, rich, generous, kind, humane Boy
Aanay Aanay means consort of goddess radha, another name of lord ganesh, without a superior, another name for lord vishnu Boy
Aandaleeb Aandaleeb means nightingale, the bulbul bird Boy
Aangat Aangat means colorful Boy
Aangi Aangi means decorating the god, divine Boy
Aanick Aanick means anything extremely small Boy
Aaniya Aaniya means lord hanuman, fulfilment (son of anjani) Boy
Aanjaneya Aanjaneya means lord hanuman, son of anjana (son of anjani) Boy
Aanjay Aanjay means unconquerable, unbeatable Boy
Aansh Aansh means portion, day Boy
Aanshal Aanshal means strong, mighty, powerful, one who has strong shoulders, passionate Boy
Aantya Aantya means successful, accomplished Boy
Aanush Aanush means beautiful morning, star, following desire Boy
Aapt Aapt means reliable, trustworthy, successful, logical Boy
Aapu Aapu means breath, faultless, virtuous, divine Boy