Names Of Goddess Saraswati

Bani Bani means earth, goddess saraswati, maiden Girl
Bharathi Bharathi means goddess saraswati, india Girl
Bharati Bharati means goddess saraswati, india Girl
Gayathri Gayathri means goddess of the vedas Girl
Hamsini Hamsini means who rides a swan, goddess saraswati Girl
Mahasweta Mahasweta means goddess saraswati, perfectly white Girl
Medh Medh means intellect, goddess saraswati Girl
Medha Medha means intellect, goddess saraswati Girl
Pavaki Pavaki means name of lord murugan, goddess saraswati (goddess of education, purifying, fire) Girl
Prajna Prajna means goddess saraswati, clever and sensible woman, intelligence, understanding, discernment, wisdom personified as goddess sarasvati, insight Girl
Saradha Saradha means goddess saraswati, perennial, name of sarasvati, name of durga, a kind of musical instrument, bearer of neena or lute Girl
Shardambha Shardambha means goddess saraswati, amba - mother mother sharada) Girl
Shroti Shroti means expert in vedas, insight, knowledge of the vedas Girl
Shutradevi Shutradevi means goddess saraswati Girl
Vagdevi Vagdevi means goddess of learning, goddess saraswati Girl
Vagishwari Vagishwari means goddess saraswathi, name of a raga Girl
Vani Vani means speech Girl
Vanishri Vanishri means goddess saraswati, speech Girl
Vanmayi Vanmayi means goddess saraswati, endowed with speech, eloquent Girl
Veenavani Veenavani means goddess saraswati, refers to the veena or musical instrument goddess saraswati is depicted playing while being seated on the swan Girl
Vidhya Vidhya means knowledge, learning Girl
Vidya Vidya means knowledge, learning Girl