51 Best Sweet Cute Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Parents love their child more than anything and wish for everything perfect in child life. Finding unique and cute baby girl names is not an easy task. And getting the ‘meaning’ of those cute names is even more difficult and painful. Nowadays, all parents like to give modern, different and cute names to their child. Those days are gone now when parents used to select formal and common names for babies.

These days, choosing perfect and cute names for girls is not an easy task. If you search the internet, there are thousands of Modern as well as traditional baby girl names. Parents are going for sweet, cute, and quirky names for their munchkins. And the best thing is that, many of these cute baby girl names also transition well in adulthood.

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I am the eldest kid in my whole family. Most of the times, I got the responsibility of searching unique and sweet names for the newborns in my family. So here’s a list of handpicked cute baby girl names that are a blend of modern and traditional with beautiful meanings. These names can never go out of style, so go right ahead and pick a name you like for your baby.

51 Best Sweet Cute Baby Girl Names and Meanings

1) Bhavika

This is one of the adorable and cute baby girl names. This cute girl name is shared across Hindu community. It generally means cheerful expression. This is one of the sweet names that give a very positive feeling and your cute baby girl will love it when she grows old.

2) Ayanna

If you find specific floral names apt for your cute baby girl, then choose Ayanna, which means ‘pretty flower’. It’s cute, girly and not as common as other floral names. It also means Lucky or good day. This name is used in Hindu as well as Muslim community. This one is also a cute baby girl names having a beautiful meaning.

3) Indira

You can use this cute baby girl names to name your princess. It is a Sanskrit language word meaning beauty, someone who will bring prosperity and splendour. It is one of the cute girl baby names which is also one of the names for goddess Lakshmi.

4) Aashvi

This one is my favourite from all other cute baby girl names. It is very beautiful and also popular in India. It simply means Blessed and Victorious. People with name Aashvi love to work and are loyal. Moreover, it is also a small name and very easy to pronounce. This is one of those cute names for girls that suit them in adulthood.

5) Paalvi

Last year my sister delieverd a cute baby. She was hunting for cute baby girl names. After a lot of research she named her cute baby girl Paalvi. It means new young leaves of a plant. It also means starting of a new thing in life. Though not very popular but a really sweet name.

6) Emily

The popularity of this name is become less, but still it’s such a cute baby girl names. It also means making an effort. This cute girls name has been also related to celebrity authors such as Emily Dickinson.

7) Kanak

It is one of the rare and cute names for girls. Kanak means gold or golden colour of wheat. Best it is easy to pronounce and your cute baby girl will be proud of her parents for giving her such a unique and beautiful name.

8) Karishma

This is a common name but has a lovely meaning miracle. You can name your cute baby girl with this name. There is a famous actress in Bollywood with the same name Karishma Kapoor.

9) Mridula

If you are a music lover than you may find these type of cute baby girl names exciting. There is also a musical instrument by this name. It also means an ideal women with soft, tender heart. Name your cute baby girl with this cute girl name if you have passion for good soft music.

10) Mehar

It means kindness or blessings. This is one of the cute baby girl names mostly ised in Muslim households. But irrespective of religion, you can also name your sweet girl baby with this cute girl baby name.

11) Falguni

You can name your cute baby girl with this name. This name defines beauty. Falgun is also a hindu calendar month. I am sure you must have heard about a very famous singer named Falguni Pathak. So you can name your sweet girl baby with this cute name for girls.

12) Natalia

Natalia is a beautiful Russian name meaning ‘born in Christmas’. But that doesn’t mean you can use this cute baby girl names only for a winter baby. It’s a very unique and rare name. If you are looking for something different yet cute girls name this is a nice one.

13) Himani

Many parents are very religious and traditional. But they are in a dilemma when it comes to searching for cute baby girl names for their newborn. Himani is a very modern sounding name. But the meaning is very religious. It also represents goddess Gauri or Durga.

14) Isha

Some of us are worried that picking unusal names may harm our sweet girl baby when she grows old. There are many cute baby girl names which have great meanings and are also unique but they are difficult to pronounce. Isha name also represents female energy. Its a small cute baby girl name, very easy to pronounce.

15) Prajakta

I heard this cute name for girls for the first time when my neighbours named their sweet girl baby as Prajakta. It is another not so common Hindu name for cute girl baby that means a fragrant flower. Its a very happy sounding and versatile name.

16) Saloni

Saloni is timeless yet also feels fresh. Another cute baby girl names which is very easy to pronounce. Parents love their sweet girl baby and want to give them cute girl name which they will love when they grow up. Saloni is a very safe choice when you are looking for cute names for girls.

17) Saadhwi

It is a rare name for girls since it means a female sage. But it also refers to a women who is fierce and powerful. I find it a cute baby girl name for your sweet girl baby. It is unique, feminine yet strong.

18) Pankhuri

This Hindu religion name Pankhuri means petals of flowers. This is one of those cute baby girls name that sounds sophisticated and worldly. Its a good choice if you want a less fussy, yet still cute girl baby names.

19) Sara or Sarah

Naming a baby is a big deal. It’s no wonder you want to pick something special. This is one of those cute baby girl names which means princess. So if your sweet girl baby is a princess of your family name her Sara.

20) Tamanna

Cute baby girl names are more plentiful than you might think! Consider this lovely option for your darling daughter. It also means making a wish . Parents love their god sent bundle of joy. So If your wish has come true in the form of a sweet girl baby, why not name her Tamanna.

21) Ujwal

Ujwal is another cute baby girl names choice in different cultures. In Hindi it means light or illumination. This cute name for girls is exotic yet easy to pronounce.

22) Shagun

It’s a Hindu name for a traditional function or an occasion where we are blessed by elders of the family. It also means auspicious. I am sure if you are looking for a cute name for your sweet baby girl, Shagun will be loved by all the elders of the family as well.

23) Barkha

Choosing cute baby girl names is hard for one parent. But finding something you both like is even trickier. This cute name is a great choice as it is very popular name, easy to pronounce and simply means Rains, moistens, soothes.

24) Asmita

This name is one of my favourites from this list. It means Rock born, very hard and strong. You can choose this cute name for your sweet girl baby if you want her to be a powerful and strong women when she grows.

25) Anjana

Anjana is a very traditional yet cute girl baby name. She was mother of Hanuman. If you have the pressure of elders to keep a traditional name and you want to name your sweet girl baby a cute name than this is the correct choice. Its not very popular and sounds unique.

26) Waheeda

This is a muslim name for your cute baby. In Hindi it means unique and beautiful. Waaheeda Rahman was also a great artist in Hindi film Industry. So if you are a lover of classics than name your sweet daughter Waheeda.

27) Yashasvi

This is one of the cute baby girl names having a deep meaning. In Hindi language it means blessing to become successful. All parents would want their kids to shine in future so Yashasvi is a great choice for ambitious parents.

28) Myrtle

How can you miss Moaning Myrtle who was part of the famous Harry Potter movies? It is a cute baby girl name which also means a plant of youth, fertility, love, peace.

29) Olive

Many people prefer Olive over Olivia, but Olive has a pretty meaning too. Name your cute baby girl Olive if you want her to be strong yet feminine.

30) Akriti

Akriti is a unique and cute girl baby name. It means Shape or Form. It is short, sweet and very easy to pronounce.

31) Siri

Siri is such a sweet and short baby girl name which would definitely suit a girl who is of today’s new generation. This name means a fair victory. This name has its association with one of the biggest tech players Apple company.

32) Savannah

Savannah is a sunny and cute name, meaning ‘grassy plain’. With this, You can also give a cute baby girl nickname Annah. Its a very unique, rare name for cute girls.

33) Jagruti

Your adorable daughter with tiny feet, rosy cheeks deserve a unique cute baby girl name. Confused about a unique, cute baby girl names yet meaningful ? Name her with this sweet names Jagruti which means awareness.

34) Shipra

Shipra is an eternally beautiful choice for naming your sweet baby girl. It means a river. Its a unique yet cute girl baby name.

35) Aadhya

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but these cute baby girl name actually mean The beginning. A married couple life begins in real sense after birth of their sweet baby. This can mark the first power or the beginning of their new life.

36) Zinnia

This is also a very beautiful and infamous flower and also used as a cute name for a sweet girl baby. It’s a beautiful flower having many colours that makes any garden look attractive.

37) Maithili

This is another religious yet modern sounding cute baby girl name. It is another name for Goddess Lakshmi and is commonly popular across various regions in India.Maithili is also a Indo-Aryan language.

38) Ramya

Just as fashion gets recycled, so do baby names. But this name is popular since a very long time as it ahs a beautiful meaning. Ramya just means pleasant personality. So if you want your cute baby girl to grow into a pleasant personality just like her name, Name her Ramya.

39) Lorene

You can choose this sweet name for your sweetheart girl. It is not a very common name and is related to a plant Laurel.

40) Ruhi

Ruhi is a very trendy alternative try if you are looking for acute baby girl name. It is a Sufi word which refers to the eternal soul of a person and of the lord almighty as well.

41) Niharika

Another of my favourites from this cute baby girl names list. It means dew in Hindi and has Sanskrit origins.

42) Misha

It is a Russian word which means like god. This name is gaining a lot of popularity after Shahid Kapoor named his sweet girl baby Misha. Another great choice for a trendy meaningful cute baby girl name.

43) Hazel

Foodies aren’t the only ones who love this Hazelnut inspired cute name for girls. Hazel could be princess-obsessed or a tomboy and her name would be equally fitting. What makes this cute baby girl names great is its versatility.

44) Eliza

Eliza means pledged to God. It started out as a nickname for Elizabeth, but now is a very popular and one of the cute baby girl names in its own.

45) Abhisri

This is yet another cute baby girl names that has a deep meaning. It means Surrounded by glory, Shining, Powerful. If you want your cute baby girl to shine in future so why not name her something similar.

46) Callie

If you are looking for a English name for your cute baby girl than this is a trendy choice. It means pretty and attractive and also means ‘beautiful’.

47) Janhavi

Another religious yet trendy cute baby girl name. It means River Ganga and is of HIndu origin. With this name for your sweet baby girl, your in laws are going to be very happy with your choice.

48) Dorothy

The quirky and classic name meaning is God gift.

49) Aaradhya

This cute baby girl name means first one or one worth worshipping. famous actors Abhishek Bacchan and Aishwarya Rai named their sweet baby girl Aaradhya. Since then this name is gaining a lot of popularity.

50) Kiara

Another superb choice for your cute girls name. It is trendy and youthful. It has originated after an Irish saint.

51) Jalsa

This last cute baby girl name simply means Celebration. Jalsa means enjoyment and Fun. This name is shared across Hindu and Muslim community.

So this was our list of 51 Sweet and Cute Baby Girl Names with Meanings. I hope this list of cute baby girl names helped you find a sweet baby name as sweet as your cute baby. Do let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite.


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