10 Natural Tips to Make Baby Skin – Healthy & Glowing

Being a mother is one of the most joyous and magical phases in the life of a woman. Read further to know all 10 Natural Tips to make baby skin healthy and Glowing. Your priorities in life change once you are a mum. The well-being of your baby becomes the prime concern in your life. From the olden days people are obsessed with fair skin and mommies also wish for a fair skin baby. From the time you break the news of your pregnancy, everyone starts advising you on what you should eat and do to get a fair-skinned baby. Many women start to wonder how to get a fair baby naturally and start eating all-white foods such as milk, coconut, ghee, egg white, etc. It is also believed that eating almonds during pregnancy helps to make a baby’s skin fair.

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Although we at baby360 don’t believe that fair skin makes any difference to the success and career growth that your baby will achieve in the future. However, all mommies want their babies to have a fair and clear complexion. Are you also wondering how to make baby skin fair naturally? You will find many baby massage oil for fairness, baby fairness cream, or the best baby soap for fairness which claim that they can change the complexion of your baby’s skin tone. Never believe in such products and take a risk in experimenting on sensitive baby skin. There are many home remedies that you can implement on your baby’s skin and gift them fair and glowing skin. You can’t treat their delicate and sensitive skin with chemical treatments or treatments that involve any harmful ingredients.  So let’s have a look at 10 natural tips to make baby skin fair. These tips are home remedies and don’t involve any side effects. They are 100% safe for your baby.

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10 Natural Tips to Make Baby Skin – Healthy & Glowing

Hot Oil Massaging

Many mothers know about this ancient and age-old remedy. Your mother or grandma must have mentioned this to you so many times. This technique will whiten the skin tone of babies, will nourish them, and make them soft, supple, and smooth. Since baby skin is very sensitive, massaging with hot oil is going to restore the balance of oils and add an extra moisture layer. By massaging the baby’s skin regularly it tends to blossom, shine and achieve a fair and pinkish shade.

So give a hot oil massage to your baby regularly for relaxing and strengthening his muscles as well as for a fair complexion.

Bathing water temperature

It is very important not to subject your baby’s skin to excessively cold or hot water. Baby skin is very delicate as well as sensitive. Exposing it to high or low temperatures of water can cause dryness. Dryness causes the skin to look dark and dull. So, just pamper your baby with lukewarm water. You don’t want to extract the life from a baby’s delicate skin.

Baby Scrub

Have you ever heard about scrubbing a baby’s skin? Hairs are present all over the baby’s body, back, and even on the face. They have very weak roots. You can easily get rid of them by scrubbing your baby’s skin with some natural scrubs made using home remedies. Chickpea flour or besan is an excellent exfoliator for a baby‘s delicate skin. You can just mix besan, milk, rose water, and a few drops of baby oil. The baby scrubber is ready to use. Scrub the baby’s skin gently using this mixture. It will help in removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It will also reduce the unwanted hair from their body. Scrubbing their skin regularly will increase the glow and also improve the complexion of the baby’s skin by increasing their blood circulation.

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Furthermore, you can try to use green gram flour also instead of besan. Scrub their skin 1-2 times a week.

Mild Body Pack

Baby’s skin is in a secured and protected environment during the nine months of stay inside the womb. Due to this, the environmental factors are very new to these babies when they are out. Their skin is very delicate and sensitive to the mildest of chemicals. Mom must nurture and protect the skin of babies. Nourishing the skin once a week using a mild body pack is a very good idea to bless your baby with fair skin that is glowing.

  • Make a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, milk, and a few strands of saffron. Apply this paste to the baby’s body and leave it on for 15 minutes. All these ingredients are natural and will make their skin fair, soft, smooth, and supple without causing any side effects.
  • You can also make a simple pack using glycerine and milk cream. Apply it to the body and face of the child. This remedy will also help in improving skin complexion and make it soft.
  • Tomato is popular for its bleaching properties. Mix tomato pulp with some homemade curd and add oatmeal. Now apply this pack and nicely massage the baby’s skin. This mixture will get rid of dark skin and also improve the complexion.

No Soap

Soaps are made up of chemicals that are harmful to sensitive baby skin. They rip off the natural moisture thereby making the skin dry, dull, dark, and lifeless. You can instead use a mixture of rosewater and milk to clean baby skin. Glycerine baby bars or baby wash rich in milk cream are safe options.


This is an unavoidable step in an ideal baby skincare routine. Use moisturizers from the most trusted and safe brands. Do your research before you choose a particular product for baby skin. Applying moisturizer after 4-5 hours keeps their skin soft and gives the best results. It also keeps dryness far away and keeps the skin tone fair.


You need to expose your baby to the sun but keep in mind not to leave them in sunlight for too long. Use a pram to save them from the scorching heat.

Keep hydrated

Drinking enough water is the best way to make a baby’s skin fair and moist. Always keep them hydrated and it will save you from a lot of health issues.

Fruit Juice

If your baby is older than 3 months then you can feed them fruit juices now. Drinking fruit juices like grape juice, oranges and apples will increase the shine on their skin. It will also help in improving the baby’s health from within. But make sure to extract the juices at home and are fed when fresh.

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Baby Wipes

The last point is that while brushing or scrubbing your baby you must make sure that you don’t make their skin dry. Dry skin is prone to rashes and other skin infections. It is always advised to make use of baby wipes which are rich in milk cream and glycerine. You can also use them even for cleaning a baby’s mouth.

Finally, we would like to strongly say that you can try all these 10 natural tips to make your baby skin healthy and glowing, home remedies since they are very safe but finally, it is all about treating your child with care and love and embracing them no matter what their skin color is. After all, complexion is hereditary and these treatments can only lighten the skin tone a few more shades. Never overdo things for the obsession of fair skin. Do try these 10 natural tips to make baby skin fair. Let us know if you have any secret remedies in your kitty and share them with us in the comments section below.


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