Pigeon Natural Fit Silicone Nipple Shield


Pigeon Natural Fit Silicone Nipple Shield is designed in such a way that it will perfectly fit the area surrounding the nipples. It has many pores on the tip which are microscopic in nature and will allow the baby to suck maximum quantity of milk coming out from mothers nipples. It is specially useful when you have sore, irritating nipples. The nipple shield will act as a protective shield for breasts of lactating moms.

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Pigeon Natural Fit Silicone Nipple Shield Description

Directions for use

  • Gently place the Pigeon Natural Fit Silicone Nipple Shield over your nipple on the breast.
  • Now during feeding hold it in place by using your fingers. This will ensure that the milk reaches your baby through the holes of shield.
  • Baby will be able to drink breast milk smoothly.


Made use of a soft and flexible silicone rubber.

About Pigeon Natural Fit Silicone Nipple Shield

Breastfeeding is a unique and very pleasant experience for first time mothers. Due to excessive sucking, the already tender nipples crack, get swollen and turn sour. It becomes so difficult that you are unable to breast feed your baby.
Pigeon Natural Fit Silicone Nipple Shield helps during such difficult times by acting as a nipple shield. It helps in effective feeding. Also it can latch on both flattened and inverted nipples.

Pigeon Natural Fit Silicone Nipple Shield also offers relief from twinges and aches when there is intense sucking by your teething toddler. It fits conveniently due to the ergonomic design. Moreover, it is extremely slim and highly flexible. It is made up of silicone rubber which is smooth and also provides a good contact surface. The microscopic pores on the shield exactly resemble the holes on mom’s nipples. It tricks your baby and it believes that it is drawing milk from mothers nipples.


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