23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Parental Care, Baby’s Growth & More!

The baby’s body starts to resemble the newborn’s body. The 23rd week of pregnancy is a very important time for baby and the mother both. Its skin will be wrinkled and the hair will start to get dark. Your tummy size will be growing and the baby bump will be very evident. 23 weeks pregnant guide will provide you with the details on symptoms, parental care, baby’s development, and more!

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide

Symptoms of 23rd Week Pregnancy

You may experience the following symptoms –

Braxton Hicks

It may seem weird when you experience your belly getting very tight. The muscles will also begin to flex. It lasts for a few seconds. Keep on changing your positions and drink enough water for feeling comfortable. If the Brixton hicks get severe then discuss this with your doctor.

Swollen Feet and Ankles

Puffiness or swelling is very normal to some extent. It happens due to fluid retention in the body. To get rid of this symptom take regular walks and keep your feet elevated as much as possible. Also drinking plenty of water is helpful in this. However, if the swelling is sudden and severe, contact your doctor. This is a serious condition called as



Backache continues throughout the pregnancy. With the baby’s growth, the belly size increases. This exerts pressure on the back muscles.

Swollen Gums

The blood flow increases during pregnancy and this makes the gums to swell. In this way, the gums may start bleeding. If your mouth feels more sensitive, then use a soft bristles toothbrush. Go for regular checkups with your dentist and maintain the hygiene of your mouth.

Skin Changes

A dark line named Linea nigra will develop that runs from the belly button towards the pelvic area. It is caused by the hormones which cause skin discoloration during pregnancy. The areolas surrounding your nipples will also darken. This indicates that they are getting ready for lactation. You may notice changes in skin tone especially on the cheeks, forehead, eyes, and around the nose.

Hunger Pangs

You may feel very hungry during pregnancy. Thus, it’s a good idea to stock your home with snacks. Make sure you take healthy food like fruits, nuts, whole grain crackers, etc.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Common Problems

What are the common problems you will experience in the 23rd week of pregnancy?

In this week of pregnancy you may get swollen ankles and legs. This happens due to many changes that are occurring in your body now. It’s also called edema. The growing uterus starts to interfere with the blood flow from the feet to the heart. Also, more hormones are produced by the body which retains the fluid.

So make sure that you drink plenty of fluids, exercise in Modera, Italy, and also keep your feet elevated as much as possible. This’ll reduce the swelling to some extent. However if you notice sudden and severe swelling that may indicate more serious conditions like preeclampsia. Check with your doctor.

Precautions/Warning During  Week 23 of Pregnancy

What precautions you should take during week 23 of pregnancy?

Same as in week 22

Baby Growth and Development

How is your baby growing and developing during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

At week 23 of pregnancy, the child keeps developing and growing. This week sensory functions are forming. The eyes of the baby will begin to move and also the taste buds will be growing. The baby can be seen hiccupping, holding the umbilical cord, sucking the thumb, etc.

  • The footprints and fingerprints of the baby will be developing.
  • Baby will be improving  its sense of sound.
  • The lungs of the child will be also developing.
  • The genitals are developing wherein the ovaries of baby girls will be in place whereas the testes are descending from the abdomen to reach the designated place.
  • Extra fat is getting developed beneath the skin and now the skin looks less translucent as compared to before.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Baby Size

What is the baby’s size in the 23rd week of pregnancy?

In 23rd week of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 28.9 cm long and is the size of a large mango.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide

Parental Care During 23rd Week of Pregnancy

What parental care is needed during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

Your gynecologist will talk to you regarding any signs of preterm labor or any cramping. You’ll be also asked if the baby is moving every day. During all the visits the urine samples are checked to examine if there are any infection signs or protein. The blood pressure and weight will be also checked every time. Your belly will be measured and the baby’s growth will also be checked. You can clear your doubts associated with pregnancy discomforts with your doctor.

Also, you need to monitor any signs of urinary tract infection, vaginal infections, and preterm labor.

Changes in the 23rd Week of Pregnancy

In the 23 Weeks Pregnant guide, you’ll get know all the changes taking place in pregnancy in terms of looks, feelings, and experiences. We’ll go through these one by one.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Feelings

How will you feel during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

You’re going to be the mother and it’s only a few weeks that are left. The anxieties and fear may get more or decrease during this time. It is indeed an emotional process. Make sure you share your thoughts and doubts with your partner, family, or friends to release the stress.

Your family closed one, and even neighbours will pour you with advice and tips on pregnancy.  It may get overwhelming at times or annoying. You can always excuse yourselves politely from such situations. Some women also enjoy sharing their terrorized childbirth stories. Stay far from such negative stories and talks.

You will experience mixed feelings when it comes to your physical appearance. Do not get conscious as you can always come back to better shape after childbirth.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Experience

What changes you will experience during week 23 of pregnancy?

You may be affected due to swollen ankles and legs. The growing uterus starts to interfere with the blood flow from the feet to the heart. Also, more hormones are produced by the body which retains the fluid. So make sure that you drink plenty of fluids, exercise moderately, and also keep your feet elevated as much as possible. This will reduce the swelling to some extent.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Changes in Looks

What will you look like during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

Your breasts will look fuller and tummy bigger in this week of pregnancy. Additionally, you may also have swelling on feet, ankles, etc, which is also called edema and is very normal. Your skin may change and you will note dark patches. Stretch marks will also appear on your growing belly, thighs, etc.

Diet During the 23rd Week of Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different; every woman’s body is different so the experiences of pregnancy differ from one person to another. The things that work well for one woman may not work well for the other. Discuss always with your doctor what you should eat and what not. Stay away from things that your gynecologist has asked you to stay far away from.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Recommended Food

What should you eat during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

Below mentioned are the foods that you must consider making a part of your diet during pregnancy.


It is an important part that pregnant women must include in their daily diet. Proteins form the building blocks of our body. You must eat white fish, lean meats, eggs, tofu, and black beans in your diet regularly. Avoid eating fatty, oily fish, meat fat, etc. It is also better to avoid eating too much meat like red meat.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies during pregnancy is not a secret. They are highly recommended for your diet. Fruits and vegetables revitalize and refresh your body. They are rich in nutrients and also don’t increase too much weight. Eat fruits like oranges, bananas, kiwis, apples, pears, etc. Eat vegetables like cabbage, turnip, beetroot, spinach, pumpkin, asparagus, tomatoes, etc.


Carbohydrates are an important part of our diet and they provide energy to our body. You can consume a portion or two, daily during pregnancy. The quantity also depends on your current weight gain. Certain carbs are healthy if had in limited proportions like pasta, oats, potatoes, seeds, dry fruits and nuts, sweet corn etc.

Milk products

You must include dairy products in your diet because they provide an adequate amount of calcium in your diet which helps to make babies’ bones stronger. If you fear weight gain then you can also opt for low-fat milk products. However, check with your doctor before indulging in milk products because some women develop an intolerance to lactose during the stage of pregnancy. You must try cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.

Healthy fluids

You must drink a lot of water or freshly squeezed juices during pregnancy. Drinking 6-8 glasses of fluids provides the baby with all essential minerals that are available in water and also replenishes the body. Drinking fresh fruit juices also provides you with essential nutrients which are required for a healthy pregnancy.

Furthermore, pregnancy is the time when women crave unhealthy foods and wish to indulge in junk food, fast food, etc.

23 Weeks Pregnant Guide – Not Recommended Food

Which food you should avoid during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

You must avoid eating certain foods at all costs when pregnant. Some of these foods are as follows –

  1. Raw Seafood – Raw fish like sushi is bad for health during pregnancy so avoid eating it. Listeria-like microorganisms are present in it that can cause Listeriosis. It can also cause food poisoning or food intoxication-like symptoms. Also, the presence of methylmercury in raw fish can affect the fetus.
  2. Raw or Undercooked Meat – Always cook your meat properly. Cooking is essential as bacteria are present in raw meat. And that can cause various food-borne diseases.
  3. Soft Cheese – They are not pasteurized and may carry microorganisms causing diseases. Stick to eating hard cheeses only which are pasteurized.
  4. Caffeine – Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages like carbonated drinks and coffee etc. Herbal teas can be opted for as they calm and soothe you. However, herbal teas may be harmful for some, so check with your doctor. Also, caffeine is present in chocolates, etc. so it’s better to avoid it.
  5. Spicy Food – You may crave to eat spicy foods but it is best to avoid it. It causes the stomach to burn and results in indigestion, heartburn, and cause discomfort.
  6. Alcohol & Smoking – In pregnancy avoid alcohol and smoking. It can harm the fetus severely and cause irreparable damage.

Sex During 23rd Week of Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

Many women have an increased sex drive during this time of pregnancy. You can indulge in sex with your partner taking care that you do it gently and slowly without putting much pressure on the tummy. However, in some cases, doctors will strictly prohibit you from having sex. These can be due to different reasons like the risk of premature labor, miscarriage history, etc. In such cases refrain from having sex.

Some women may not crave sex at all which is also normal. Just speak to your partner about your feelings so that he doesn’t misunderstand you.

Get yourself and your partner checked for any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.

Doctor Consultation in the 23rd Week of Pregnancy

Do I need to visit a doctor in the 23rd week of pregnancy?

What should you discuss with the doctor?

This week discuss with your doctor about the size of your baby and updates about the growth and development. You can also discuss the discomforts that you are facing such as swelling, stretch marks, etc.

23 Weeks of Pregnancy – Test/ Procedure

What are the tests or procedures you should have in the 23rd week of pregnancy?

You must continue to attend your regularly scheduled appointments with the doctor. He will suggest tests or procedures depending on your current condition. If there is swelling on your feet and ankles you may be also checked for preeclampsia.

Supplements in the 23rd Week of Pregnancy

Do you need to take supplements during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

You must include supplements like calcium, iron, and folic acid for proper growth and development of the fetus. A deficiency of folic acid can cause birth defects or neural tube defects in babies. You must also consume foods that are natural sources of these elements.

  1. Iron is present in beetroot, egg yolk, fortified cereals, etc.
  2. Folic acid is present in dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, fenugreek leaves, avocado, etc.
  3. Calcium is present in milk and milk products, fortified cereals, almonds, etc.

23 Weeks of Pregnant Guide – Important Points to Know

What is important to know during the 23rd week of pregnancy?

The baby and you both are going through a series of changes and you need to monitor them. Your belly and breasts will continue growing. You may also notice swelling in your feet and ankles which can be due to poor circulation or fluid retention. If there is extreme and sudden swelling then you must discuss it with the doctor.

Preparation Guidelines for Baby

How should you start preparing for a baby’s birth?

You need to eat healthy, exercise moderately and also rest and relax. The baby is improving its sense of sound so you may play some nice music for the baby. You can also begin practicing your pelvic floor exercises now. Don’t perform repetitive and jarring exercise routines. Go for swimming, walking, yoga, stretching, Pilates etc, during this stage. Jogging and running are not much advised.

23 weeks pregnant guide is all about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in pregnancy.


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