21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Symptoms, Tips and More for You!

Every week is vital in pregnancy. During the 21st week of pregnancy, you may start to experience increased movements of the baby in your tummy. The rapid growth of the baby seems to slow down a tad bit. However, the organs continue to develop. You may start to experience a few more other symptoms. If you find any of them troubling you too much or get severe, you must consult the gynaecologist to clear all doubts. Read a further 21 weeks pregnant guide to know all about symptoms, parental care tips, etc.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide

Symptoms of 21st Week Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of 21st week pregnancy?

Some of the symptoms that you will start to experience this week onwards are a sneak peek of your third trimester.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Visible Symptoms

The symptoms that are visible on the body are –

Boobs Leak

By the end of the second trimester, your milk glands develop completely. They may occasionally leak thick colostrum which is the initial thick, nutritious milk after which the normal milk begins to flow. If you notice yellow stains on your bra, then that’s your boobs leaking colostrum. Buy some absorbent bra pads to save yourself from any embarrassment.

Skin Changes

You may notice some spots appearing on the skin and some even get acne or pimples. It’s caused by changes in the hormone levels. The skin changes generally reduce and disappear post-delivery. Some women also experience that their skin is getting dry and itchy especially around the bump. You must start to use a pregnancy-safe body lotion or oil which makes the skin less itchy and keeps it moisturised. Other skin changes may include the change in the colour of the skin. A very prominent brown line on the bump which is called linea nigra.

Stretch Marks

It’s a very normal symptom which almost all women experience. Stretch marks do not leave your skin completely after the baby is born but may reduce to an extent. The skin starts getting stretched as the baby is growing during the 21st week of pregnancy. This causes very minute tears below the skin surface. Stretch marks may also be experienced if you gain your weight suddenly.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Invisible Symptoms

These symptoms aren’t visible and are experienced in pregnancy i.e. you can feel it.

Braxton Hicks

You may experience slight contractions occasionally. The uterus feels tight as it happens during labour. It is not a matter of worry as the pain goes away once positions are switched. However, if the pain doesn’t stop or gets severe then you must check with your doctor.


As the uterus expands, it may start to exert pressure on the digestive organs. This makes the process of digestion slow down resulting in burning like sensations. Try and avoid spicy or greasy foods which may trigger the symptoms.

Bloating and Passing Wind

This symptom can get very embarrassing especially if you are in the office or outside the home. The hormones cause the digestive tract to slow down which leads to bloating and build-up of wind. You tend to lose some control over the muscles and can’t do anything much about it during pregnancy. You can try taking chamomile or ginger tea to ease these symptoms. Also do not eat foods which can increase indigestion.

Feel Thirsty

Since the feeling of being hungry increases, you may tend to feel more thirsty than expected. So check out the colour of your urine. If it is more on the yellower side plus if you feel thirsty more then it may be an indication that you are dehydrated. Dehydration is very bad for your body irrespective of being pregnant or not. Increase the intake of healthy fluids and water in your everyday routine. This may also be the sign of gestational diabetes which increases the urine output and thirst at the same time. Check with your gynaecologist to make sure everything is in control.

Common Problems During 21st Week Pregnancy

What are the common problems you will experience in 21st week of pregnancy?

In 21 week of pregnancy, the baby grows steadily and expectant mothers report that they are feeling satisfied and comparatively comfortable. By this time the digestive system of babies begins to develop and the baby also starts to drink the amniotic fluid present in the surroundings. It is very important to monitor the digestion in the system of the foetus at this time.

Your body may also start to experience swelling of feet and legs which happens due to fluid retention. Also, the blood flow increases in the body which may cause varicose veins. Some women also start to struggle with never before experienced skin acne due to extra secretion of the oil on the face.

Precautions/Warning During Week 21 of Pregnancy

What precautions you should take during week 21 of pregnancy?

Same as in week 18

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

By week 21, the little baby may have started to taste their own food as the taste buds are developing. However, the baby will obtain nutrition only by swallowing amniotic fluid. The amount of meconium which is the output of fluid consumed also starts to build up. So whatever food the mother eats, the same flavour will be present in the amniotic fluid as well. So you must be very cautious about what you eat and drink.

Now, the baby has proportionally developed limbs as well which allows them to do movements inside the belly. You will begin to experience these movements as kicks or pushing. However, it is difficult to gauge which part of the baby’s body is pushing since it is still very small.

The senses of sound and light are also developing. This makes the baby identify your voice and also get used to your daily habits.

Eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids may have formed by now. The irises will get their colour soon.

There would be a thick coating of the layer called vernix caseosa. This layer protects the skin of the foetus.

The maturing of a genital organ like vagina begins in case of a baby girl foetus.

Baby Size in 21st Week of Pregnancy

What is the baby size in the 21st week of pregnancy?

In 21st week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 26.7 cm long and is the size of a carrot.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide

Parental Care During 21st Week of Pregnancy

What parental care is needed during the 21st week of pregnancy?

If the pregnancy is normal and healthy then there are no specific tests to be done during week 21 of pregnancy. Try to stick to a healthy schedule of eating and follow a moderate exercise routine.

If any of the pregnancy symptoms like varicose veins, swelling, weight gain etc increases or become severe then discuss with your doctor.

Changes in 21st Week of Pregnancy

In pregnancy, there’ll be changes in terms of looks, feelings, experiences.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Looks

How will you look like during the 21st week of pregnancy?

In week 21, you will notice many people inquiring to you about pregnancy as the tummy is noticeably big. You will continue gaining weight every week during the rest weeks to come as well. The legs will start swelling due to fluid retention in the body. You may also experience pimples or acne since the oil glands get active and there is excess oil on your skin.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Feelings

How will you feel during the 21st week of pregnancy?

Many mothers-to-be report that the second part of their second trimester is a very high-level point during the pregnancy phase. The trouble of morning sickness, vomiting etc has disappeared and the weight gain is also moderate which is not as uncomfortable as during the final trimester. Some symptoms may affect you like pimples, acne, varicose veins etc but overall you will feel more content and comfortable during this time.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Experiences

What changes you will experience during week 21 of pregnancy?

By 21 week of pregnancy, the baby starts to move around inside the uterus increasingly. In fact, your body also starts to experience changes such as leg cramps, swelling of legs or feet by end of an active day. You may begin to experience varicose veins which show up on the skin. The face also produces extra oil thereby causing pimples or other skin issues.

Diet During 21st Week of Pregnancy

What should you eat during the 21st week of pregnancy?
Which food you should avoid during the 21st week of pregnancy?

Same as week 19

Sex During 21st Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during the 21st week of pregnancy?

Pregnant women may experience an increased sexual drive in the second trimester. They probably enjoy the pelvic area blood flow and the increased sensitivity that it brings along. This also increases the lubrication in and around the vagina due to changes in the hormones.

However, for some women, it is very normal not to crave for sex. Many feel a lot of pain, tiredness, aches and they may also feel very unattractive and uncomfortable. Don’t try to get involved in sex if your doctor has refrained you from doing so. You may have to abstain even if you crave for it during following situations like the risk of premature labour, unexplained vaginal discharge, history of miscarriage etc.

Also, check if you or your partner has any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. There can be many other reasons as well to abstain from having sex. Make sure that you check with the doctor.

Doctor Consultation in 21st Week of Pregnancy

Do I need to visit a doctor in 21st week of pregnancy?
What should you discuss with the doctor?

This is the time when your baby has begun to move around and kick frequently. You can discuss with your doctor on how to deal with a very active baby. You will be also experiencing symptoms such as acne, leg swelling, varicose veins etc during pregnancy. Check with your doctor about the tips that may reduce the appearance of veins and swelling.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Test/ Procedure

What are the tests or procedures you should have in 21st week of pregnancy?

There are no specific tests that you need to consider during 21 weeks of pregnancy. You will have to attend the regularly scheduled appointment though. Ensure that you check with the doctor for any problems or conditions which are affecting you.

Supplements in 21st Week of Pregnancy

Do you need to take supplements during 21st week of pregnancy?

It is crucial that you must include supplements such as folic acid, iron and calcium which are required for proper growth and development of the baby. Folic acid deficiency can lead to neural tube defects or birth defects in small babies. Try to eat foods that are natural sources providing these elements.

  • Folic acid is available in avocados, broccoli, spinach, cereals, oranges, milk etc
  • Calcium is present in milk and milk products, chia seeds, fish like sardines, fortified cereals, almonds etc.
  • Iron is present in egg yolk, fortified cereals, beetroot etc.

21 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Important Points to Know

What is important to know during the 21st week of pregnancy?

The baby is making a lot of movements inside your belly. However, there’ll be a lot of space in your belly so you may not feel them all the time. The taste buds of the baby have developed. And it’ll start to taste the amniotic fluid that is flavoured with the kind of food the mother eats. The baby also starts to make co-ordinated movements now since the limbs are in proportion, the brain is developing etc. The mothers will start to notice stretch marks on their skin now. It’s time to feel anxious about pregnancy and childbirth. Discuss your fears with your friends who have babies or with your husband.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for baby’s birth?

You must start to take good care of your physical as well as emotional health. This helps you to be in good shape and state of mind when the baby arrives. Keep an eye on what you eat and decide the quantity.  It gets difficult to remain active due to weight gain. So avoid too much weight gain. A very mild exercise is recommended i.e. walks, swimming and yoga. Stretching or walking will also help in reducing the leg swelling.

It’s a very difficult task to decide a name last minute so keep some options ready. Start thinking for cute baby names for your baby. Also start shopping for baby necessities gradually as you are active because it’ll start getting difficult in the next trimester.


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