Baby Boy Name Starting With R

Raadhak Raadhak means generous, liberal Boy
Raadhik Raadhik means generous, successful, wealthy Boy
Raafe Raafe means a companion Boy
Raag Raag means musical, to bring to life, love, beauty, vigour, passion, desire vigour, melody, king sun, moon, a form of indian classical music Boy
Raagav Raagav means lord of god, lord ram, ragavender god Boy
Raagdeep Raagdeep means music and lamp Boy
Raaghav Raaghav means lord rama, a descendent of raghu, a patronymic of ramachandra Boy
Raahil Raahil means one who shows the way, ewe, traveler, path guider Boy
Raahinya Raahinya means lord vishnu Boy
Raahithya Raahithya means lots of money person Boy
Raahul Raahul means son of buddha, conqueror of all miseries, competent, efficient (son of buddha) Boy
Raajak Raajak means radiant prince, brilliant, ruler Boy
Raajan Raajan means king, royal Boy
Raajas Raajas means silvery, dust, mist, passion, endowed with zest for life and its pleasures Boy
Raamis Raamis means the good looking one Boy
Raamiz Raamiz means symbol, prince, honored, respected Boy
Raamrai Raamrai means prince of omniscient god Boy
Raamratan Raamratan means jewel of lord rama Boy
Raamrattan Raamrattan means attentive to god Boy
Raanish Raanish means lord shiva, lord of war, name of shiva Boy
Raatib Raatib means arranger Boy
Raaz Raaz means secret Boy
Raazi Raazi means thankful of anybody, satisfied, contended, pleased Boy
Rab Rab means lord, master one of the nam Boy
Rabah Rabah means gainer Boy
Rabar Rabar means a loving and caring person to all Boy
Rabbani Rabbani means divine, from allah Boy
Rabee Rabee means spring, breeze Boy
Rabees Rabees means powerful, fearless, dauntless Boy
Rabek Rabek means god is one Boy
Raben Raben means sunny, a bird Boy
Rabi Rabi means spring, breeze Boy
Rabiah Rabiah means greenery Boy
Rabih Rabih means winner, gainer Boy
Rabihah Rabihah means winner Boy
Rabinad Rabinad means suray Boy
Rabinesh Rabinesh means gods pet Boy
Rabit Rabit means binding, fastening Boy
Rachanbir Rachanbir means brave and creative Boy
Rachanjeet Rachanjeet means victory of creation Boy
Rachanjot Rachanjot means light of creation Boy
Rachanpreet Rachanpreet means love for creation Boy
Rachet Rachet means lord varun, wise Boy
Rachit Rachit means invention Boy
Rachneet Rachneet means absorbed in creation Boy
Rachpinderjeet Rachpinderjeet means trusted in faith Boy
Radha Krishna Radha Krishna means goddess radha and lord krishna Boy
Radhak Radhak means generous, liberal Boy
Radhakanta Radhakanta means lord krishna, sweetheart of radha (radha represents devotee, thus the protector, lover, friend of devotee Boy
Radhatanaya Radhatanaya means son of radha Boy
Radhav Radhav means lord krishna, beloved of radha Boy
Radhavallabh Radhavallabh means lord krishna, beloved of goddess radha Boy
Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam means lord krishna and goddess radha Boy
Radhesh Radhesh means a name of lord krishna Boy
Radheshyam Radheshyam means lord krishna and goddess radha Boy
Radhey Radhey means karna Boy
Radheya Radheya means karna (son of radha) Boy
Radi Radi means satisfied Boy
Radite Radite means the sun, unpredictable and radicalism Boy
Raed Raed means leader Boy
Raees Raees means rich, wealthy, chief, captain Boy
Raees Ahmed Raees Ahmed means rich, wealthy, chief Boy
Raem Raem means one who has a desire and sea Boy
Rafan Rafan means beautiful, graceful Boy
Rafaqat Rafaqat means friendship, closeness Boy
Rafat Rafat means elevation Boy
Rafay Rafay means the exalter, to elevate rank Boy
Rafaz Rafaz means ways, paths, pieces, parts Boy
Rafee Rafee means kind friend, noble, eminent Boy
Rafeek Rafeek means kind, friend Boy
Rafey Rafey means pioneer Boy
Rafi Rafi means kind friend, noble, eminent Boy
Rafi-Ud-Din Rafi-Ud-Din means noble person of the religion Boy
Rafid Rafid means support Boy
Rafie Rafie means kind friend Boy
Rafik Rafik means kind, friend Boy
Rafiq Rafiq means kind, friend Boy
Rafiqul Islam Rafiqul Islam means friend of islam Boy
Rafq Rafq means patience, tolerance, endurance Boy
Rafsala Rafsala means spice; bright Boy
Ragab Ragab means lord of god, lord ram, ragavender god Boy
Ragav Ragav means lord of god, lord ram, ragavender god Boy
Ragavendra Ragavendra means guru nandisha Boy
Rageesh Rageesh means master of melodic modes, the man who sings sweet ragas Boy
Ragesh Ragesh means master of melodic modes, the man who sings sweet ragas Boy
Raghav Raghav means lord rama, a descendent of raghu, a patronymic of ramachandra Boy
Raghava Raghava means lord of god, lord ram, ragavender god Boy
Raghavan Raghavan means a descendant of raghuvamsa, often meaning lord rama Boy
Raghavender Raghavender means lord raghavendra swami Boy
Raghavendra Raghavendra means lord rama, chief or lord of the raghavas Boy
Raghbir Raghbir means brave lord rama Boy
Ragheb Ragheb means desirous, willing Boy
Ragheed Ragheed means comfort, opulence, pleasant Boy
Raghib Raghib means desiring, willing Boy
Raghu Raghu means the family of lord rama Boy
Raghu Chandan Raghu Chandan means surya vamshi Boy
Raghubans Raghubans means relating to the raghu family Boy
Raghubir Raghubir means lord rama, brave descendent of raghu Boy
Raghujeet Raghujeet means victory of the raghu family Boy
Raghukumara Raghukumara means lord rama, prince belonging to the raghu clan Boy