QuestionsWhat causes of vomiting in pregnancy & how to stop it ?
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

What causes of vomiting in pregnancy & how to stop it ?

I am 7 month pregnant & I am suffering from frequent vomiting. Give me solution for this

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gynecologist 2 years ago

Hi Nisha, as you have entered a third trimester of your pregnancy its been while being pregnant, if you suffering from vomiting since the beginning it must tiring and overwhelming.
Vomiting during pregnancy caused by change in hormonal secretion, increased levels of estrogen and other hormones changes many body functions. Vomiting and nausea is one of them.
Though vomiting cannot be stopped completely, we can minimize the adverse effects on body. Try following.
• Aroma therapy :- smell fresh flowers or favorite scented oil
• Eat ginger and fennel water
• Drink lime juice
• Try certain point of acupressure
• Breathing exercises
• Relax your muscles
• Take vitamin b 6 supplements
• Eat chocolate
Please avoid:-
• Spicy and oily food
• Raw food
• Unpleasant smells
• Excessive fluids at same time
Good luck!!

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