2nd Month Pregnancy Care – Precautions, Symptoms and Baby Growth

You are pregnant and it’s been just over a month that you got this great news that a baby is growing inside you. So how does it feel to be pregnant for 2 months. What are your 2nd month pregnancy symptoms. Do you keep wondering how your baby must be looking like. Being pregnant is a very special time in the life of a woman. It is a very different experience from what you must have ever had in your life before. are you taking 2nd month pregnancy care.

Not only physically but mentally and spiritually you undergo a transformation. Though you don’t look pregnant yet even though there is a lot of work going on inside your body. However, you are probably starting to feel that you are pregnant in this period because of the 2nd month pregnancy symptoms. You will experience all the symptoms that you experienced in your last month along with some new ones as well. So let’s see exactly what further baby development takes place in the 2nd month of pregnancy.

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2nd Month Pregnancy Care – Baby Growth

Believe it or not, your baby is now as small as a raspberry. It continues to develop as the brain, heart, spinal cord, ears, nose, eyes, eyelids, muscle, bones start taking form. Baby looks like a small tube which is curled. One end starts developing into a head and the other one his bottom. Spinal cord starts taking shape and also the placenta.

By 6th week heart starts beating and can be heard even during ultrasound scans. Limbs are forming although they look like bumps. They will slowly elongate to form small growths that eventually get into shape and form fingers and toes. In the 2nd month head of the baby looks bigger than other body parts and is completely normal as the brain develops quickly.

In this month baby is making million of cells quickly and is growing faster. Genitals also start taking form this month though they are not visible. Baby develops almost all the body parts but all of them are not functional yet. At this stage baby weighs around half an ounce. Important activities required for your baby’s growth take place in the first few months. So the first 3 months of growth are very important with regards to pregnancy care.

As mentioned above, 2 month pregnant women don’t actually look pregnant but their uterus already has started expanding and they show maximum 2nd month pregnancy symptoms. This expansion puts pressure on the bladder thereby making the women seek the toilet frequently. Morning sickness will also start getting worst day by day till the end of 3rd trimester.

Hormones go crazy during this period and create havoc of 2nd month pregnancy symptoms in women’s body. It takes the entire second month and third month for the 2nd month pregnancy symptoms to subside and the woman to get settled a bit with this feeling. 2nd month pregnancy care is important at this stage. Pregnant women must start taking folic acid, vitamin D supplements by this time for a healthy pregnancy. As soon as you come to know about your good news enroll yourself with a good hospital and a doctor so that they can guide you with your diet, exercise, medications etc.

Remember that the 2 month pregnancy symptoms mentioned below are a collection of all experiences from other pregnant women. It is not absolute necessary that you will observe all the 2nd month pregnancy symptoms. Your symptoms might vary from others and it could be completely normal in your case.

The second month of pregnancy will have symptoms similar to the previous ones. But may be the intensity will differ or you may experience some new 2nd month pregnancy symptoms as you proceed. This is a very crucial month for baby’s development as more and more organs start growing and the embryo starts looking much closer to a miniature baby. There is no way you can guess whether it’s a boy or girl in 2nd month.

The 2nd month pregnancy symptoms will include Morning sickness, frequent urination, and dizziness. You may start hating the smell of alcohol and smoke which in turn is good for the health of your baby as these habits are very harmful. It is very much possible to develop a few other symptoms this month. Some women start getting severe acne issues whereas some of them find their skin getting cleared up resulting in a very glowing skin. Maintain a good dental hygiene as your gums will start to become soft because of the hormonal changes.

In the 2nd month baby is very tiny so your abdomen will not increase in size but uterus will become size of an apple though hidden within pelvis. You may find your clothes not fitting you at the waist. At this point take as much sleep as possible. This is to avoid any accidents that can harm your baby and also don’t do rigorous exercise.

2nd month pregnancy symptoms in detail

1) Enlarged Breasts
A very common 2nd month pregnancy symptoms. Hormones in the body get all activated during pregnancy. Hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone prepare the body for pregnancy so they lead to build up of fat in the breasts. Don’t be surprised if your bra suddenly seems a bit too tight. You must shop for supportive bras made especially for pregnant women. They also become sensitive to touch as breasts are getting prepared for pregnancy. Your breasts will continue to become larger. The nipples will be more prominent, and small nodules may appear on the areola, which is the dark area surrounding the nipples. They are getting prepared for nursing the child.

2) Morning sickness
This term is misleading as morning sickness can happen anytime of the day. Vomiting and nausea will continue through the first trimester and it can get just worst from your first month. However severe your nausea is, it is not going to affect your baby in any way. But this is one of the 2nd month pregnancy symptoms that can affect the mother seriously. As women are not able to concentrate on any work going out becomes a big deal. So you are forced to take a break from work and stay at home. Sometimes it also can affect relationship with your partner as you tend to get depressed. that’s the reason to pay attention on 2nd month pregnancy care.

Another major issue is with food as you become sensitive towards some food smell and throw up. Ginger can help you a lot. Even try to sniff a citrus fruit. If it is very severe and you are not able to keep anything in your tummy than discuss with your doctor. Nausea in pregnancy gets worst if your stomach is empty. So try to keep some crackers or biscuits with you to eat frequently.

3) Tiredness
Body requires a lot of energy to create a baby in mother’s womb. You will get tired easily during 2 month. Make sure you take a lot of rest and try to sleep for longer hours. If you’re current commitments drain your energy, speak to your seniors and temporarily reduce the burden. If possible take help from friends and family for other household errands.

4) Pain in uterus
In the 2nd month there can be uncomfortable slight pain in the uterine area because of this 2 month pregnancy symptoms. This is completely normal as the body is preparing the uterus for growth and expansion. It is more noticeable when you cough or sneeze. The muscles and ligaments of uterus are stretching thereby causing cramps.

5) Food cravings/aversions
Hormonal changes along with nutritional deficiencies, can cause some crazy cravings for food. It is OK to pamper yourself and indulge in foods you are craving for. But pay attention to the health quotient as well. Pregnant women body works hard to grow the baby and need extra calories every day. Some women crave for food they would never normally eat, while others simply feel hungry all day long. It is also possible that you no longer enjoy your favorite foods.

6) Mood swings
If you are two months pregnant and experiencing mood swings, you are not alone. It is very normal to have this 2nd month pregnancy symptoms. Many pregnant women experience mood swings throughout pregnancy. Hormones often make women go crazy. Sometimes you are chirpy and cheerful and there will be times when even getting up from bed will seem to be a big work. Nobody knows for sure why women behave the way they do during pregnancy, but a lot has to do with hormones estrogen and progesterone.

They affect the level of brain chemicals that regulate mood. The ideal way you can control them is by sleeping it off. Some women get so disturbed and depressed that they cannot function normally. It is a major problem, and affects 4% to 12% of women during pregnancy. Consult a counselor or psychologist if you think you are majorly depressed.

7) Heartburn
Heartburn is a common 2nd month pregnancy symptoms and even further throughout pregnancy. Acidic taste in the mouth, stomach feeling fool, or a burning like sensation in the throat and chest are some signs. This happens again because of the hormones like estrogens and progesterone in body. Its an acidic indigestion that happens when the contents in stomach reflux and give a burning sensation near the oesophagus. Though it is common and harmless, it becomes very uncomfortable.

8) Indigestion
Slow movement of the food in the intestinal cavity can cause indigestion or constipation related issues. Though it allows better nutrients absorption by placenta thereby reaching it to the baby. Few types of foods trigger constipation like spicy food, chocolate, processed meat, fried food, and even coffee. Avoid this by chewing food properly and eat your meals slowly. Your stomach will not have problems to digest food if air doesn’t enter in the tummy. Avoid to eat food in breakfast, lunch, dinner style, but rather eat it in small portions throughout the day.

9) Sudden urge to pee
Your visits to the toilet will become more frequent than ever because of this 2nd month pregnancy symptoms. Frequent urination during early pregnancy is related to hormones. Unfortunately this condition will continue throughout your pregnancy. It is important that you drink enough water. So don’t cut down on fluids because you have to go to toilet frequently. You can cut down fluid intake before going to bed though. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks because they increase your urge to pee.

10) Vaginal discharge
All women whether pregnant or not have experienced vaginal discharge. But some women report to have increased vaginal discharge in the 2nd and 3rd month of pregnancy. It is caused by the hormone estrogens that cause excessive secretions from the cervical glands. If the discharge starts changing color, becomes heavy or thick or if has a strong odour than immediately contact your gynecologist.


Pregnancy is a rewarding experience in woman’s life. But you need to take a lot of pregnancy care and precautions during early pregnancy as the first 2-3 months are very important. You must keep an eye on your lifestyle and habits. It is time to focus on your lifestyle as the second month is a sensitive period in the life of the baby. Take more precautions during pregnancy and think twice before putting anything in your body as now you will be sharing all that you eat with your unborn baby. lets see 2nd month pregnancy care one by one.

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1) Diet
Eat a healthy and balanced diet for adequate foetal development. You don’t have to eat for two as it was believed before in olden days. Lot of vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy fats is what you need. Folic acid rich foods, Vitamin D, Iodine help to reduce any birth defects in the second month of pregnancy. You must have heard from your mother to avoid some foods like papaya, jack fruit, and pineapple during pregnancy.

They are totally right. Avoid Contraction-Inducing Foods like pineapple, raw papaya, Seafood, Processed Foods, frozen foods etc. Do not overeat, even if it is your favorite food. Eat a lot of fiber rich foods as they can help you with bloating and constipation problems. Take 2nd month pregnancy care as eating and pregnancy go hand in hand.

2) Get some regular exercise
Join in a special prenatal yoga classes for moms to be. Remember to take precautions in pregnancy by consulting your gynac before you decide to do any physical activity as exercise. Avoid doing stressful exercises that will strain you. Walking is one of the best exercises as it helps ease or prevent pain and boost energy levels.

It is also believed that a physically active woman during pregnancy has to suffer less labour pain and delivery is smooth. Exercise at a moderate level and stop if you are tired.

3. Drink more water
This is another important pregnancy precautions. You should drink 2-3 litres of water every day. Stay hydrated so that your body will not get undernourished. If you have dry skin and hands problem than drinking water is the best thing you can do.

4. Yeast infection
Vaginal yeast infection is a common 1st month pregnancy symptom in expecting mommies. You must take necessary precautions during early pregnancy to maintain hygienic conditions in vagina. This occurs due changed hormonal levels and glycogen content in secretions. Also taking probiotic supplements can help.

5. Keep your mind stress free
Keep yourself calm, confident and stress free. You can meditate to bring positivity in your life. Try to surround yourself with people you love and be happy and enjoy this phase of motherhood.

6. Adequate rest
You must sleep peacefully for longer hours as a part of pregnancy care. Our body undergoes a lot of physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy. So sleeping peacefully helps to take this process smoothly.

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7. Avoid caffeinated drinks/smoking/alcohol
These are the major precautions during pregnancy. Coffee has a high caffeine level which can affect the embryo development. Junk and other processed foods are at a higher risk of bacterial infections leading to many diseases. Also the unhygienic conditions in which they are processed can be a major source of diseases. So it is best to avoid them even if they are your favorites.
It is said that alcohol can reach baby’s bloodstream by crossing the placenta. It also can affect the mental and physical development of your baby. Cigarette smoking may lead to serious health problems. Women who smoke during pregnancy usually give birth to babies that weigh less.

8. Avoid long distance travelling
The rate of miscarriage is the highest in the first month of pregnancy as it is the most sensitive time so taking precautions during early pregnancy becomes utmost important. Travelling during the first trimester can put extra pressure on your pregnancy. Travelling may also induce more morning sickness symptoms and add extra discomfort.

9. Do not bend and lift weights
There are many pregnancy precautions told to us by doctors. One of the common precautions during pregnancy is to avoid carrying things that weigh more than 10 kgs. This limit will reduce as your pregnancy proceeds. Lifting heavy weights can stress the abdomen while doing household works and create problems. Also bending excessively while doing any household chores can cause dizziness. Prefer to squat instead of bending.

10. Avoid Sex during second month of pregnancy
Sex during second month of pregnancy is best if avoided. It depends on person to person so your doctor will be the best to guide you. There can be certain complications during early pregnancy so check with your doctor.

Schedule a visit with your gynecologist as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant so that they can guide you better on precautions during pregnancy. Not missing your appointments and starting prenatal care will result in a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Never stop eating because of nausea like symptoms as it will make you sicker. Keep some bland snacks around like rice crackers etc and eat lots of little meals rather than three main ones. Get your blood pressure and sugar regularly checked.

It is important for a would be mommy to stay positive and be enthusiastic. The most difficult part of pregnancy would pass soon and you’ll be able to have fun without multiple prenatal symptoms. It can be challenging to be two months pregnant, but remember that you are following right track. Most important is to take care of yourself and also take it easy. Focus on a balanced diet and lifestyle. Accept help from friends and family and don’t try doing everything on your own. This is the time to get all the pampering, so let others pitch in and you enjoy pregnancy to maximum as you will be strong as well as sensitive at this stage.



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