30 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Symptoms, Baby Development & more!

The week-by-week development of your baby gives you ultimate happiness. We have come with 30 weeks pregnant guide to help you in attaining healthy pregnancy. Isn’t it? You’ll be amazed to know that your baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes have developed in 30 weeks of pregnancy.  Also, the hair on his head will be getting thicker. The discomfort in your pelvic region will start to increase day by day. Don’t panic, stay calm and think positively.

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide, baby size is 30 weeks, baby looks like in 30 week

Symptoms of 30th Week Pregnancy

The symptoms that you may experience in the 30th week of pregnancy are –

Heartburn Having a burning sensation in your heart? It’s time to pay attention to your diet first. Avoid eating spicy, acidic, greasy, and heavy food. Don’t take these foodstuffs before going to bedtime.

Sleep Trouble – The growing belly and the stressed thoughts of pregnancy, delivery, etc. cause sleep trouble.

Swelled Feet – You can expect some swelling in your feet and ankles. Remember that sudden and severe swelling may indicate signs of a serious complication.

Breathing Problem- As the belly grows it will start disturbing your lungs and rib cage area. This may make you find difficulty in breathing. Taking deep breaths will get a little difficult too.

Common Problems During 30th Week Pregnancy

Some problems can affect the well-being of the mother or her fetus. These complications can be vaginal bleeding, preterm labor, a decrease in the activity of the fetus, increased blood pressure, and continuous pain in the back and head.

You may also get affected by forgetfulness which is also referred to as pregnancy brain. It will be caused by stress, pregnancy hormones, lack of sleep, or other factors. Need not be worried about constipation or hemorrhoids since it’s a normal part of pregnancy. Eating fibrous foods and drinking a lot of water can help you out with constipation. If it causes too much discomfort, you should talk to your doctor.

Precautions/Warning During Week 30 of Pregnancy

What precautions you should take during week 30 of pregnancy?

Same as week 28 pregnancy

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

The increasing size of your belly proves that your baby continues to get bigger day by day.

The brain of the fetus is developing at a quick rate. The brain of the baby has started to take the characteristic indentations and grooves and is no more smooth now. Those groves allow an increased amount of brain tissue development.

Now the baby’s body temperature will be regulated by the new fat cells and the baby’s brain. So the downy hair called Lanugo which was covering the baby’s little body started disappearing.

Another major change is that the baby’s bone marrow has started producing red blood cells, which is a very important development for the baby to survive on its post-birth.

Baby Size in the 30th Week of Pregnancy

What is the baby’s size in the 30th week of pregnancy?

In the 30th week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 39.9 cm long and is the size of a cabbage.

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide, baby size is 30 weeks, baby looks like in 30 week

Parental Care During 30th Week of Pregnancy

What parental care is needed during the 30th week of pregnancy?

You must go to the doctor twice a month. He will be checking the progress of the baby’s growth and ensuring that you’re going through a healthy and safe pregnancy. You must take the supplements which are advised by the doctor so that the baby has enough nutrients for growth and stay healthy.

Apply a lot of lotion and keep the skin moisturized.

Follow all the directions given by your doctor by not drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. Eat healthy and balanced food, and exercise moderately.

Changes in the 30th Week of Pregnancy

There will be changes in terms of looks, feelings, and experiences during pregnancy.

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Feelings

How will you feel during the 30th week of pregnancy?

You’ll feel a lot of heartburn, fatigue, problems in your sleeping pattern, etc. This discomfort and changing levels of hormones may make you feel more emotional.

If you’re a working woman, then you may feel hard to focus on deadlines, agendas, etc. You can think about dropping to a part-time instead of a full-time job. You can check with your boss regarding working from home for the leftover time.

Furthermore, ensure that you talk openly about your feelings with your partner. You must attend the antenatal appointments together so that he feels involved in the entire process.

You may feel drastic changes in your looks before and after pregnancy. Try and avoid concentrating more on the physical appearance part since this is a unique phase of your pregnancy.

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Experience

What changes you will experience during week 30 of pregnancy?

By now you’ll start to feel stronger fetal activity since the fetus will be moving all the time. The movements can sometimes feel like a strong kick or a punch as well. The activity generally increases post meals or while the woman is relaxing.

Also, you’ll experience flatulence problems. The growing uterus puts pressure on the rectum thereby causing uncontrollable passing of gas.

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Looks

How will you look like during the 30th week of pregnancy?

Your body weight will double or triple in the upcoming days. You’ll have swelling on the feet and ankles which can get reduced if you keep your feet elevated for some time. Stretch marks will appear on your skin belly, thighs, etc.

Diet during the 30th Week of Pregnancy

What should you eat during the 30th week of pregnancy?

Which food you should avoid during the 30th week of pregnancy?

Same as week 27 pregnancy

Sex During 30th Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during the 30th week of pregnancy?

Get you and your husband tested to know if you are suffering from any kind of sexually transmitted disease. If there is nothing to be worried about and the doctor has given you the go-ahead, then there is no need to worry. You can have sex in comfortable positions without putting pressure on the tummy. The doctor will also inform you if you cannot have sex due to certain complications like the risk of miscarriage, preterm labor, or any other pregnancy-related complications. Some women do not feel like having sex during this time which is fine and very normal.

Doctor Consultation in the 30th Week of Pregnancy

Do I need to visit a doctor in the 30th week of pregnancy?

What should you discuss with the doctor?

You must go to the doctor twice every month at this stage of pregnancy. Check with the doctor about things that are affecting you. If there is something that is making you feel distressed, discuss if it is normal. You must continue preparing for the baby’s birth and know the developments happening in the final weeks of the baby’s birth.

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Test/ Procedure

What are the tests or procedures you should have in the 30th week of pregnancy?

Your doctor may find out if the pregnancy is complicated, which may demand tests for abnormalities. You will have appointments twice a month so the doctor may choose to perform an ultrasound to monitor the overall development.

Supplements in the 30th Week of Pregnancy

Do you need to take supplements during the 30th week of pregnancy?

You need to take folic acid, iron, and calcium supplements throughout your pregnancy. Folic acid is very important as it can make your baby safe from any birth defects or neural tube defects like spina bifida. Increase the intake of vitamin C in your diet which is the key factor for absorption of folic acid. Calcium is important as the baby needs a lot of calcium for the bone development and development of the skeletal system. You can get this component from natural food sources as well. However, taking supplements is equally necessary.

30 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Important Points to Know

What is important to know during the 30th week of pregnancy?

Your baby’s brain is developing in full swing. You must be sure to follow the orders of the doctor and be healthy during this time. As the baby is growing, its movements will start to get noticeable and forceful. However, it is completely normal so don’t take stressed. Just enjoy this exciting phase of life.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for a baby’s birth?

Start packing your hospital bag with all the essential items required for you. Also, pack the baby products needed after birth. If you’ve a C-section planned make sure to check the C-section checklist before packing all the necessities. It is always a good notion to be prepared in advance.

Stay healthy physically and mentally!


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