15 Best Diwali Recipes to Try at Home

There’s no better way than preparing some best Diwali recipes at home. Diwali is the festival of lights and one of the most important and celebrated festivals in India. In this article, we will learn about 15 best Diwali recipes to try at home that you can try in your kitchen. Diwali also known as Deepawali, is a Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm not only in India but across the world.

Diwali Recipes to Try at Home, Best diwali recipes

Exchanging gifts, lighting lamps and setting off fireworks are all integral parts of the festivities, one of the highlights of this vibrant festival are the delicious dishes that grace the dining table. From sweet dishes to savory dishes, Diwali offers a culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds and showcases the rich diversity of Indian cuisine.

1. Try Chole Bhature in Diwali –

Chole Bhature is a classic North Indian dish that combines puffed fried bread (Bhatura) with spicy chickpea curry (Chole). The contrast between crunchy bhature and delicious, flavourful chole makes it a favorite during Diwali. This dish is a celebration of spices, and you can adjust the heat level as per your preference.

Diwali recipes, Diwali dishes at home

2. Gulab Jamun is best for Diwali celebration –

No Diwali celebration is complete without the delicious sweetness of Gulab Jamun. These golden, syrup-soaked milk pakodas are a favorite dessert across India. Made from khoya (dried milk solids) and flavored with cardamom, these are deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. The result is a melt-in-your-mouth dish that’s irresistible.

3. Samosas –

Samosa is probably one of the most iconic snacks during Diwali. These crisp, triangular pastries are filled with a mixture of spiced potatoes, peas and sometimes minced meat. The key to a perfect samosa is flaky pastry and a nice spicy filling. Serve them with tamarind chutney or mint chutney for a delicious dish.

Ghujia, Samosa, Diwali dishes, diwali recipes at home

4. Ghujiya –

Ghujiya is a tasty Diwali treat that you can make at home. It’s a sweet dumpling filled with yummy stuff like coconut, nuts, and sugar. Making Ghujiya with your family can be a fun and delicious Diwali tradition. You can find simple recipes online, and it’s a great way to celebrate the festival of lights. So, give it a try and enjoy this special dessert!

5. Stuffed Dal Poori –

“Stuffed Dal Poori” is a tasty dish for Diwali. It’s like puffy bread filled with a yummy lentil mixture. Their rich, aromatic taste and crispy texture make them a perfect choice for the festive season. This homemade treat not only fills your home with the warm aroma of spices but also offers a memorable and delectable culinary experience that your loved ones will savor. Try these Stuffed Dal Pooris this Diwali to add an extra touch of deliciousness to your celebration.

6. Suran/jimikand/Elephant foot yam –

“Suran Best Diwali Recipes to Try at Home” offers a collection of easy and delicious dishes for Diwali celebrations. From crispy Suran chips to mouthwatering Suran curry, these recipes bring out the rich flavors of this unique vegetable. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, these recipes are simple to follow, making it a great way to add some excitement to your Diwali menu. Surprise your loved ones with these delightful Suran dishes and make your festival even more special. Happy Diwali feasting!

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Diwali recipes, Diwali dishes at home

7. Jalebi –

Jalebi is a sweet dish famous for its intricate, coiled shape and vibrant orange colour. These syrup-soaked spirals are made by deep frying a fermented flour batter and then soaking it in sugar syrup. The result is a sweet and spicy dish that is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

8. Pooran Poli –

Pooran Poli is a yummy Diwali treat that you can make at home. It’s like a sweet flatbread stuffed with a special mixture of lentils, jaggery, and spices. This recipe is a perfect way to celebrate Diwali with family. It’s easy to make and tastes delicious, making it one of the best Diwali recipes to try at home. Enjoy the festival with this tasty treat!

Pooran Poli and Rasmalai, Diwali recipes, Diwali dishes at home

9. Rasmalai –

Rasmalai is a delicious sweet that comes from Bengal. It consists of soft, spongy paneer pakoras soaked in creamy, saffron milk syrup. The richness and beauty of rasmalai make it a great way to end the Diwali meal on a sweet note.

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10. Kalakand –

Kalakand is a sweet Indian dessert often enjoyed during Diwali. It is made from condensed milk and paneer, a type of cheese. The mixture is cooked until it becomes a soft, grainy texture. It is then flavored with cardamom and sometimes garnished with dry fruits. Kalakand is a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth treat that is perfect for celebrating the festival of lights.

Paneer Tikka, Kalakand, Diwali Dishes, Diwali Recipes

11. Paneer Tikka –

The first recipe in our Diwali culinary journey is the ever popular Paneer Tikka. This delicious vegetarian dish is an excellent appetizer for your Diwali feast. To make Paneer Tikka, you will need fresh cheese, curd and various spices. Marinate the paneer in a mixture of curd and spices and then grill or fry it until it chars and becomes smoky. The result is a dish that is creamy on the inside and surprisingly smoky on the outside.

12. Classic desert Rice Kheer for Diwali –

Rice pudding, also known as rice pudding, is a classic dessert that everyone loves. Made by boiling rice, milk and sugar, flavored with cardamom and garnished with dry fruits. This is a comforting and creamy dessert that will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s face during Diwali.

Rice Kheer, Lauki halwa, Diwali Recipes, Diwali dishes

13. Lauki Halwa –

Lauki ka halwa is a delicious Indian dessert that is often overlooked but is perfect for Diwali. Made from grated bottle gourd, it is a blend of sweet and aromatic flavours. Bottle gourd is slow cooked in ghee, milk and sugar, resulting in a creamy, rich halwa flavored with cardamom and garnished with dry fruits. Bottle gourd halwa offers a unique, satisfying sweetness and is a great addition to your Diwali.

14. Besan laddoos –

Besan laddu is a sweet dish that is often enjoyed during Diwali. These are made from roasted gram flour, ghee, and sugar. This round, golden laddus is not only delicious but also easy to make at home. They make a perfect home gift or a delightful addition to your Diwali sweets collection.

Moong dal halwa, Besan laddoo, Diwali Dishes, Diwali recipes at home

15. Moong dal ka halwa is a traditional desert for diwali –

Moong dal halwa is a sweet, traditional Indian dessert made from green gram dal. It is easy to make and perfect for Diwali. Lentils are roasted in ghee, cooked in milk, and sweetened with sugar, resulting in a rich and creamy dish. Loaded with dry fruits and flavored with cardamom, it is a great way to satisfy your sweet cravings during the festive season.

Diwali is a time of celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with a variety of delicious, homemade dishes? These “15 Best Diwali Recipes to Try at Home” encompass the richness and diversity of Indian cuisine, offering everything from savory appetizers to sweet desserts. Whether you are an experienced chef or a beginner in the kitchen, these dishes will definitely add an extra layer of fun and flavor to your Diwali celebrations. So, gather your loved ones, light the lamps, and enjoy these culinary delights to make your Diwali truly special. Happy Diwali!


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