34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Symptoms, Body Changes, Baby Development & More!

Few more weeks and you’ll have your little bundle of joy in your arms. 34 weeks pregnant guide will help in many ways you’ll get to know symptoms, parental care tips, and all aspects related to your pregnancy. The baby would begin to move to the head-down position this week. Your body is also getting ready for childbirth. It is evident when you feel pain in your pelvis or experience Braxton hicks. Many internal organs of your baby have already developed except the lungs.

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Symptoms of 34th Week Pregnant

Here are the symptoms of the pregnancy at this stage.

Blurry Vision

Lack of sleep, build-up of fluid, and a combination of many hormones may make your vision a little blurry. It is a normal but not permanent symptom. Also, if the vision is accompanied by swelling, weight gain, and headache it can be indicating preeclampsia so discuss it with your gynecologist.


A pregnant woman with heavyweight goes through a lot many discomforts and may not be able to even sleep comfortably. Lack of sleep may make you experience fatigue.


Constipation is very normal throughout the pregnancy. It happens because the digestive organs get cramped due to the increasing size of the uterus. Also, the hormonal changes may make the muscles relaxed which further slows down the digestion process. Keep in mind to consume foods that contain a lot of fiber, drink plenty of fluids, and take frequent walks.


Constipation may make you strain and exert pressure in the bathroom. Also, the baby’s extra weight is put on the rectum. To feel better, first, rectify the problem of constipation. Try different positions to sit or stand so that the pressure in that area will be eased.


Swollen hands, ankles, and feet are very common pregnancy symptoms at this stage. Your shoes may not fit you comfortably or your finger rings. Put your feet up and sit down whenever it is possible. Avoid wearing tight clothes and don’t cross your feet while sitting. It is not a major concern unless it is sudden and severe. If it worsens, call your doctor immediately.

Pressure in the Abdomen

As you are getting ready for childbirth, the baby will shift its position and settle down in your pelvis area. This may make you feel some pressure in the pelvis as well as frequent urination.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Cramping sensations are very normal during the third trimester of pregnancy. Your body is preparing itself for the labor pain. These contractions are very mild, not frequent, and will go away after some time. If you notice that contractions are regular, there is pain in the lower back and vaginal bleeding then they may be signs of premature labor. Call your gynecologist immediately if there is some problem.

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Common Problems

Many women get worried about the symptoms experienced like shortness of breath, insomnia, hemorrhoids, severe constipation, etc. They are some of the commonly faced problems. You may also experience an increase in vaginal discharge which is your body’s way of preparing you for childbirth. Colostrum may also start leaking from your boobs. This is nature’s way of preparing you for childbirth.

Precautions/Warning During Week 34 of Pregnancy

What precautions you should take during week 34 of pregnancy?

Same as in week 33 pregnancy

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

If the baby has not settled into the pelvis till now, then it will happen this week. Due to this process, the belly may seem lower and tilted forward. You’ll feel comfort from the heartburn and shortness of breath symptoms. However, there will be pressure on your bladder due to which you may have to visit the washroom more often. The doctor will be able to tell you if the baby is lying in a breech position or with its head down.

The fat layers are getting deposited beneath the skin of the baby which will help her in regulating the body temperature post-birth. It will make her skin smoother.

If you were getting tensed about preterm labor then you will feel relieved to know that childbirth between 34 – 37 weeks will not have any major complications. The baby will be doing just fine.

The internal organs of the baby are developing. Baby’s central nervous system is maturing. Lungs will continue to mature. The air sacs inside the lungs will be lined with a chemical substance that helps the baby to breathe post-delivery.

Baby will have a definite pattern of sleeping now. The kicks or pushes are not very frequent but are stronger.

Baby’s brain will not be closed completely now, there will be certain areas where the skull bones of the baby don’t join as they are not developed fully. This makes it easy to push during labor.

The hair of the baby will continue to grow and will also take color based on genetics and ethnicity. The toenails and fingernails will be developed fully.

The vermix will begin to thicken into a cream-like substance which would protect the baby’s skin from becoming wrinkly. The nurse would be cleaning and bathing the baby post-birth during which vernix will be off the baby’s body.

Baby Size in 34th Week of Pregnancy

What is the baby’s size in the 34th week of pregnancy?

In the 34th week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 45 cm long and is the size of a cantaloupe.

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Parental Care During 34th Week of Pregnancy

What parental care is needed during the 34th week of pregnancy?

The doctor’s appointments will increase every second week and soon you will be advised to visit the clinic weekly. Doctors will evaluate for any complications and also assess fetal and maternal well-being. The doctor may perform other tests to detect any illness. You must be taking supplements as per your doctor’s advice so that the baby will be not deficient in any nutrients. Keep eating healthier food options, exercise moderately, and visit your doctor regularly. Make sure that the plans of labor and birth are discussed and planned.

Changes in the 34th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience changes in looks, feelings, and experiences.

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes Feelings

How will you feel during the 34th week of pregnancy?

You may be feeling very anxious about the upcoming delivery. You will be very excited and will start to imagine your life with your baby in it. Pregnancy seems to be a never-ending task at this stage.

Many moms also start to worry about the well-being of their children in the womb. They tend to get superstitious and see signs that they imagine interpreting some serious troubles.

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes Experience

What changes you will experience during week 34 of pregnancy?

By this time, you may notice some changes in your hair. Your hair will become thick and grow fast. Nails will also grow fast but will be brittle.

Vaginal discharge may increase as it is the body’s way of preparing for childbirth. Stretch marks will be also very common as the skin gets stretched during pregnancy. Apply a lot of moisturizer or stretch marks cream. Swelling in your feet and ankles will be common.

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Looks

What will you look like during the 34th week of pregnancy?

In week 34 of pregnancy, the belly will be growing faster to accommodate the growing baby. The baby will keep growing until birth so you will still put on weight. You may notice some stretch marks on your skin and body hair as well. The hands, ankles, and feet may appear swollen.

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Diet

What should you eat during the 34th week of pregnancy?

Which food you should avoid during the 34th week of pregnancy?

Same as week 33 pregnancy

Sex During 34th Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during the 34th week of pregnancy?

If you don’t face any complications in week 34 of pregnancy then you can indulge in sex by taking care of your body and baby. It is safe to have sex in week 34 of pregnancy unless your doctor has asked you otherwise. If you have certain complications in your pregnancy such as a history of miscarriage, preterm labor, etc then you will be asked not to do sex. The doctor may guide you based on your case. There are times when orgasms can lead to uterine contractions. Many doctors suggest staying away from sex in the final few weeks of pregnancy.

Doctor Consultation in the 34th Week of Pregnancy

Do I need to visit a doctor in the 34th week of pregnancy?

What should you discuss with the doctor?

You’ll be visiting your gynecologist every other week now. In week 34 of pregnancy, the doctor may ask to get a biophysical profile done. During this, you will be undergoing a 34-week of pregnancy ultrasound as well as a nonstress test which will measure the heart rate over some time. These two tests together will help the doctor in confirming if the baby can react to stress.

Discuss with your doctor any discomfort or doubt regarding pregnancy that concerns you.

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Test/ Procedure

What are the tests or procedures you should have in the 34th week of pregnancy?

The doctor will let you know if the pregnancy is a high-risk one. This may require certain abnormality detection tests at this stage. You will have a doctor’s appointment every other week from now on. So the doctor may choose to do an ultrasound and a nonstress test to check the fetal heart rate.

Supplements in the 34th Week of Pregnancy

You must take iron, folic acid, and calcium supplements during pregnancy. Iron is also important to prevent anemia and fulfill the demand for increased blood flow. Folic acid helps to reduce the risk of birth defects, and neural tube defects in babies such as spina bifida. To absorb folic acid and iron you must consume vitamin C in the form of oranges, lemonade, etc. Calcium is important as the bones are getting harder day by day.

Make it a point to consume omega-3 fatty acids (DHA), especially during the third trimester. It will reduce the risk of postpartum depression and premature labor. E.g. Salmon, Tilapia, shrimp, red snapper, catfish, etc.

34 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Important Points to Know

Make sure that you follow the doctor’s orders and be healthy at this time of development. The body of a pregnant woman will be getting ready to take birth and for breastfeeding so you will notice a few changes in your breasts and an increase in vaginal discharge.

Your doctor will monitor you this week by measuring your blood pressure, routine urine, and blood tests, measuring the womb size, etc.  He will also talk to you about the labor pain management and birth plan etc.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

Start packing your hospital bag. It should include comfortable clothes, a few maternity bras, and big granny underwear. Include all your toiletries and also remember to carry a pair of slippers, some warm blankets for the baby and a lot many things. For more details refer Baby360 C-section checklist. Make sure all your last-minute errands are taken care of.

You must be getting ready with the birth classes now. They will train you on how to prepare for delivery and labor. Continue practicing Kegel exercises and other pelvic exercises as they will make you prepared for the delivery process.

You may not be having the energy to go shopping. Online shopping is always easy and convenient. You can buy all baby essentials like accessories, clothes, toys, car seats, diapers, etc from the comfort of your home.


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