QuestionsCounciv nhi kar pa rha ha
Planning For Baby 3 years ago

Counciv nhi kar pa rha ha

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gynecologist 2 years ago

Hi Manisha, being stressful isn’t going to help. Before reaching to any conclusion please check some basic facts. When a couple tries for more than a year without using protection to get pregnant and fails to do so. That is problematic please check from how much time you are trying to get pregnant. If it is less than 1 year relax and let the due action take course. If it is more than a year then there are number of causes behind it. Stress, irregular cycle, obesity, thyroid, any other physical difficulty like blocked fallopian tubes. I will suggest you not to be stressed out, eat well, take care of body essentials, work out and meditate. Watch your cycle. Please refer to the following calculators from
Use these and hope for the best.
After a year of trying you can surely consult a fertility expert for any further investigations. Good Luck.!!

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