9 Best Exercise to Reduce Tummy Fat Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the sweetest moment of life but it changes a women’s body and you may get not in shape after delivery. Here are the 9 best exercise to reduce tummy fat post pregnancy, which will change your look and make you as beautiful as you were before getting pregnant. don’t be lazy check out these tips and tricks.

Furthermore, it is very natural to get concerned about our bodies more post-pregnancy. You may want to lose those extra kilos that have accumulated during pregnancy at different places and get back in shape.

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We are going to answer the major questions on your mind post-pregnancy how to reduce belly fat and how much time it will take in this article.

How can I start to reduce the tummy fat after Pregnancy

Do not rush to reduce weight. Keep in mind that your body has gone through a lot of trauma throughout the pregnancy period. It needs to heal properly post-pregnancy too.

You must wait to start your exercise and diet routine for at least 6 weeks. Discussing this with your gynecologist before you start any diet plan or exercise routine is better.

A C-section delivery or normal delivery with episiotomy may increase your healing period. Discuss with your doctor about the various changes that occurred in the body while you were pregnant.

Also, talk about restoring it to normal by following a healthy way. Trying to lose weight immediately after the delivery may delay the recovery and also make you feel very tired.

Why I have put on so much weight during pregnancy

Imagine that your belly is a balloon. As the baby is growing slowly and steadily your tummy starts to gradually stretch. When the baby is out, the balloon doesn’t burst.

However, there is a slow release of air. And if you notice the balloon will still hold a little bit of oil even when most of the air is out. Belly fat is stubborn and takes time to lose.

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After the baby takes birth, the hormonal changes shrink the uterus to get back to its original shape. It’s a slow process and takes around 2 months. The amount of food that is consumed during pregnancy for nourishment and proper growth of the child may get stored in the form of fats.

How you can avoid the accumulation of fat on the tummy

A new mommy spends a lot of time relaxing, sitting, and feeding the baby. There are not many exercises that they can do nor can start a diet program for weight loss.

Eating nutritious food is very important as you are breastfeeding the baby.

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The growth and immunity of the baby depend upon the quality of the milk produced.

However, you can take a few precautions like –

  • Say No to Sugary Foods – You must stay away from all sugary stuff as a high sugar intake leads to fat accumulation. You will be asked to eat sweets in the form of kheers or ladoos as it is believed to increase the supply of breast milk. However, you can have limited portions of homemade goodies.
  • No Fried Junk – If you are craving to have oily and greasy food then remember it is your biggest enemy. If you wish for a slim figure you must say no to foods packed with calories such as fried foods, carbonated beverages, chocolates, chips, cookies, etc. Instead opt for yogurts, fresh fruits, etc.
  • Be stress-free – This can be difficult with a new baby but try to avoid stress as much as possible. A relaxed mood, good sleep, and some rest will help to melt the fat quickly.
  • Balanced Diet – Eating a balanced diet by keeping an eye on calories along with easy exercise can help you in reducing the tummy easily and effectively.

Top 9 exercises to reduce tummy fat post pregnancy

Do not start doing them until you discuss them with your doctor or If you have faced any complications during childbirth and also if you have pain in the back or pelvic area if you leak urine.

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1. Walking

It is the easiest workout and an ideal way to warm up the body so that it is set for more vigorous and intense exercises.

Begin with casual strolls initially and then move further to brisk walking within a few days.

Try to walk for at least 15 minutes daily, a minimum of 5 times a week, and increase the walking time gradually. You can even carry your baby in a sling bag carrier or walker.

The extra weight will make the walk more efficient. and best is that walking is the easiest exercise to reduce tummy fat post-pregnancy.

2. Twisting and Stretching

After a few days of warm-up walking, you can next move to basic stretching exercises. Stretching exercises are very important as they are necessary for all the muscles.

For your upper body, start to do some twisting exercises. Do not push yourself too much. Take it lightly. You will feel energetic and active post the exercise.

3. Pelvic Floor Exercises for belly fat

Pelvic exercises like kneeling help in toning the tummy and also strengthens the abs.

They are very versatile and not limited to one single protocol. Doctors advise doing these exercises before and after pregnancy.

Ensure that the tummy muscles will be completely stress-free and relaxed when the pelvic exercises are over.

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4. Bridging Exercises

Bridging exercise help in toning the butt, thigh muscles as well as tummy.

For performing this exercise start by lying on your back on the floor, bend the knees, and then slide your feet in the upward direction taking near the bottom area.

Then do deep breathing and at the time of exhaling just make your tummy tight around the belly button along with the pelvic floor. Lift the bottom part as high as possible in the air.

Hold this position for 5 seconds. In this duration make sure to breathe normally.

Now slowly lower the bottom down towards the floor. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times.

5. Head Lifts, Shoulder Lifts, and Curl

These three movements help in strengthening the back muscles. They also burn calories and tone down the tummy as well as the abs.

How to do them –

  • Head lifts – You must lie on the back with the arms on your sides. Bend your knees with the feet placed flat on the floor and the lower back flush to the floor. Keep your belly relaxed while inhaling and as you exhale, slowly lift the neck and head off from the floor. Keep inhaling as you lower the head back down.
  • Shoulder lifts – Start doing shoulder lifts only when you can do 10 head lifts easily. Get in the same position as that of head lifts. Inhale and keep the belly relaxed. As you start to exhale lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Reach your hands and arms towards the knees. If it is straining your neck area, then fold both hands behind the head but avoid pulling the neck. Inhale while lowering your head as well as shoulders back to their original position.
  • Curl-ups – Move to this step when you can do 10 shoulder lifts. Your position will be the same on the floor. Now lift the upper body until it is halfway between the knees and the floor. After reaching towards your knees hold the position for up to 2-5 seconds. Then gradually lower down.

6. Hip Exercises

Perform simple hip exercises which will help in toning the hips down and give strength to the tummy. Lie down on your right side with your knees bent and inclined towards the chest.

Now hold the knees diagonally together. Lift your knee left side upwards to the side of the roof. Hold this position for a minimum of 5 seconds and do a minimum of 10 reps. Repeat the same exercise by lying on your left side as well.

7. Yoga is the best exercise to reduce tummy fat post pregnancy

Yoga is one of the best exercises for reducing belly post-pregnancy. Get yourself involved in an early morning yoga routine every day.

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It should be a complete package of breathing techniques as well as exercise for your body, mind, and soul.

You must either start practicing yoga at home or join a class. Enjoy doing it which will keep you glued to following the daily routine.

8. Pilates

Pilates is one of the exercises for training your body to get strong, flexible, and balanced.

This form of exercise involves a series of positions as well as movements which help a lot in improving body strength and coordination.

While taking up this workout you must deep breaths and relax properly. It helps you in gaining control over how the exercises are being performed.

Also burns out all the extra calories thereby increasing your metabolic rate. You can start this form by joining a class near your home or office at per convenience.

9. Swimming to reduce belly fat post pregnancy

For losing weight and toning the muscles you must exercise in such a way that your heartbeat rate speeds up and you run out of breath. opt for swimming as an exercise only after 6-7 weeks of childbirth so that you don’t catch any kind of infections. This is the 9th Best Exercise to Reduce Tummy Fat Post Pregnancy.

We hope that this list of post-pregnancy exercises will help you in realizing the importance of doing exercise post-pregnancy for reducing stomach.

Exercise is something that bores most women as it is very repetitive and also demands a specific time from their busy schedule.

Follow these exercises regularly so that you can get back into your pre-pregnancy shape and stay strong and healthy. When it comes to reducing belly fat, daily exercise and a nutritious balanced diet will work wonders.

It is very important to take care of yourself as well as the newly born baby post-delivery. Mothers must make it a point to take out some time from their busy schedules for staying fit and regaining back the lost shape.

Which one did you follow to get back in shape and reduce belly fat?

Let us know if you liked the above list of the 9 best exercises to reduce tummy fat post-pregnancy.


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