Names Of God Hanuman

Aanjaneya Aanjaneya means lord hanuman, son of anjana (son of anjani) Boy
Akshahantre Akshahantre means slayer of aksha Boy
Bajrangbali Bajrangbali means with strength of diamond, lord hanuman Boy
Bhakthavatsala Bhakthavatsala means protector of devotees Boy
Chaturbahave Chaturbahave means four-armed Boy
Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi means immortal person, without death, eternal being, long lived, lord vishnu Boy
Deenabandhav Deenabandhav means protector of the downtrodden Boy
Dhruddavrat Dhruddavrat means strong willed meditator Boy
Hanumanta Hanumanta means the monkey god of ramayana Boy
Harimarkatamarkata Harimarkatamarkata means lord of the monkeys Boy
Jaikapeesh Jaikapeesh means hail monkey god Boy
Kalanabha Kalanabha means controller of time Boy
Kamaroopin Kamaroopin means changing form at will Boy
Karagrahavimoktre Karagrahavimoktre means one who frees from imprisonment Boy
Kesarinandan Kesarinandan means (son of kesari) Boy
Kesarisut Kesarisut means (son of kesari) Boy
Kesarisuta Kesarisuta means son of kesari Boy
Lakshmanapranadata Lakshmanapranadata means reviver of lakshmanas life Boy
Lakshmanapranadatre Lakshmanapranadatre means reviver of lakshmanas life Boy
Lankineebhanjana Lankineebhanjana means slayer of lankini Boy
Lokapujya Lokapujya means worshipped by the universe, a name of lord hanuman Boy
Mahadhyuta Mahadhyuta means most radiant Boy
Mahakaya Mahakaya means gigantic, lord hanuman Boy
Maharavanamardana Maharavanamardana means slayer of the famous ravana Boy
Mahatman Mahatman means supreme being Boy
Mahatmane Mahatmane means supreme being Boy
Mahavira Mahavira means most valiant Boy
Manojavaya Manojavaya means lord hanuman, speed like wind Boy
Marutatmaj Marutatmaj means most beloved like gems Boy
Marutatmaja Marutatmaja means adored like gems Boy
Maruti Maruti means lord hanuman, son of the wind, an epithet of hanuman Boy
Panchavaktra Panchavaktra means five faced, lord hanuman Boy
Pavanputra Pavanputra means lord hanuman, son of the wind (son of wind) Boy
Prabhava Prabhava means effect, popular lord, lord hanuman Boy
Prabhave Prabhave means effect, popular lord, lord hanuman, origin, majesty, power, excellent, eminent, brilliance Boy
Rakshovidhwansakaraka Rakshovidhwansakaraka means slayer of demons Boy
Ramabhakta Ramabhakta means devoted to lord rama, lord hanuman Boy
Ramadhuta Ramadhuta means ambassador of lord rama, lord hanuman Boy
Ramakathalolaya Ramakathalolaya means crazy of listening lord rama's story Boy
Sagarotharaka Sagarotharaka means one who leapt across the ocean, lord hanuman Boy
Sanjeevananagahatre Sanjeevananagahatre means bearer of sanjeevini mount, lord hanuman Boy
Sankatamochanan Sankatamochanan means reliever of sorrows Boy
Sarvarogahara Sarvarogahara means reliever of all ailments Boy
Sharapanjarabhedaka Sharapanjarabhedaka means destroyer of the nest made of arrows Boy
Shoora Shoora means valiant, bold, a name of lord hanuman, mighty, brave, lion, tiger Boy
Shuchaye Shuchaye means chaste Boy
Sitaramapadaseva Sitaramapadaseva means always engaged in service of lord rama, lord hanuman Boy
Sphatikabha Sphatikabha means crystal clear Boy
Sugreeva Sachiva Sugreeva Sachiva means minister of sugreev Boy
Surarchita Surarchita means worshipped by celestials Boy
Tatvagyanaprada Tatvagyanaprada means granter of wisdom Boy
Vagadheeksha Vagadheeksha means lord of spokesmen Boy
Vagmine Vagmine means spokesman Boy
Vajrakaya Vajrakaya means sturdy like metal, lord hanuman Boy
Vardhimainakapujita Vardhimainakapujita means worshipped by mynaka Boy
Vijitendriya Vijitendriya means controller of the senses, lord hanuman Boy
Yogine Yogine means saint, a name of lord hanuman Boy