10 Good Habits for Children- Parents Should Teach

All of you will agree with me if I say that it is very easy to pick up good habits when you are a child. Here are 10 Good Habits for Children- Parents Should Teach. Once you grow old it gets extremely tough to change your habits and develop good and ideal ways of living life. We believe that habits form the core of a man’s character and good character can take you a long way in life. Kids are very attentive and pick up the things they see around quickly. They also closely pay attention to adult behavior. Therefore it is very important to maintain a healthy and positive environment at home. It will help the child to grow into a good human being. Parents play an important part in the good upbringing of their children. Keep in mind that your kids will observe your actions and mimic your behavior. So if as a parent you take enough effort and guide your little munchkins, they will develop good habits on time. This will give a strong start to their life and also strengthen your bond with them. Below we have mentioned the top 10 Good Habits Children’s Parents Should Teach. Make sure you teach them to your baby and also make it a part of your daily routine.

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10 Good Habits for Children- Parents Should Teach

Good Hygiene Habits

Let’s start our list of the top 10 good habits for children- Parents should teach with this one. Kids don’t understand the importance of hygiene because they are unaware of the effects that are caused if hygiene is not maintained.

  • Taking Clean Bath- As a parent make sure your child has a proper bath every single day and wears clothes that are freshly washed. Since kids play for hours, their clothes tend to sweat, get dirty with stains, etc. It causes bacteria to grow on them and can even lead to skin infections. Kids should also have a clean scalp. So their hair must be cleaned using a kids-friendly shampoo. Teach them to change their clothes after school, during playtime, and also before going off to sleep.
  • Brush teeth twice daily – Kids often find excuses to avoid brushing their teeth. Parent must educate their child on the benefits of regularly brushing their teeth at least twice a day. Children often find ways to put off brushing their teeth. Make it a rule that after waking up in the morning and before hitting the bed, brushing your teeth is a must. Buy attractive kids-friendly toothbrushes so that they look up to using them.

Teach your kids to wash their hands before and after meals. Hands harbor a lot of different microorganisms. Not washing hands can cause stomach infections.

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Teach Good Manners

  • Polite people are loved by everyone. Teach your kids the three magic words which can do wonders in life. These basic words are Thank you, Sorry, and Please. These words are basic polite expressions that can defuse stress even in the worst situations. Teach them not to behave rudely and always be polite.
  • Ask your child to treat everyone equally. Be it poor or rich, friend or acquaintance they should never be partial towards one or discriminate.
  • Teach them to be attentive when it comes to old people. Offering them a seat on public transport, and opening the door to them are small things that they can always practice.

Teach Safety Rules

  • Always ask your kids to be aware of strangers. Make sure they are well aware of not taking any things eg sweets or chocolates, which is offered by a stranger.
  • Teach them that it is unacceptable if they are touched inappropriately by anyone in the family, school, etc and they should immediately raise an alarm. Tell them the difference between good touch and bad touch.
  • They should learn to walk on the road carefully, make them aware of safely crossing the road, and other road safety rules.

Stay healthy with good habits

  • Eat Healthy – Making kids eat healthy is the most difficult task parents face nowadays. If you are done with one of these top 10 good habits for children you have won the world. With so many advertisements running on TV, social media, etc it gets difficult for parents to keep their children away from the trap of junk food. Remember that this will not happen overnight. Encourage your child to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. Make them aware of the harmful effects of junk food and how they can affect the efficiency of their body. Switch them to tasty nuts, dry fruits, and juices made fresh at home. You can also try making healthier versions of fast foods at home. E.g. burgers, pizza, etc. Making food look very colorful and pleasing to the eyes also attracts kids to try them.
  • Sleep early – Children should get an undisturbed sleep of a minimum of 8 hours. It is very essential for the mental development of your child. Encourage your kids to sleep early. Make it a ritual at home for everyone so that the kids are in bed by 10 pm and start their day early.
  • Drinking Water – Many kids just hate drinking water. They must be made to understand how drinking water helps their system going. If they are bored drinking water the usual way, then adopt newer techniques. You can buy the infusers and infuse drinking water with your child’s favorite fruits. Kids will enjoy this concept and drink water.

Teach Sharing Habits

The most important good habits for children are that parents need to inculcate in their kids that sharing is caring. Nowadays with nuclear families kids tend to become goal-oriented and self-centered. This problem is faced especially by a single child. Teach your kids to share their toys, books, candies, their favorite dish, etc with their cousins, friends, etc. Set an example by sharing your things with other family members in front of the child. Encourage them to do the same too.

Public behavior rules

If kids are not trained at home they end up showing it in public. Speaking disrespectfully to waiters in restaurants, picking things that don’t belong to them, destroying public monuments, and making people inconvenient in public transport are a few examples. Kids must be taught to behave in public, and they should be also explained the consequences of their bad behavior.

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Importance of money

We must have control over spending habits. As adults sometimes we fail at it terribly and regret it later.  Teach your kids the value of money. Tell them how difficult it is to earn money but very easy to spend it. Kids should learn to gauge the need for spending from a tender age. As a parent encourage kids to save money. To start with, buy them a piggy bank. If you give them pocket money, then give them a budget in which they should be able to bear all their expenses and not overspend or spend on unnecessary things. You can also open their account in a bank and teach them to manage it. This way they will know the importance of money.

Learning to accept defeat

As parents, we have experienced life is full of ups and downs. There are some things where you will win and some you will lose, and give others a chance to win. Teach your kids that there are many other important things in life rather than winning or losing. It is noticed that kids start crying when they lose, they also get upset and are not ready to accept. Often parents console them by losing purposely. Due to this, it creates a mental block in kids against failure in school, playground, etc. Tell your child it’s ok to fail and to accept it with confidence and grace. Urge them to put in their best efforts next time.

Play Outdoor Games

It is essential that as a child it is necessary to play outdoor games for at least 1-2 hours every day. This boosts the mental and physical development of the child. Physical activity does not mean indoor games. It means going out of the house, getting a lot of sun and fresh air, enjoying physical activity games, making friends, etc. Watching TV cartoons endlessly is also a harmful habit and can cost you.

Introduce your kids with fun and interesting games on the playground and they will surely enjoy this playtime. Giving them the freedom of choosing their favorite activity such as skating, cycling, swimming, archery, playing football, cricket, or gymnastics. This will keep them motivated and happy. Also, familiarize them with different sports and co-curricular activities. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that kids don’t spend their time watching TV, playing on Xbox, etc. This damages eyesight and also makes kids dull and lethargic.

Research suggests that kids who watch TV for more than an hour can suffer from health problems such as

  • Obesity or being overweight
  • Impaired performance in studies
  • Lethargy
  • Irregular sleep
  • Attitude problems

Clean up the mess and Organise your room

Kids have the habit of always scattering things around. This makes the house quite dirty and messy. It happens with most of the kids. The best solution for this is to train your child to keep the things back to their original place after using them.

  • Ask them to Organise their room every week. The kids will develop this habit and start keeping their things like toys, books, and clothes neat. You can also encourage him with his favorite snack after a cleaning session.
  • Not only at home, but it is very essential that you teach your kids to maintain cleanliness in public places. Train them to throw waste in dustbins and not loiter in the places.


This was a list of 10 Good Habits for Children- Parents Should Teach which can lead to a happy and healthy life. Just keep in mind, kids are never too young to learn this. And as parents, we must encourage good habits all the time. Help your little kids in following these simple and great habits.  This will help your child in developing his personality and also lead a successful life ahead. Let us know in the comments below if you liked this article on the top 10 good habits in children. Also, tell us what good habits you taught your kids when they started going to school and how it helped in shaping their personalities.


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