10 Road Safety Rules for Kids – Traffic rules Kids Should Know

Everyday news of dangerous road accidents which involve kids as victims is present in the newspaper. Here are 10 Road Safety Rules for Kids – Traffic Rules Kids Should Know. It makes our hearts skip a beat. Sometimes kids offend the traffic safety rules and fall prey to road accidents. After hearing about such incidences, a very important question pops up how safe are our kids on the roads, and how to ensure their safety as far as road safety rules are concerned?

When our kids are very small, they live in a protected environment under the constant care of their parents or guardians. Their world is only limited to home and the surroundings. Once they start going to school, their world expands and that’s when they face the roads, public, and other neighborhood places. No matter what mode of transport we choose for them, roads are something we just cannot avoid. Due to this, their safety becomes a point of concern for parents.

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Our kids are not mature enough to understand what they should do and what not while using the roads. They can put their life at risk if not guided properly or if there is no adult supervision. It becomes very important to teach kids traffic and road safety rules. You must never compromise when it concerns kids’ safety while using roads. Keep in mind that kids are taught about road and traffic safety once they grow old enough to understand. Also, you must practice these rules along with them to make them get a practical understanding.

As a responsible citizen, you must keep in mind the following quick points of traffic rules when it comes to kids’ safety on roads and in traffic.

  1. Make sure your kid is secured in a car seat or aware of wearing a seat belt.
  2. Kids can open the car doors and cause serious injuries to themselves so make use of Child lock features.
  3. Practical knowledge is always better so take them for cycling or walks on the road and teach them to do it the right way.
  4. Showcase patience while driving – keep an example for your children to stay calm and never rush on the roads.
  5. Be disciplined and avoid fast and rash driving.
  6. Never use a mobile phone while driving.
  7. Never leave your children alone in the car.

Now let’s move on to the Top 10 road safety rules for kids that every kid should know –

1. Know the Basics of Road Signs and Signals

Start with the basic and simple traffic rules. Make them aware of various road signs and markings and what they mean. Take them for a walk on the road and point towards the signs and explain them. You can also make use of videos on YouTube or pictures which will help in explaining the concepts easily. Also, teach them about the traffic signal lights and what each color indicates. Make sure you practice what you preach.

  • Green color light means ‘go’- Once the signal becomes green, vehicles can proceed.
  • Red color light means ‘stop’- Vehicles must stop once the signal becomes red.
  • Yellow color light means to ‘slow down’ – Vehicles must slow down and be ready to stop once the signal becomes yellow.
  • The symbol of the walking man is for pedestrians. One must cross only when this sign becomes green, confirm by looking to the right and left to ensure no vehicles are approaching.

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You must let your kids know if there are other signs and symbols to indicate pedestrian walking. Slowly also teach them about other important traffic signals that they must know.

2. Running on the roads can be very harmful

Kids are impatient and don’t listen to their parents’ instructions at times. But you just can’t take a risk when it comes to running on roads. They should be strictly warned against doing it and sometimes demonstrating to them a few accidents also becomes necessary. It is very difficult for them to differentiate between a safe playground and any other open space like roads. Running on roads or while crossing can be very risky and make them fall near moving vehicles. Kids can get impatient and may run along the road without knowing the dreadful effects of it. Sometimes they leave the hand of guardians and start running. It is very important to teach them to get calm when they are on the roads and behave well.

3. Stop and look before Crossing

Your kids may not have to cross the street on their way to school and back home. But you never know when there will be a need for them to cross the roads. You must teach your kids how to safely cross the road. They must always observe the pedestrian crossing as well as signals while crossing the road. If such markings are absent then they must look in the right direction followed by the left direction to make sure no vehicles are approaching. If yes, then teach them to wait and let the vehicle pass and only then cross the road. Ask them to not cross between vehicles standing stationary or at the bends or blind spots.

Kids tend to run on roads and pose a risk to their safety. That can be dangerous because moving vehicles can’t stop all of a sudden and lose control. Tell your kids to only cross at pedestrian crossings or intersections. If you stay in a village or area where no pedestrians are walking then you must follow the above-mentioned rules.

While crossing teach them not to stroll lazily on the road but to walk briskly.

Adults must accompany kids who are younger than 6 years and must hold their hands while crossing the roads.

4. Never Use Mobiles while walking on the Road

While you are walking or driving on the roads avoid the use of mobile phones. Practice what you preach. Inculcate this lesson in your kids when they are young. Using mobile can distract your attention and pose a hazard to your safety.

5. Do not Move Hands out of the Moving vehicle

Kids have the habit of sticking their hands when they are on the school bus when it is moving or stationary. Some kids even take out their heads through the windows. This can be extremely dangerous and lead to serious injuries. It may look like a fun thing to do but can have serious implications. Because they can get hit by vehicles coming from the direction opposite to them.

 6. Do not Cross the road at Blind spots or Bends

Bends are nothing but blind spots and are very dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians, and others. They are the areas of the road that are not visible to the driver’s vision. So the driver doesn’t get enough chance to spot the person and slow down or stop. Make sure to teach your children to avoid crossing at bends to avoid any accidents.

Also, tell them that it is possible for them not to see an approaching vehicle while standing near a bend. So they must listen for any horn used by the vehicle driver. If they do, then they must stop and look for an oncoming vehicle.

7. Be Safe while riding a Bicycle

If your child rides a bicycle to go to school or the playground then ensure that they follow the cycling rules and are safe on the roads.

  • Wear a helmet while cycling
  • Ensure that the breaks etc are in proper working condition.
  • Always make use of the bicycle lane and move as per the traffic. Keep your ears and eyes open and be focused.
  • Make use of light in areas where there is no street light or at night.
  • Don’t let your kids cycle busy traffic routes.

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8. Be Safe in a Moving car

If you are traveling with a small child then ensure that it is sitting safely and comfortably with the help of a seat belt or car seat. When you are not around them in a moving vehicle they should be trained on the below-mentioned points –

  • Do not stand or run when the vehicle is moving, especially in a bus or van.
  • Be seated and also hold on to the railing for support inside the bus.
  • Never stick your hands, head, or any other body part outside the windows of moving vehicles.

9. Safety tips while traveling on a bus

When kids are traveling in a school bus, you can’t monitor them. Also, it is difficult for the caretaker to supervise them all. This can lead to them falling, banging their heads, and other similar incidences.

  • Kids must be given a warning against standing near the doors of a moving bus. Because they can fall out when the bus stops or if there is a malfunctioning in the door.
  • Children should never move in the aisle while the bus is moving. Because in the event of a change of speed or break the kids can lose their balance and fall.

10. Never Rush

Kids do get excited and can’t stay calm. They rush to meet someone or go to someplace. This can be dangerous. Always make sure to guide them to-

  • Stay very calm and never rush or sprint while they are on the road.
  • Never rush while getting in or out of the vehicle.
  • Always stay focused and never drag the person holding their hands in a specific direction.
  • Never try opening the car doors when the vehicle is moving
  • Never risk their life by playing on roads.

Activities and games to teach Road safety

Another best way to teach your children is through a few activities that help them to learn about traffic and road safety.

  • Discuss

  1. Give your kids a situation and then ask them how they will react.
  2. For ex. If their toy falls on the road what will they do?
  3. What if their friend is putting his head out of the school bus, how will they react? Check what they answer and explain them accordingly.
  • Paint traffic or road posters and signs so that they can remember them well
  • Write a fun and easy-to-sing song on road safety explaining road signs and their meaning.
  • Buy road safety crosswords that are very educative and self-explanatory.
  • Make use of activity sheets that will help children to learn about road safety. Also, look for educative worksheets which educate kids about road safety and traffic safety rules to follow.

It is important for parents to educate their kids about the 10 Road Safety Rules for Kids – Traffic Rules Kids Should Know in a fun way or else they will not listen to them or find it boring and not interesting. Sometimes parents exaggerate and scare their kids so remember you have to make them alert and not scared about roads and moving vehicles. You can also check with other parents and together come up with activities that will help kids with road safety.

Kids should understand this topic is important and that it is for their good. You can show YouTube videos or images to them but don’t make them feel scared and traumatized. Secondly, it is of utmost importance that you strictly follow traffic rules so they can follow you. Never make use of mobile phones when you drive or while you are walking across the roads. Kids are very observant by nature and they keep all these things in mind. Show patience and drive safely without violating any traffic rules when you are with kids.

These were 10 Road Safety Rules for Kids – Traffic Rules Kids Should Know which will help your kids to be safe. Let us know if you liked this article in the comments below.


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