Baby Boy Name Starting With P

Paak Paak means innocent, simple, young, ignorant, pure, clean Boy
Paal Paal means king, guardian, moment Boy
Paalin Paalin means guarding, protecting Boy
Paalit Paalit means precious, protected Boy
Paanik Paanik means hand Boy
Paaraj Paaraj means gold Boy
Paarak Paarak means saving, liberating, pleasant Boy
Paaras Paaras means the mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold, healthy, touchstone, iron Boy
Paarth Paarth means arjun, son of the earth king, prince, another name of arjun, derived from his mothers name pritha (kunti) Boy
Paarthiban Paarthiban means another name of king arjun Boy
Paarthiv Paarthiv means son of the earth, brave, prince of earth, earthly Boy
Paaru Paaru means the sun, fire, goddess parvati, graceful or flow of water Boy
Paasy Paasy means one of the kauravas Boy
Paatav Paatav means agile, clever Boy
Paavak Paavak means purifying, fire, brilliant, pure Boy
Paavaki Paavaki means one of a kind or rare, quite new, exquisite, unprecedented, like never before, unique, unmatched Boy
Paavan Paavan means pure, sacred, fire, incense, pious Boy
Paawan Paawan means pure, sacred, fire, incense, pious Boy
Paawanjeet Paawanjeet means victory of the pure Boy
Pachai Pachai means youthful, resourceful Boy
Pachaimani Pachaimani means youthful, resourceful Boy
Pachaimuthu Pachaimuthu means youthful, resourceful Boy
Pachak Pachak means digestive Boy
Padam Padam means lotus Boy
Padamdeep Padamdeep means thousand billions, of regions, of lotus petaled lamps Boy
Padamjeet Padamjeet means victory of the lotus Boy
Padamjot Padamjot means light of the lotus Boy
Padampal Padampal means protector of the lotus Boy
Padampreet Padampreet means love for the lotus Boy
Padamprem Padamprem means love for the lotus Boy
Padm Padm means lotus Boy
Padmabandhu Padmabandhu means friend of lotus bee, the sun Boy
Padmadhar Padmadhar means one who holds a lotus Boy
Padmahasta Padmahasta means lotus handed, lord krishna Boy
Padmaj Padmaj means lord brahma, bourn from lotus flower Boy
Padmakant Padmakant means husband of lotus, sun Boy
Padmakar Padmakar means jewel, lord vishnu Boy
Padmaksh Padmaksh means lotus eyed Boy
Padmalochan Padmalochan means lotus eyed Boy
Padmam Padmam means lotus Boy
Padman Padman means lotus Boy
Padmanaabhah Padmanaabhah means he from whose navel comes the lotus Boy
Padmanaban Padmanaban means padmanabhan comes from the hindu word which means, lotus navelled, a name of lord vishnu Boy
Padmanabh Padmanabh means one with lotus in his navel, lord vishnu Boy
Padmanabha Padmanabha means one with lotus in his navel, lord vishnu Boy
Padmanabhan Padmanabhan means one with lotus in his navel, lord vishnu Boy
Padmapani Padmapani means lord brahma, lotus-handed Boy
Padmapati Padmapati means lord vishnu, consort of padma (padma - lakshmi) Boy
Padmaraj Padmaraj means padma is lord venkateshwaras wife padmas raja is therefore lord venkateswara hence padma raj is another name of him. alternate names include srinivas, balaji, venkatesh and govinda Boy
Padmaroop Padmaroop means lotus hued Boy
Padmayani Padmayani means lord brahma, buddha Boy
Padmesh Padmesh means lord vishnu, consort of padma Boy
Padminish Padminish means lord of lotus, the sun Boy
Pagalavan Pagalavan means sun; diurnal; radiant Boy
Paivand Paivand means oath Boy
Pakeran Pakeran means the moon and the star Boy
Paksha Paksha means symbolizing the phases of moon Boy
Pakshaj Pakshaj means the moon, produced in a fortnight.half a month Boy
Pakshil Pakshil means full of feathers, full of logic, name of sage, vatsyayan, bird, practical Boy
Pakshin Pakshin means winged, bird Boy
Palak Palak means eyelash Boy
Palaksh Palaksh means white Boy
Palanhaar Palanhaar means one who protects everyone Boy
Palani Palani means abode of lord murugan Boy
Palani Kumar Palani Kumar means another name of lord murugan Boy
Palani Murugan Palani Murugan means another name of lord murugan Boy
Palaniappan Palaniappan means another name of lord murugan Boy
Palanichamy Palanichamy means name of a god Boy
Palanisami Palanisami means another name of lord murugan Boy
Palanivel Palanivel means another name of lord murugan Boy
Palank Palank means panther, leopard Boy
Palash Palash means a flowery tree, greenery, horse Boy
Palashkusum Palashkusum means the flower of palash Boy
Palashranjan Palashranjan means beautiful like a palash Boy
Palbinder Palbinder means moments spent with lord Boy
Palin Palin means guarding, protecting Boy
Palkesh Palkesh means joyous Boy
Pallab Pallab means new leaves Boy
Pallav Pallav means young shoots and leaves Boy
Pallavit Pallavit means to sprout, to grow Boy
Palvish Palvish means courageous Boy
Palvit Palvit means name of lord vishnu Boy
Palwinderjeet Palwinderjeet means victory of the moments spent with lord Boy
Palwinderjot Palwinderjot means light of lords moments Boy
Palwinderpal Palwinderpal means protector of lords moments Boy
Pambavasan Pambavasan means one who lives in pamba Boy
Pamir Pamir means mountain range Boy
Pan-it Pan-it means admired, surrounded, protected Boy
Panaj Boy
Panav Panav means prince Boy
Panay Panay means sprout, blossom, prince, youthful Boy
Panchajana Panchajana means five eyed, lord shiva, couch of lord krishna Boy
Panchajanya Panchajanya means five eyed, lord shiva, couch of lord krishna Boy
Panchal Panchal means lord shiva, a prince of panchal, a warrior tribe and their country in the north of india, name of a nagraj, consisting of five, a style of singing, a name for shiva Boy
Pancham Pancham means the 5th not of classical music, musical note, intelligent, attractive Boy
Panchanan Panchanan means five eyed, name of lord shiva Boy
Panchavaktra Panchavaktra means five faced, lord hanuman Boy
Panchavati Panchavati means it means a place having five auspecious trees- bel, vat, dhatri, ashoka, ashwatha Boy
Panchjanya Boy
Pandalavasan Pandalavasan means one who lives in pandala place Boy