20 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Symptoms, Precautions & Baby Development!

Your baby continues to grow bigger. In 20 weeks, the baby would start to respond to sharp sounds. They begin punching, kicking and wiggling. However, there is enough space in your tummy for the baby to turn and twist. In week 20 you have reached halfway point of your pregnancy. Here we have come up with 20 weeks pregnant guide to help you with all the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

20 Weeks Pregnant Guide

Symptoms of 20th Week Pregnancy

Week 20 of pregnancy marks higher energy levels and sex drive. But there can be some annoying symptoms too and they are –

Leg Cramps

You may experience cramps in your legs and feet. Drink enough water and do regular stretching.

Vaginal Discharge

The discharge may possibly keep increasing till delivery. It is your body’s way of maintaining the area bacteria-free. But if you experience the discharge of green, yellow, brown, pink, red colour with a foul smell you must immediately report it to the doctor.

Indigestion/ Heartburn

As baby starts occupying more abdomen space, the digestive system will work poorly. Eating spicy, acidic and fatty foods may increase your troubles. Unfortunately, this symptom continues throughout pregnancy as the bump keeps getting bigger. Try and eat small meals at regular intervals. Do not lie down after meal which can reduce the symptoms of indigestion.


It’s one of the normal pregnancy side effects. Take regular breaks to refresh yourself by going in the fresh air. Talk with your doctor if the symptoms are consistent.

Increase in Energy

High energy and sex drive should be enjoyed till the time it lasts. You may feel low on energy again in the third trimester.


Don’t worry about the swelling since it’s normal and will settle down after delivery. If it is sudden and severe than you must discuss with your doctor. Meanwhile, keep your ankles and feet elevated whenever possible. Keep in mind to wear comfy footwear. Also, avoid wearing tight socks since they can cut the blood flow off.

Feeling Breathless

As your uterus begins to enlarge, the lungs will be pushed. This may make you feel short of breath. Don’t push yourself too hard. Take rest and relax if you find yourself feeling short of breath.

20 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Common Problems

Twenty weeks is called as pregnancy midpoint. The uterus continues to grow into the abdomen. The baby inside is active and you can experience the movements of the baby. The growing foetus will also bring certain discomforts. Many women experience heartburn and indigestion as the uterus starts to put pressure on the digestive system. The legs swell or pain while sitting or standing for a long period of time. These problems get worst at night thereby making it difficult to sleep.

As the baby continues to grow, there is an increased pressure built up on the kidney, lungs, bladder, stomach etc since they feel pressed.

Precautions/Warning During Week 20 of Pregnancy

What precautions you should take during week 20 of pregnancy?

Same as in week 18.

20 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Growth and Development

How is your baby growing and developing during the 20th week of pregnancy?

At week 20 of pregnancy, the foetus swallows amniotic fluid. The baby produces meconium which is going to remain in the intestine until birth. The foetus moves in the uterus extending and flexing its legs and arms. Many of the foetal behaviour and activities revolve around refining the body systems and functions. This prepares the baby for survival after birth.

Hair, toenails, fingernails continue growing. The wax-like, white film is vernix caseosa. This develops covering and thereby protecting the baby. The baby skin will continue growing and become thick. The different skin layers will start to form. Baby’s digestive system is developing and the baby will produce dark, sticky material called meconium.

Baby Size in 20th Week of Pregnancy

What is the baby size in 20th week of pregnancy?

In 20th Week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 25.6 cm long. And it is of the size of a Banana.

20 Weeks Pregnant Guide

20 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Parental Care

What parental care is needed during the 20th week of pregnancy?

Twenty weeks of pregnancy is the halfway point. The gynaecologist may suggest doing an ultrasound to check the growth of the foetus. During this time, the gender of the foetus may be visible. The gynaecologist will focus on the well being of pregnant women and weight gain. This is the time by when a pregnant woman has already established her diet plan rich in all the nutrients. This will ensure to deliver a healthy foetus.

A doctor will recommend you to continue consuming calcium and iron dosages. This will strengthen teeth and bones in the baby and would avoid premature labour.

Changes in feelings in 20th Week of Pregnancy

This is the time when you may spend your time thinking about labour. You start realising that at some stage this baby needs to come out of your tummy. Some women build up anxiety over time and are genuinely terrified. If you feel the same then make sure you talk to your gynaecologist for counselling.

Many women feel emotionally connected to the baby after the foetal screening.  Whenever women are in a risky situation their hands would automatically move in the support of their belly.

Take your partner with you for the doctor’s appointments and ultrasound sessions. This way you will involve your partner in the entire pregnancy process. He would need time to develop his relationship with the baby.

Changes in 20th Week of Pregnancy

What changes you will experience during week 20 of pregnancy?

Twenty weeks of pregnancy is pregnancy midpoint. As the foetus is growing, it’ll bring along certain discomforts. Women experience heartburn and indigestion since the uterus is putting pressure on the digestive system. Some women also experience swelling of the lower feet or legs and cramps. It happens especially after sitting or standing for long hours. Also gets worst at night since it’s difficult to sleep comfortably because of the growing belly. It is ideal to invest in a pregnancy pillow at such time.

Some pregnant women start to snore while sleeping. Snoring is believed to be connected to the need for C section delivery or smaller babies. So, discuss with your doctor if you start to snore.

Changes in 20th Week of Pregnancy

How do you look like during the 20th week of pregnancy?

You must have gained a substantial amount of weight by now. The ideal weight gained also depends upon your pre-pregnancy weight. The baby bump is noticeable now. And this will continue to expand in the coming weeks.

20 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Diet

What should you eat during the 20th week of pregnancy?

Which food you should avoid during the 20th week of pregnancy?

Same as Week 19

Sex During 20th Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during the 20th week of pregnancy?

Having sex during pregnancy is considered safe. However, there are certain couples with a history of miscarriage or preterm labour. In such cases, doctors recommend the to-be-parents not to indulge in sex. Before getting involved in any kind of sexual activities check with your doctor.

Doctor Consultation in 20th Week of Pregnancy

Do I need to visit a doctor in 20th week of pregnancy?

What should you discuss with the doctor?

You must schedule an ultrasound by now, if not have had one before. An ultrasound focuses on checking the growth and development of the baby. And it also checks if the baby is having any kind of intrauterine growth restrictions. If sex determination is legal in your country, then you’ll know about the gender of the baby at this point.

Some women experience itching or irritation in the belly. You can talk to the doctor to recommend a cream to relieve this itching. You may also check with your doctor to recommend your class or centre. These centres deal with birth, emergency care and breastfeeding classes.

Test/ Procedure in 20th Week of Pregnancy

What are the tests or procedures you should have in 20th week of pregnancy?

If you haven’t scheduled an appointment for ultrasound yet, than do it now. During an ultrasound, doctor will be able to determine baby’s size more accurately. And he’ll also have a look on baby’s position in the womb. By now, sex of the baby is apparent. The doctor will check for any irregularities on how the baby is growing. If there’s any problem with the organ or bone development, then it’ll be visible during the ultrasound. Doctor would be checking the amount of amniotic fluid, umbilical cord and the placenta.

Supplements During 20th Week of Pregnancy

Do you need to take supplements during 20th week of pregnancy?

Include supplements like calcium, iron and folic acid for proper growth and development of the foetus. Deficiency of folic acid causes birth defects or neural tube defects in the babies. You must also consume foods which are natural sources of these elements.

  • Calcium is present in milk and milk products, fortified cereals, almonds etc.
  • Folic acid is present in dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, fenugreek leaves, avocado etc
  • Iron is present in beetroot, egg yolk, fortified cereals etc.

20 Weeks Pregnant Guide -Important points to know

What is important to know during the 20th week of pregnancy?

This is the midpoint of your pregnancy. You’ll feel baby movements by week 20 of pregnancy. If gender reveals before birth is legal, then the doctor will reveal it to you during the ultrasound. You must continue to eat healthy, nutritious and balanced food. Remember that getting enough nutrients is very important for maintaining your baby’s health. It is specifically important to take your supplements of calcium, iron and folic acid on time. It assures that your baby is not deficient of any of these essentials.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for baby’s birth?

This is the time when you can start to look for classes that help you in teaching what to expect during childbirth, breastfeeding, delivery process etc. You can also train yourselves for basic infant emergency care treatments. You can now start to shop for baby essentials and also prepare a baby’s room or nursery. Or else, you can get yourself registered to a library. Spend time reading books on baby care and pregnancy care. It’ll be helpful since your knowledge will get a boost.


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