Krithika Nakshatra Baby Girl Names

Aabha Aabha means glow, luster, shine Girl
Aabharana Aabharana means jewel Girl
Aabheri Aabheri means a raaga in indian music Girl
Aadanya Girl
Aadarshini Aadarshini means idealistic Girl
Aadhini Girl
Aadhira Aadhira means lightning, strong, the moon Girl
Aadhrika Aadhrika means mountain or celestial Girl
Aadhya Aadhya means first power, goddess durga, first, unequalled, perfect, the earth, another ornament Girl
Aadhyasri Aadhyasri means first power, the beginning Girl
Aadishri Aadishri means first, more important Girl
Aadita Aadita means first, original, from the beginning Girl
Aadithi Aadithi means mother of the gods, liberty, perfection, creativity, freedom, safety, abundance Girl
Aaditri Aaditri means highest honor, goddess lakshmi Girl
Aadrika Aadrika means mountain, hill, an apsara or celestial nymph Girl
Aadriti Aadriti means goddess durga, ray Girl
Aadvika Aadvika means world, earth, unique Girl
Aadya Aadya means first power, goddess durga, first, unequalled, perfect, the earth, another ornament Girl
Aaghnya Aaghnya means born from fire, goddess lakshmi Girl
Aahana Aahana means inner light, immortal, born during the day, first rise of the sun Girl
Aahladita Aahladita means in happy mood, delighted Girl
Aahna Aahna means exist Girl
Aakaanksha Aakaanksha means desire, wish Girl
Aakaansha Aakaansha means wish, desire, dream Girl
Aakanksha Aakanksha means desire, wish Girl
Aakansha Aakansha means wish, desire, dream Girl
Aakarsha Aakarsha means above everybody Girl
Aakarshika Aakarshika means having attractive power Girl
Aakriti Aakriti means shape, form, figure, appearance Girl
Aakruthi Aakruthi means shape, structure Girl
Aakruti Aakruti means shape, structure Girl
Aalaya Aalaya means home, refuge Girl
Aaleahya Aaleahya means sunshine Girl
Aalisha Aalisha means protected by god, silk of heaven Girl
Aamani Aamani means good wish, spring season (vasanth ritu) Girl
Aamaya Aamaya means night rain Girl
Aamisha Aamisha means beautiful, without decept, pure, truthful, guileless Girl
Aamodini Aamodini means joyful, pleasurable, happy girl, fragrant, celebrated Girl
Aamrutha Aamrutha means state of deathlessness, immortality, divine nectar of the god Girl
Aamuktha Aamuktha means liberated Girl
Aanadhitha Aanadhitha means happy one Girl
Aanamra Aanamra means modest Girl
Aanandamayi Aanandamayi means full of joy, full of happiness Girl
Aanandana Aanandana means happiness Girl
Aanandatha Aanandatha means happy Girl
Aanandi Aanandi means the one who is always happy Girl
Aanandinii Aanandinii means full of joy, blissful Girl
Aanandita Aanandita means purveyor of joy, happy Girl
Aananditha Aananditha means purveyor of joy, happy Girl
Aanantha Aanantha means infinite, endless, eternal, the earth Girl
Aananthamaya Aananthamaya means full of great happiness Girl
Aanavi Aanavi means kind to people, generous Girl
Aanaya Aanaya means without a superior, god has shown favour Girl
Aanchal Aanchal means shelter, the decorative end of a sari Girl
Aandaal Aandaal means incarnation of goddess lakshmi Girl
Aanika Aanika means goddess durga, the brilliance of stone Girl
Aanshi Aanshi means gods gift Girl
Aantika Aantika means older sister Girl
Aanvi Aanvi means one of devis names, name of a goddess Girl
Aanya Aanya means inexhaustible, limitless, resurrection Girl
Aaoka Aaoka means lustrous Girl
Aapeksha Aapeksha means passion, being passionate Girl
Aapti Aapti means fulfilment, conclusion, success, completion Girl
Aara Aara means ornament, decoration, light bringer Girl
Aarabhi Aarabhi means karnatic musical (raaga) famous note Girl
Aaradhana Aaradhana means worship, adoration Girl
Aaradhaya Aaradhaya means worshipped, blessing of lord ganesh Girl
Aaradhita Aaradhita means worshipped Girl
Aaradhya Aaradhya means worshipped, blessing of lord ganesh (celebrity name: aishwarya rai) Girl
Aaradhyay Aaradhyay means belief, respect Girl
Aaradya Aaradya means worshipped, blessing of lord ganesh Girl
Aarani Girl
Aarashi Aarashi means first ray of the sun, heavenly, rice, queen Girl
Aarathana Aarathana means soft and beautiful Girl
Aarathi Aarathi means worship, hymns sang in praise of god, divine fire in ritual Girl
Aaratrika Aaratrika means dusk lamp beneath tulsi plant Girl
Aaravi Aaravi means peace Girl
Aarayna Aarayna means queen Girl
Aarchi Aarchi means ray of light Girl
Aardra Aardra means 6th nakshatra, wet Girl
Aaridhya Aaridhya means to be accomplished, to be made favorable, to be worshipped Girl
Aarini Aarini means adventurous Girl
Aaritra Aaritra means one who shows the right path, navigator Girl
Aarna Aarna means goddess lakshmi, water, wave, effervescing, stream Girl
Aarohi Aarohi means a music tune, progressive, evolving Girl
Aarthi Aarthi means way of offering prayer to god Girl
Aarti Aarti means form of worship, singing of hymns in praise of god Girl
Aaruna Aaruna means dawn, red, passionate, fertile Girl
Aarupa Aarupa means without the limitations of form, divine, moon faced, goddess lakshmi Girl
Aarusha Aarusha means first rays of the morning sun Girl
Aarushi Aarushi means dawn, red sky in the early morning, first rays of the sun, flame, bright, life giving Girl
Aarvi Aarvi means peace Girl
aarya aarya means goddess parvati, goddess durga, a noble lady, honoured, friend, faithful, wise, benevolent, auspicious Girl
Aaryamani Aaryamani means belonging to the sun, the noblest of nobles Girl
Aaryana Aaryana means best, noble Girl
Aarythy Aarythy means daughter of aarya Girl
Aasha Aasha means desire, wish, hope Girl
Aashaka Aashaka means aartis best wishes, blessing Girl
Aashakiran Aashakiran means ray of hope Girl
Aashalata Aashalata means creeper of hope Girl