Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Body Lotion

Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Body Lotion has a unique blend of Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Natural oils and Cucumber. It is a completely herbal product which moisturizes delicate skin of babies and makes it soft, smooth and supple. Furthermore, Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Body Lotion reduces dryness and roughness of sensitive baby skin. Also enhances skin glow.


Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Body Lotion Description

Directions for use

Gently apply Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Body Lotion on baby’s skin i.e. on face and body. Avoid the area surrounding baby’s eyes.


Ghrit Kumari, Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Olive Oil, AMahaldi Extract, Haldi Extract, Cucumber Extract, Mild lotion base, EH glycerine, Phenoxyethanol, Sugandhit Dravya, Vitamin E, Water – Q.S.

About Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Body Lotion

Patanjali is an ayurvedic brand producing wellness and herbal products. Renowned yoga guru Baba Ramdev established this company along with a few experts in Ayurveda. This brand has the mission of blending Ayurveda concepts along with ancient wisdom and also modern technology. The brand offers many products that include food items, cosmetics, health care, personal care and also baby product range.

Moreover, Patanjali baby products come under their Shishu care range. They include body wash, body lotion, baby soap, baby massage oil, baby hair oil etc. You can choose products that best suits your baby’s skin type. The brand claims that the products are safe, economical and also have no side effects.

Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Body Lotion is pink in color and has pleasant, mild fragrance. It is a water based lotion. The consistency is neither too thick, nor runny and is just perfect for use. In fact, it gets absorbed quickly and spreads very well on baby’s delicate skin leaving behind soft and supple skin. It rejuvenates the skin with its moisturising, revitalizing and also nourishing effects.


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