QuestionsWhat to do when trying for a baby??
Planning For Baby 5 years ago

What to do when trying for a baby??

We are planning for a baby. We have tried sometimes but i couldn’t conceive. Plzz suggest us the appropriate way…

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gynecologist 3 years ago

Hi Priti,motherhood is a blessing and every woman deserves it. You have taken a nice decision. These are trusted methods to get pregnant. You should track your period and have intercourse on the most fertile day of your cycle. You can calculate that from the various tools available on there you can get these incredible calculators to help you plan.
The golden rules of overall healthy living applies here also.
• Eat well
• Exercise daily
• Be stress free
• Do yoga and meditation
• Get body checkup for any infections
• Avoid any type of intoxicating things like alcohol and drugs or smoking
• Avoid exposure to x-rays or MRI machines.
• Start pre-natal tablets
• Indulge in regular intercourse around your calculated ovulation date.
Remember angel of birth is watching over you. Good Luck!!

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