15 Best Position to get Pregnant Fast – Must try if you are Planning

When a couple decides that they are ready for a baby, they try and research all the possible tips and remedies. The best position to get pregnant, Best timing etc to conceive during the next cycle. Women’s reproductive system is very complicated and so many hormonal changes take place inside every month.

If the woman is healthy, menstruates and ovulates every month, then her ovaries release an egg during the 14th-16th day after her last menstrual period.

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This egg remains alive for close to 24 hours and if it is fertilized by a male sperm during this time, it keeps proceeding ahead towards the uterus and causes implantation. It is very important to have sexual intercourse during the time of ovulation. Having said that, every women’s ovulation cycle can be different. So in order to increase your chances of conceiving you must know when you are ovulating.

Additionally, sex positions also play an important role if you want to get pregnant fast. Though there are no studies that prove this belief many women vouch by a certain position to get pregnant which help them to conceive faster.

[Check: Ovulation Calculator Tool]

But it is important to keep in mind that getting pregnant can be very easy for some whereas it can take time for a few others. According to research and studies 30-year-old, healthy women have only 20-30% chances of conceiving each month. So it is obvious that sometimes these things can take possibly a little longer.

15 Best Position to get Pregnant Fast

If you want to try the best position to get pregnant have a look at the list we have for you below of 15 best position to get pregnant.

1. Missionary Position

This one is the most common and best sex position to get pregnant. Although it may not excite many couples and they may find it boring. But it is a very tried and tested method and most of the babies have arrived in this world due to missionary position. In this the man is on top and his sperms can enter the cervix through the vaginal opening and move forward.

You can also try to place a cushion or pillow below your bottom to provide additional support and ideal angle for sperm movement. It gives deeper penetration and the sperms are released close to the cervix.

2. Doggy Style

This is another best sex position to get pregnant. Most of the couples enjoy this position as it provides deeper penetration near the cervix. In this the cervix gets more opened comparatively and the sperms can travel inside smoothly.

3. Place legs on man’s shoulders

This is a position with man on top and gravity is in favour of the sperm to reach near the female egg. You have to be in a way that your pelvis is fitted back, thereby causing easy entry of sperms near your eggs. This position also provides deep penetration and you may also hit the G spot. Hitting the best of your orgasms will also help you to conceive.

4. Glowing Triangle

This position may seem like missionary position. But there is a small twist. The man’s legs will be spread out giving you space to lift your pelvic area in order to achieve deep penetration. You can also wrap your legs around your partner’s body. Here the woman will have to move forward and backward whereas the man will stand still.

5. CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

With this best position to get pregnant you are sure to achieve female orgasm and hit the G-spot. In this position, the women will spread her legs in such a way that man can place his lower body. His chest will be positioned near your shoulders and there will be horizontal movements down there instead of vertical. These movements will provide stimulation to the clitoris as the base of penis rubs it over.

6. Spooning

Spooning is a very romantic way for successful baby making. It focuses on the idea that you need to get engaged in a lot of foreplay before the finale. Spooning helps to warm up the body parts and get aroused. It is also believed that an aroused man will have higher sperm count in his ejaculate which will increase the chances of conception.

In this position, the female will lie on one side and the man will spoon her from behind. This will ensure that your pelvic area is tilted at a right angle, which will help to reach the sperms in a better way.

7. Raise the hips

Lifting the hips of female can be done by placing a pillow support at the bottom. This way the cervix expose more and the male semen can pass in a better and efficient way.

8. Butterfly

This best position to get pregnant is a tad bit adventurous unlike its pretty romantic name. In this position, you will have to lie on your back on a table. Yes!! This position requires use of table. Now place a pillow underneath to raise your hips.

Your partner will have to move in between your feet now. This position adds some excitement and spicy adventure to your sex life. It will also help the sperms stay in the vagina for a little longer time.

9. Woman on top

This is one of those sex positions to get pregnant when you want to take things in your control and be the dominant one. In this position, man will lie on his back. He will insert the penis in your vagina and you have to move forward and back to guarantee utmost penetration.

Though these position affects the gravity so you can even think of switching positions just before ejaculation. This position is also known as riding or cowgirl position.

10. Union of Oyster

This position is different from the usual ones and can be slightly painful for the women if it is too violent or fast. In this position penetration is deeper and gives good amplitude of movements. You will lie on your back with your knees bend. That will give support to your man who is sitting on his knees and making the back and forth movements.

11. Side-by-side

This position demands both partners to lie down side by side. It gives good exposure to the male sperm to the female cervix.

12. Peg style

This is the type of position which involves man lying flat on his bed and you will get flat on his body. We don’t have to tell you what this position will follow.

13. The Reverse Cowgirl

Few women have a retroverted type uterus and this position works excellent for them to conceive. In this your partner will lie on his back and you have to sit on top of him facing his feet. This will provide a very different angle for entry. This is very good position for getting pregnant if you are one of those adventurous couples.

14. Plough

Another best position to get pregnant for the adventurous ones. So, if you want to spice up your sex life along with conceiving baby you gotta try this one. In this position you have to stand tall with your feet in the air while your partner supports you by holding. Here the gravity comes into picture and you let the sperms enter deep down the cervix.

15. Splitting Bamboo

This position is also described in Kamasutra and is not only adventurous but also helps you in conceiving. In this you have to lift one foot and rest it on your partner’s shoulders. He will take support of your thighs and penetrate. This will not only help you in orgasm but also attain G spot.

These were 15 Best Position to get Pregnant Fast. It can get pretty demoralising and stressful if you don’t hit it straight away. But these positions will increase your chances of falling pregnant.

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However to maximise the chances there are many other factors that you need to consider. Let’s have a look at them below.

Timing should be right

It is very important to track the fertile window and ovulation dates while you are trying to conceive. Ovulation is generally two weeks after your last menstrual period. But if you have irregular periods than it may get slightly difficult to track the fertile window.

Eat good Food

Eating good food means focussing on healthy and nutritious foods and completely avoiding junk, street and fast foods. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals, whole grains, lean meat, fish etc to help you in conceiving.

Avoiding junk foods will also keep your weight in control. Start taking folic acid tablets as they will help your baby to be safe from any birth defects.

No Smoking/ alcohol

Completely avoid smoking and be easy on your alcohol intake while trying to get pregnant.

Decrease Your Tea/Coffee or other Caffeinated beverages

Consuming excess of caffeine rich food can affect the blood flow to the uterus and the penis. Caffeine is present not only in tea and coffee but also found hiding in soft drinks,chocolates and some medicines.

No Chemicals to be used in Vagina

Many of us use scented tampons, vaginal sprays, lubricants, glycerine etc which reduce our conception chances. Some of them also kill the sperm population.

Make sure to perform intercourse three times in a week because doing it too often will decrease the sperm count. Remember that sperms can survive in woman’s body for 3 days after sex. Lie down after the act for 15-20 minutes with a pillow below your hips. That will help the sperms to reach the uterus faster.

Medical Test

Don’t stress for not being able to conceive. Go for medical test to rule out any issues. Many couple do blood test, ultrasound scans etc but don’t find any issue. In case you will not get any issue with ultrasound. For that you must go for a diagnostic laparoscopy- hysteroscopy which is able to assess the reproductive organs of a female in a better fashion.

Also give your partners sperm samples for evaluation. It needs to be assessed properly for any kind of fertility issues or defects.

If you detect a problem, take the proper treatment and you will get pregnant eventually. If you think the diagnosis is not happening properly and u r stuck with the gynaecologist, do take second opinion. Even before ordering food, we check so many restaurants than why not show the same behaviour while deciding on a good doctor.

Also Check

Unfortunately many couples are not aware when they should seek help from their doctor. Below we have mentioned specific criteria where you can consult a good gynaecologist.

• If your age is more than 35 and you haven’t conceived.

• Your age is less than 35 and you are trying for pregnancy from last 1year.

• If you have specific health conditions like asthma, diabetes, seizures, taking medicines for depression, are over or underweight, have thyroid, have irregular periods, have endometriosis, fibroids, PCOD, or STD.

I hope you will find these tips and 15 position to get pregnant fast useful and will help you to get pregnant fast. Let us know which position helps you to get pregnant fast.



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