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Planning For Baby 4 years ago

Planning for baby

Hi sometimes period will come one week to 10days late so i can not caluclate ovulation date exactly…this is my problem could you tell me the solution for this to calculate my ovulation day and give me suggestions

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Planning For Baby 4 years ago

Hi Alia, Suppose your menses starts from 10th of the Month Calculate 10 days after start of your menses i.e. 20th of the Month….your ovulation period would be b/w 20th to 30th of the month….Hope this will help you to track your ovulation time.

Gynecologist 4 years ago

Hi Alia…. I understand your problem of not being able to track ovulation due to irregularity in periods. You can talk to your gynecologist and get your follicular study test done every month. It is a very simple method where the doctor will examine your follicle/egg maturation and guide you for the best time to keep contact with your partner. You may also use ovulation kits available in the medical shops. Best of luck!!

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