27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – All about Your Baby Growth & Development!

You are stepping into your third trimester leaving behind the second one. 27 weeks pregnant guide will help you with a healthy nutritional diet, parental care, baby’s development, and more! Your baby will keep growing and gaining weight. Also, your body will continue to respond to these changes. You’ll have to face some discomfort due to the stretching of ligaments. The baby will be able to use its hand muscles, cry and suck their thumb.

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Symptoms of 27th Week Pregnancy

Below mentioned are some of the changes that you’ll experience –

  • Uterus Size – The uterus is growing and it’ll get stretched into the chest as well. This may cause pain in the chest and difficulty in breathing. You’ll experience shortness of breath even after doing basic physical activity. This symptom is normal during this time so don’t worry. Relax and keep taking deep breaths.
  • Belly Size – You’ll feel uncomfortable doing your daily chores because of the size of your belly.
  • Itchy Skin – The skin will become dry and itchy due to stretching. Pamper your skin using a lot of moisturizer and body oils. Also, prefer to wear comfortable and soft fabric clothes. Don’t apply soap while bathing and use lukewarm water.
  • Lack of Proper Sleep – You’ll not be able to sleep comfortably because of the growing belly, fear of delivery, stress, backache, etc. Invest in a lot of cushions or pregnancy pillows. This provides comfort to your back and you can sleep peacefully.
  • Cramps – Keep stretching your legs to reduce the cramps. Also, stay hydrated.
  • Constipation – If you’re experiencing it even after drinking a lot of water, eating fibrous food, and doing exercise then ask your doctor to recommend a stool softener. Straining too much in the bathroom can cause hemorrhoids.
  • Hair – You’ll notice that your nails and hair are growing fast.
  • Pee – There is a lot of pressure on the fetus on your bladder. Due to this pressure many times you’ll experience peeing while you sneeze.

Common Problems During 27th Week Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience severe cramps in their feet. They may be a result of the growing belly and the weight that it puts on your feet thereby pinching occurs. It may also happen due to the way calcium processing is happening in a pregnant woman’s body at this time. Furthermore, you must be also alert about risk factors like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm labor, and anaemia.

Precautions/Warning During Week 27 of Pregnancy

The precautions you should take during this week are-

  • Diet – Always eat a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet. If you’ve any queries w.r.t your diet or foods to avoid, don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor. Drink enough water and other fluids to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Exercise –  Moderate exercise is recommended. You can try meditation and perform basic stretches or yoga that will help to deal with physical as well as mental stress.
  • Posture – Maintain a comfortable position during your pregnancy. The irritation, itchiness on the belly skin, and also the growing tummy will make you uncomfortable. Sleep on your left side and use a pregnancy pillow to make yourself feel comfortable.
  • Pre-Natal Checkups – Make sure to get the checkups done on time to monitor the baby’s growth and development. There can be different complications that may require medical intervention. So it’s important to attend the checkups regularly.

If you don’t notice the baby’s movement you must inform the doctor. If you notice any preterm labor symptoms such as abdominal cramping, bleeding, water leakage, etc contact your doctor immediately. Also watch out for symptoms of preeclampsia, anemia, gestational diabetes, etc. Don’t hesitate to discuss the smallest of your doubts or questions.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

Below mentioned are a few of the main changes happening inside the womb during week 27 of pregnancy –

  1. Most of the organs of a baby have matured and can also function independently. Although the brain and lungs need to get matured more.
  2. The baby opens and closes the eyes frequently and follows a regular pattern of sleeping. Its eyelashes are also developed.
  3. Baby’s brain will be maturing at a rapid pace as more brain tissues are developing. He will start getting dreams of his own very soon.
  4. Baby may get occasional hiccups which are normal. It will also be doing movements like rolling, stretching, kicking, drinking amniotic fluids, peeing, sucking thumb, etc.
  5. Fat layers will continue to form under the skin of the baby which will help to regulate body temperature post-birth keeping them warm.
  6. It is possible that the baby’s heartbeat is so strong that your partner can hear it if he brings his ears close to your tummy.

Baby Size in the 27th Week of Pregnancy

What is the baby’s size in the 27th week of pregnancy?

In the 27th week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 36.6 cm long and is the size of a head of cauliflower.

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Parental Care During 27th Week of Pregnancy

What parental care is needed during the 27th week of pregnancy?

By this time you’ll be tested for gestational diabetes. This is the time when many women may start to take stress about labor pain and the overall delivery process. You’ll also get thoughts about the health of the baby. Discuss all such concerns with your gynecologist and also talk to your friends who gave birth recently. Also, you can join discussion threads on social media which will educate you and provide some information.

Don’t take too much stress and take rest because it’s much needed. You’ll be at risk of developing preeclampsia which is due to an increase in blood pressure. So eat healthy and sleep well.

Changes in the 27th Week of Pregnancy

Week by week there’ll be changes in looks, feelings, and experiences in pregnancy.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Feelings

How will you feel during the 27th week of pregnancy?

Feeling very excited? The days are nearing very close when you get to meet your little darling. However, at this stage, you may feel stressed due to pregnancy-related complications and labour pain. You will also start thinking about the changes that the baby is going to bring in the relationship you possess with your husband. There will be shuffling and establishment of some roles. Things will be completely different once the baby arrives. Parenthood is so momentous and significant that there would be a need for major changes.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Experiences

What changes you will experience during week 27 of pregnancy?

You will notice that your child is moving and a lot more active during this phase of pregnancy. You will feel tired due to carrying extra weight. Other changes will be back pain, difficulty walking, leg cramps, etc. Exercising will start to get difficult. So it is better to start shifting to low-intensity workouts.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Looks

How will you look like during the 27th week of pregnancy?

This is the time when you will be wider and start getting difficulty moving from one place to another. You will also be having more back pain which will make you extra conscious about your posture. Your legs and ankles will swell due to edema. However, you can practice doing regular exercise and good hydration to minimize the symptoms.

Also Check – Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

Diet During the 27th Week of Pregnancy

Some food has to be avoided and some food is preferred for healthy babies and pregnancy. Here you’re going to get to know about what to eat and what not to eat. Eat foods that can provide you with 450 calories approximately on an everyday basis. Intake of small portions of meals frequently throughout the day. This will give your baby the nutrition that he needs for growing.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Dietary Dos

What should you eat during 27th week of pregnancy?

Food Rich in Iron and Protein

In the third trimester of pregnancy, extra iron is necessary for avoiding hemorrhage, anemia etc. You must take 27 mg of iron every day. The amino acids obtained from proteins will help in the rapid growth of the fetus. Take your daily dose of protein and iron from foods such as beans, red meat, poultry, rice, and seeds. For making sure that iron gets absorbed in the body, you must increase the intake of vitamin C rich foods in your body.

Foods Rich in Calcium

Calcium is very important during pregnancy since the baby requires it for bone development. A minimum of 1000 mg of calcium must be daily consumed in the form of yogurt, milk, curd, oatmeal etc.

Foods Rich in Magnesium

Magnesium will help to absorb calcium and provide relief from leg cramps, help in muscle relaxation, and prevent premature labour. You must consume 350 to 400 mg of magnesium daily. Oat bran, black beans, pumpkin seeds, artichoke, and almonds are rich sources of magnesium.


DHA-rich food help in developing a baby’s brain. It’s recommended to have around 200 mg every day. You can have eggs, fruit juice, milk etc.

Folic Acid

It helps in decreasing the risk of neural tube defects or birth defects like spina bifida etc. You can have collards, oatmeal, dark green veggies, strawberries, oranges etc. Ideally, it is recommended to have 600-800 mg per day.

Fibrous Foods

Intake of fibre-rich foods is helpful that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes etc. You must also consume a lot of water because fibre absorbs more water from your system at the time of digestion. So you must drink enough water to replenish the body.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Dietary Don’ts

Which food you should avoid during 27th week of pregnancy?

Avoid certain foods for reducing pregnancy discomforts like swelling, heartburn, constipation etc.

  • Do not consume spicy and high-fat foods as they increase the heartburn symptoms. Also, stay far from fried foods which are high in fat content.
  • Swelling and bloating can be prevented by drinking a lot of water or other healthy drinks. Your intake of sodium must be reduced. Avoid eating foods that have a high content of salt such as canned foods, ketchup, pickles, sauces, chips etc.
  • Say No to Alcohol, smoking, and caffeine throughout the pregnancy.
  • Junk foods are not to be eaten during pregnancy. You can eat a limited portion if you are craving it but don’t go overboard. They do not have any nutritive value and in fact, add to your weight gain which will be difficult to lose later. It is best to devour healthy homemade snacks like sandwiches, carrot sticks, whole grain bread etc. You will fill your tummy and also get enough nutrition to stay healthy.
  • Do not eat seafood having high levels of mercury in them. E.g. Swordfish, shark, tilapia etc.

Sex During 27th Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during 27th week of pregnancy?

During this time some women don’t feel like having sex which is very normal. You must check if you or your husband are suffering from any type of sexually transmitted disease. The doctor will also inform you if you cannot have sex due to certain complications like the risk of miscarriage, preterm labour, or any other pregnancy-related complications. If there is nothing to be worried about and the doctor has given you the go-ahead, then there is no need to worry. You can have sex in comfortable positions without putting pressure on the tummy.

Doctor Consultation in 27th Week of Pregnancy

Do I need to visit a doctor in 27th week of pregnancy?

What should you discuss with the doctor?

You must speak to your doctor about the development and growth of the baby. Also speak about complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, anaemia, preterm labour. The doctor will guide you on how you can handle these situations. You can also discuss about the discomforts you are facing due to the pregnancy symptoms and ask for suggestions to get comfort.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Test/ Procedure

What are the tests or procedures you should have in 27th week of pregnancy?

Between 24 to 28 weeks women have to go through a glucose challenge test and glucose tolerance test. It will help to diagnose anaemia and gestational diabetes. Also, other routine blood and urine tests will be performed. If you are suffering from ankles, legs, face, or hands your doctor will test you for preeclampsia.

Supplements in 27th Week of Pregnancy

Do you need to take supplements during 27th week of pregnancy?

Eating nutritious foods rich in these components is also important as much as taking medications. So make sure you focus on eating healthy foods. Continue taking supplements for folic acid, iron, and calcium during pregnancy. It is very important to take these supplements since they will keep you safe from neural tube defects, birth defects like spina bifida etc.

27 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Important Points to Know 

What is important to know during 27th week of pregnancy?

There are many risk factors associated with this stage of pregnancy. The complications or risk factors include preeclampsia, edema, gestational diabetes, anaemia, preterm labour etc. You must also know that leg cramping is a normal part of pregnancy, as is severe back pain.

Speak to your doctor about identifying the symptoms of each of these complications.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for a baby’s birth?

A healthy diet and sticking to regular exercise will help you a lot during pregnancy. Leg cramping and back pain will stop you from continuing the exercise routine. But keep in mind that regular exercise is very important. If this is your first baby, then you can sign up for a breastfeeding class. Speak to your doctor about the options regarding cord blood banking.

Leave stress and live in harmony for your baby!


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