Chicco Breast Pads


Chicco Breast Pads are designed to offer safety when you are breast feeding. It has antibacterial fabric which prevents infection causing bacteria to proliferate inside. The micro pearls are super absorbent which retain liquid and then prevent it from leaking outside. Keeps the skin always dry. Nipple and skin can breathe freely due to the external layer which is breathable. Also it is not at all visible under your clothes because of the extra thin layer. It will remain on its place due to the shape and adhesive strip provided.

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Chicco Breast Pads Description

Directions for use

1. Take out the adhesive tabs from Chicco Breast Pads.
2. Now properly place the sticky side on your breast.
3. Position the Chicco Breast Pads in such a way that it is in alignment with your nipple.

About Chicco Breast Pads

Chicco is an Italian company which sells very good quality baby and mom products.They even have a huge range of baby products such as high chairs, infant carriers, strollers etc.

Breastfeeding is a period when new mommies have to be very careful about the hygiene and health of their breasts. Breasts tend to feel irritation or pain during initial phases due to infection. Chicco breast pads offer very good protection for breasts and is a must have for nursing moms. They keep your breasts dry. It is of micro pearls which are of superior absorbing quality. They prevent seeping of milk on the skin, so breasts remain protected and dry. They also have an antibacterial thin layer of fabric which will prevent build up of harmful bacteria. Your nipples remain free of any irritation due to the breathable layer.

When worn under clothes they are hardly noticeable because of the extra thin layer of breast pads. Chicco Breast Pads will remain on its place due to the shape and adhesive strip provided. Wear them while you are off to work or on a shopping spree with friends and leave worries of leakage or seepage behind. These breast pads are also tested in neonatal clinics. A mother can start using them right from baby’s birth. Changing your nursing pads as soon as you notice they are wet will prevent irritation, leaks and potential infections from bacteria.


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