33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Know How Your Baby Looks Like Now!

The baby gains weight, and so your weight will also increase. 33 weeks pregnant guide will sum up all the essential knowledge required at this stage of conception. For moms, it is very difficult to be comfortable at this juncture of pregnancy because of the enlarged tummy, increase in weight, and other discomforts. We know it’s tough as you must be getting very anxious about the upcoming delivery and childbirth. Try taking deep breaths and just relax!!

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide, baby size is 33 weeks, baby looks like in 33 week

Symptoms of 33rd Week Pregnancy

You may be facing a lot of discomfort now such as –

  • Headache and Backache – Fluctuations in hormonal levels may cause headaches. Don’t stress out and drink enough water to avoid headaches.
  • Shortness of Breath – As the baby gains weight it tries to push its boundaries thereby crowding the other organs of the mother’s body. When the lungs get crowded they are not able to exhale fully making it a little difficult to breathe. Don’t worry! Very soon the baby will drop down and will make some space free around the lungs. There is no definite time for it to occur and it is different for everyone.
  • Varicose Veins – They appear swollen, lumpy, and twisted and are mostly blue or purple. Some women find no other symptoms attached to varicose veins whereas some others may experience itching, a feeling of heaviness in legs, pain, and swelling. They generally reduce and disappear post-childbirth.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions – In the third trimester many women experience this type of contractions. They do not last for a long time, they are comparatively weaker and their intensity does not increase with time. You can switch positions, take some rest or take a walk to help them ease off. If the contractions are an indication of real labor then they will be more painful, and frequent, and get more severe as the labor is progressing.

Common Problems During 33rd Week Pregnancy

In this phase, women will be concerned about their inability to breathe comfortably. They will experience pregnancy brain issues like clumsiness and forgetting things. These are very common pregnancy problems and may be caused due to pregnancy hormones and enlarging belly.

Precautions During Week 33 of Pregnancy

Some things are preferably followed as precautionary measures and some things are to be avoided during pregnancy. Below given is the list of the same.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Precautionary Dos

The precautionary measures to be followed are –

  • Begin practicing Kegel exercises as they help to provide relief from incontinence. You can join a class preferably which guides on prenatal birth and childbirth. Kegel exercises will help you to increase your endurance and strengthen the pelvic area.
  • Also attend the training classes in the hospital which will guide you and give correct information about breastfeeding, the labor pain process, etc.
  • Eat small healthy meals at regular intervals throughout the day. Make sure that you are consuming a nutritious diet.
  • You may be feeling breathless sometimes. However, it is important to breathe more. Performing breathing exercises will help you to keep going.
  • Stay away from issues like constipation, decreasing levels of blood sugar, and constipation. If you are finding it boring to drink plain water then you can also try drinking freshly squeezed fruit juices, lemonade, tender coconut water, etc.
  • It may get increasingly difficult to maintain a good posture every time. Sit straight with the support of cushions and pillows at the back.
  • Working out at this stage may seem like a task. However, you must not stop doing this basic yoga and stretches. You must consult the trainer to suggest postures that are easy to practice.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Precautionary Don’ts

  • Do not consume spicy foods, acidic foods, fast food, etc because it increases constipation and heartburn symptoms. Alcohol, smoking, and drugs are a big No during pregnancy. It is time for you to get rid of all the addictions and welcome your baby with a new perspective on life.
  • A pregnant woman should not be lifting or carrying heavy objects. When you lift heavy weight, your muscles will contract and exert severe pressure on the uterus. This pressure may result in premature delivery.
  • Stop working overtime in the office. Don’t behave like a superwoman now. You must delegate your work to your close ones and start taking rest which is very necessary. You must be dealing with a lot of stressful thoughts at this moment but stop worrying. Think positive and stay away from all kinds of negativity.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

How is your baby growing and developing during the 33rd week of pregnancy?

The baby is growing at a rapid pace in the final trimester of pregnancy. Every week baby’s weight is going to increase now.

  • Baby can sense when the light is changing. The pupils of the baby’s eyes are going to contract and dilate with changes in light. It can differentiate between day and night now.
  • Baby’s lungs are maturing more this week. If the baby takes birth prematurely at this stage then it may or may not require support for breathing. Baby’s body is producing surfactant which would help the airways to not collapse and stay strong. If you get admitted to the hospital for pre-term labor then you may be injected with cortisone which will help the baby’s lungs to mature.
  • The amniotic fluid present is increasing in volume now. It is almost 1 liter in quantity which creates a sterile, warm bath for the baby while floating around. The amount of fluid present will indicate the working of the baby’s kidneys. They should ideally be producing around 500ml per day at this phase of pregnancy.
  • The skin appears less wrinkly and red as the fat is getting deposited.
  • Ears are developing.
  • The bones have started to get harden. Surprisingly, the skull is going to remain soft till childbirth so that it allows easy and smooth passage during delivery.
  • The baby is not as active as before since there is not much space left for the child. However, kicks and punches will be continued.
  • By week 33 many babies will have their heads turned downwards towards the cervix and pelvis.

Baby Size in the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

What is the baby’s size in the 33rd week of pregnancy?

In the 33rd week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 43.7 cm long and is the size of a pineapple.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide, baby size is 33 weeks, baby looks like in 33 weeks

Parental Care During 33rd Week of Pregnancy

In this pregnancy stage, you will be going to the doctor twice a month especially if you are having a high-risk pregnancy. The doctor will check your baby’s growth progress, check if you are healthy, and may also recommend certain tests to check for any illness in you or the baby.

Take all your supplements regularly as discussed with the doctor.  This will make sure that your baby is having sufficient nutrients to grow. Continue to follow all the directions of your doctor regarding no drinking, no smoking, eating healthy, and exercising moderately.

Changes in the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience changes in looks, feelings, and experiences.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Feelings

How will you feel during the 33rd week of pregnancy?

You may start feeling many changes as your baby is growing. Fatigue, sleeping problems, headaches, and backache will continue or may even get worse. You will notice that you are getting very clumsy and forgetful.

Mood swings will be experienced and you will feel emotionally not stable. You will also be very depressed with the way your body has been shaped. Some women also feel that they have been pregnant for a lifetime and are anxiously waiting for the delivery date to come closer.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Experience

What changes you will experience during week 33 of pregnancy?

In the 33rd week of pregnancy, your growing uterus may cause your belly button to protrude out. However, after a few months, it will go back to its original place.

The skin will be dry, and itchy and may have stretch marks near the belly region, thighs, etc.

Your hair will grow thick and shiny. Also, the nails may be growing very fast but are very brittle.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Look

What will you look like during the 33rd week of pregnancy?

Your belly will be growing bigger as the pregnancy progresses. You will keep growing until birth. Your belly button will protrude now since the belly has enlarged. You will be having swelling on your feet and ankles. Stretch marks will also appear on your skin. The skin will get itchy and become dry. Put dollops of moisturizer on the skin to keep it nourished.

Diet During the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to take special care when it comes to their diet. Some food items are to be avoided for a healthy pregnancy. At the same time, some food is o be preferred during this time. Read further to explore more.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Dietary Dos

What should you eat during the 33rd week of pregnancy?

The food preferred are –

  • Eating a balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins is important. For getting carbohydrates to consume carbohydrate-rich foods like whole grains, potatoes, cereals, sweet potatoes, nuts, legumes, etc. For proteins eat lean meat, fish, beans, egg white, yogurt, soy milk, etc. Eat olives, nuts, avocados, fish, eggs, and peanut butter to fulfill your quota of fats. Eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Iron and Calcium rich foods – It is very important to consume iron and calcium-rich foods throughout your pregnancy. Calcium is going to make the bones of a baby strong. If the extra calcium is not provided by the mother then the body starts using reserves of calcium from the mother’s body. This may cause complications like osteoporosis etc in the future. You should also include enough amount of iron in the diet since there will be a loss of blood at the time of delivery. Consume nuts, green leafy vegetables, lean meat, dry fruits, milk, etc.
  • Eating fibrous foods is important throughout pregnancy. They have a high nutritive value and also contain the right amount of fiber which is required to get relief from constipation. Consume black beans, white beans, brown rice, avocados, corn, etc.
  • Drinking plenty of water is also important during this time. You can also drink healthy fluids like lemonade, fruit juices, kokum sherbet, etc.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Dietary Don’ts

Which food you should avoid during the 33rd week of pregnancy?

Avoid these foods –

  • Caffeine is present in coffee and it can affect the baby as well as disturb your sleep patterns. Drinking coffee as your due date is coming closer can make you feel uncomfortable. Caffeine is also found in chocolates, aerated soft drinks, etc.
  • Unpasteurized dairy products may have pathogenic microorganisms like Listeria. They can cause food intoxication or other symptoms of food poisoning.
  • Eating fish which is rich in methylmercury can affect the nervous system of the baby. Some examples of such fishes are swordfish, sharks, marlins, tilapia, etc. If you are craving to eat fish then you can pick the ones which are not oily or fatty.
  • Do not consume undercooked or raw eggs, shellfish, cured meat, etc throughout your pregnancy. Similarly, avoid eating pate since they may contain the presence of microorganisms like Listeria. Although, they cause flu-like symptoms in you, but can prove fatal for the newborn baby.

Sex During the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during the 33rd week of pregnancy?

Having sex in week 33 of pregnancy is safe. However, the changes in your body may make this a little more difficult. If there is no complication in your pregnancy and the couple is comfortable then you can do it. Your doctor will be able to guide you individually depending upon your pregnancy and the risks associated. Many doctors suggest staying away from sex in the final few weeks of pregnancy. There are times when orgasms can lead to uterine contractions.

Doctor Consultation in the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

Do I need to visit a doctor in the 33rd week of pregnancy?

What should you discuss with the doctor?

You must visit the doctor two times a month during your pregnancy. Continue to check with the doctor about anything that you are worried about. If you are distressed over your health developments then discuss with him about what you think is not going normally. It is always better to clear your doubts instead of taking stress. The doctor will be measuring the size of your stomach to monitor the growth of the fetus.

33 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Test/ Procedure

What are the tests or procedures you should have in the 33rd week of pregnancy?

First of all, the doctor will be determining if you have a high-risk pregnancy. If yes then you will be tested for a few tests for abnormality. You will be meeting the doctor two times a month from now onwards. Your blood and urine samples will be collected for routine tests. Your weight and blood pressure will also be noted.

You may also have to get an ultrasound done to confirm the baby’s health, growth, and position. Fetal heart rate will also be monitored.

Supplements in the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

Do you need to take supplements during the 33rd week of pregnancy?

It is very important to take supplements of folic acid, iron, and calcium during pregnancy. Folic acid helps to reduce the risk of birth defects, and neural tube defects in babies such as spina bifida. Iron is also important to prevent anemia and fulfill the demand for increased blood flow. To absorb folic acid and iron you must consume vitamin C in the form of oranges, lemonade, etc. Calcium is important as the bones are getting harder day by day.

Omega 3 fatty acid (DHA) is a very important supplement to be consumed especially during the third trimester. It reduces the risk of premature labor and postpartum depression. E.g. Salmon, Tilapia, shrimp, red snapper, catfish, etc.

32 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Important Points to Know

The fetus has almost formed completely by now. The pulmonary system is maturing to prepare itself for breathing. Some women prefer to visit the maternity unit of the hospital at this time. This is also a great time to attend childbirth classes. The prenatal care will be continued to monitor maternal health and also evaluate fetal well-being. You must be very alert to check the signs of premature labor.  The baby will be growing well at this time of your pregnancy. Continue to follow orders given by your doctor and stay healthy in this time of development.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for a baby’s birth?

Start to stock up on baby supplies. You must also prepare for birth classes. These classes will help you to know how to prepare for delivery and labor. Don’t miss out on your classes. They help in making the entire birth experience very smooth along with detailed explanations on breath control, pushing technique, etc.

Practice the Kegel exercise for strengthening and supporting the bladder, uterus, and bowel system. It helps to prevent procedures like Episiotomy. It is a surgical procedure that enlarges the opening of the vagina allowing easier passage of the baby. Take care of your nutrition to prevent any type of incision surgically.


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