9th Month Pregnancy Care – Precautions, Symptoms and Baby Development

9th month pregnancy is very overwhelming for mom and her partner. Reason is you are about to complete pregnancy term and waiting for baby. By the time you reach 9th month, you will develop special bond between you and your baby. You may or may not have word to explain this attachment with others. Special 9th month pregnancy care is required at this stage.

Your pregnancy feeling is at peak and you are preparing for delivery. Your body and mind is filled by motherhood signal sent by nature which have its own way to send.

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You have many 9th month pregnancy symptoms like backaches, weight gain, swelling and mood swings. But the feeling of new one coming in your life is so strong that you enjoy these symptoms as well. Pregnancy of course ninth month is one of most beautiful chapter in the life of a woman. Fears of normal delivery or caesarean is natural. Many question like Will my weight reduce back to normal weight ? So it is always good to educate yourself by reading article on baby360. None of us want that baby or mother have problem after delivery. so little care and knowledge will help you to have safe and healthy delivery.

What is the BABY DEVELOPMENT in 9th month of Pregnancy ?

In this month, the fetus is ready to come out anytime from the tummy. Please note the following important developments that occur during 9th month of pregnancy.

  • The growth and development of foetal brain is complete. And all the vital organs of the are functional and developed.
  • The foetal height will be approximately 53 centimeters and the weigh 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms on an average.
  • The lungs are fully functional and even breathe through the amniotic fluid.
  • Baby movements will slow down as there is no space to move.
  • Your baby is almost close to ready for delivery now.

9th Month Pregnancy Symptoms

During 9th month you will experience some important changes in your pregnant body.

  • Do not get scared at the sudden increase of vaginal discharge. It is completely normal. Make sure that it is not smelly, itchy, smelly and something abnormal.
  • You will feel you may open anytime as your pelvis will start to expand.
  • As every day passes by, comfortably lying down will become nearly impossible for you.
  • Backache will increase due to pressure on sciatic nerve.
  • It’s ideal to start wearing breast pads now as the colostrum production will start and leakage of milk may occur from your body.
  • Extra fluid will start circulating in your pregnant body due to which eyeball shape may change a bit.
  • Frequent urination, also you may leak often due to pressure on the bladder.
  • You skin and face will start glowing. Possibly there will be a stress on face but the glow can’t be skipped.
  • Mood swings will continue to trouble you.
  • Don’t be shocked to see your nipples and even your face getting all hairy.
  • Be more alert paying attention to labour signs. Just make sure to know the difference between short contractions and actual ones.

9th Month Pregnancy Care – PRECAUTIONS

9 month pregnant what to do

What to do in 9th month Pregnancy- 

1. Stay Hydrated
It is mandatory to Drink plenty of water as dehydration can cause things that you want to avoid at any cost like abdominal pain and contractions.

2. Do some swimming
Swimming is an amazing workout for preparing your body for labour and also to relax. Check out for any swimming pools in your neighbourhood and enjoy swimming.

3. Kegel Exercises
Continue to practise your Kegel exercises. As you will be able to face labour with stronger pelvis muscles.

4. Take Warm Baths
Taking a warm nice bath gives great relief during this time. Remember not to use very hot water instead opt for warm water.

5. Think Positive
Always keep a positive mind and relaxed, happy thoughts before your delivery. It is natural that you must have faced a lot of turbulence due to hormones in these month. But think that you are so close to cuddle with your baby and hold her in your arms.

6. Spend good stress free time With Family
Make sure to spend quality time with friends and your family. Get pampered and see your stress disappear.

7. Posture for sleeping and sitting
You must be feeling a strong urge to sleep comfortably but some more patience please. You are at the last stage and these days are going to quickly pass. Continue to sleep on the left side till the last week of delivery. Buy some soft cushions and pillows to support your office chair if you are a working woman.

8. Books, Favorite shows, Movies
After baby is born you will be hardly left with any me time for a couple of months atleast. So watch good positive movies, go to a salon, do pedicure, go out with friends, read books. You will feel uplifted and happy.

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9. Pregnancy Sex:
This question is in mind of almost all women and only your gynecologist can give best answer. During the last trimester it is natural for you to get scared for having sex. But remember that no scientific data gives any confirmed indication that you should avoid during this time. Its good to avoid sex in 9th month. If you are suffering from any complications like HIV or high blood pressure you must check with your health care provider.

10. Eat lots of fresh fruits and Vegetables
You must consume a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables as they are a rich sources of fibrous materials, vitamins and essential minerals. It prevents and treats symptoms of constipation. Make sure to thoroughly wash and clean them before consuming so that you save yourself from any type of microbial infections.

11. Regular Checkups are a MUST
Make sure to perform all the blood tests and ultrasound testing done. They are the safest and latest technology available to keep a check on growth of foetus. This definitely helps the doctor and to be parents to prepare themselves for any further complications. Also, you may need blood during delivery so go and get your blood groups checked.

Generally there is a Rh factor incompatibility in cases wherein mother has Rh negative groups and the baby is with Rh positive group. Antibodies are produced in mothers blood against baby’s Rh factor. These antibodies affect the next child as they will remain in the mother’s body. So doctors give a Rhogam injection during 27th-28th week of pregnancy and also within 72 hours of birth, abortion, miscarriage etc.

12. Travelling is fine
Many of us have queries and doubts regarding travelling long distance during last months of pregnancy. But frankly speaking, it’s no big deal. It is just that when your labour contractions begin, you don’t want yourself and your loved ones to suffer from the pain and tension of reaching hospital as early as possible. So to be on a safer side try to avoid travelling.

13. Intrauterine Growth Retardations
Another important precautions during 9th month pregnancy is checking for Intrauterine Growth Retardation. It can include many different conditions like high B.P, abnormalities in the placenta, microbial infections etc. Based on the findings, delivery may be early as it can also lead to conditions like stillborn babies.

9 month pregnant what not to do

What not to do during 9th month Pregnancy –

1. Avoid strenuous Physical Activity
Don’t do too much physical activities and avoid rigorous exercise. Let your friends and family help you while you relax during this time. Its completely fine if you avoid to get you involve in every small thing.

2. X-rays
If it is very mandatory in situations like a lung infection or a bone fracture, do let the doctor and technician know that you are expecting. X rays must be compulsorily avoided in any way. X-ray is not considered safe for you in this delicate time. Generally at airports or other checking points, pregnant women are given a clearance without X rays. Keep in mind, to inform and carry a medical proof.

3. Avoid Mental Stress
Make sure you keep your mind relaxed at all times. There will be many thoughts about labour pain, delievery that will haunt your brain but it is not going to help. You should indulge in your favourite chores and wait for things to happen.

4. Sudden Reflexes
Perform daily activities with slow and steady movements. Stop habits to sit or stand all of a sudden as this may lower levels of blood sugar.

5. Don’t eat Fish
Avoid raw fish, Avoid fishes like mackerel , swordfish or shark as they have presence of high levels of mercury. Don’t eat more than 12 ounces of cooked fish in a week.

6. Say No to Alcohol
One of the important precautions during 9th month pregnancy is to avoid alcohol. Baby can suffer from a disease called as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which has no relieve. It leads to abnormalities in face, mental retardation, sluggish growth etc.

Accept yourself despite of all the discomforts that you have to face with a happy feeling and don’t worry too much about the delivery process. Just think that it is going to be a smooth process. Childbirth is a natural process. So don’t listen to stories from others and fill your mind with mythical tales. Stay fit and safe by following all the above mentioned do’s and don’ts during 9th month of pregnancy. Enjoy this phase and share your experience with us. If you have more question you can ask to other parents as well as doctors using Q&A section in Baby360.


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