QuestionsHow to encourage child to eat vegetables?
pediatrician 3 years ago

How to encourage child to eat vegetables?

Hello doctor….My 4 years old child does not eat vegetables. I tried to feed different veggies but he refuses to eat. tell me some easy ways to encourage child to eat vegetables?

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Mom of a Daughter 2 years ago

Hi Rajiv, this is daunting task as most of the children are not very much fond of vegetables. Some even straight away refuse to eat them. You have a very valid concern ad it may impact the immunity and wellbeing of a child. Try following steps.
• Try to include vegetables in kids favorite dishes. Like prepare Paav bhaji with carrots, capsicum, beetroot, cabbage, French beans. Uttapa, Maggie, Pulav, sandwiches all can be prepared with lots of vegetables inside.

• Try to indulge them in vegetable shopping, cleaning and cutting. This would generate interest in taste of vegetable in the kid.

• Try to explain benefits of eating vegetables in fun way, tell stories.

• Be a good example for your kids. You should practice what you preach. Eat vegetables before telling kids to do so.

• Try to different texture if kid is disliking any vegetable. Like kids won’t eat methi sukhi sabzi then you should try with methi thepla, methi muthia etc.
Good luck!!

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