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Deepthi Radhakrishna
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How to increase my baby weight?

Rana Fertility
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Amrita Priyadarshini
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Why my belly pain in pregnancy

Ambika Iyengar
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Second baby planning

Pooja Pandt
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My son was not eating well

Raj Pratap Singh
Dad of a Daughter
Hi, This is a very common problem. My daughter was also not eating. We went to many doctors and they have given medicine also homoeopathy, allopathy both we tried. But none of them was useful. You need to find out what your son likes to eat. Make that food for him. by this way, you will increase his appetite. Once appetite gets increased he will start eating everything. You can try the variety of food one by one to find out what foods he loves to eat. Also, start giving him pediasure so that he will get all nutrients required.
Dr Pragnya Mishra
Please go through full body checkup to find out everything is fine or not. If everything is fine then you need to do sex on your ovulation day. Calculate your ovulation day using tools available on this website. Also, follow tips mentioned in this article this will help you and get pregnant fast -
Dr Pragnya Mishra
Hi, Last time when it happened to you, Doctor must have told you the reason. You need to take care of those things. You need not to worry too much. go for a full health checkup and find out if everything is OK with you or not. If everything is OK then you can plan for the baby. Don't travel too much while pregnant. Don't lift heavy things. Carefully climb stairs. Avoid high heels. Eat healthy food. Be happy.