QuestionsHow Much Sleep Do Babies Need?
Mom of a Daughter 3 years ago

How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?

hello doctor….my daughter is almost 14 months old and she doesn’t sleep well at night. she wakes up every night for around 2-3 hours…so my question is that, how much sleep do kids Need?

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Planning For Baby 2 years ago

Hi Ritika, normally a toddler should have all round sleep of 14 to 15 hours daily. It should include around 11 hours night sleep and 1 or 2 naps of 4 hours collectively.
If she is not able to sleep well in the night check if anything particular is bothering her. A diaper rash or upset stomach, excessive day time napping etc. If this erratic sleep pattern persists then please refer to the pediatrician. Good luck!!

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