99 Best Muslim Girl Names with meanings

Best Muslim girl names are here to help you find the best baby name for your daughter. One of the biggest decisions that parents have to take is selecting a nice name for their babies. Muslims are part of the world’s population and they have some unique Muslim girl names.

There are many different categories amongst Muslims but few traditions are similar across all the category. It is seen that there is no traditional baby shower function or naming ceremony for their babies.

Best Muslim Girls name

Muslims definitely hold a traditional welcoming ceremony called Aqiqah. This function involves traditional rituals and celebrations to welcome the newborn in the family.

It generally happens on the 7th-day post-birth and during which babies head is also shaved.

Muslims do believe in meaningful and pleasant names.

Good meaningful Muslim girl names are the first and everlasting gift you give to your little bundle of joy.

Parents leave no stone unturned to give their baby a beautiful name she will be proud of.

Even while buying a gift we make sure that the gift is unique and remains in our kid’s memory forever. Right??

Is there a better gift than giving your girl baby meaningful and pleasant names?

We know you are hunting for meaningful Muslim baby names to give your cute little darling so we have made a list of 99 best Muslim girl names.

99 Muslim Girl Names and Meanings

1. Aaeesha

Aaeesha is renowned to be Prophet Muhammad’s wife who was the youngest. It also means Life, Vivaciousness, and Living Prosperous.

2. Aafaaq

It is a unisex name that is directly mentioned in the Quran means horizons. Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth.

3. Aafreeda

This is one of the beautiful Muslim girl names which mean Created or Produced. This name is not very common among Muslim girls and your daughter’s name will be unique.

4. Aaliyah

Last year my Muslim girl’s friend delivered a cute baby. She was hunting for meaningful Muslim girl names. After a lot of research, she named her daughter Aaliyah which means tall, towering. There is also a very famous Bollywood actress named Aaliyah.

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5. Aarzu

If your little bundle of joy is like your wish that you asked God and came true then you can think of naming her Aarzu. These Muslim baby girls names mean Wish, hope, love.

6. Aasia

Such a gentle meaning for a loving daughter. Aasia is the one who tends to the weak and heal, Hopeful

7. Aatika

Another floral name in our list of Muslim girl names that means a flower with good smell.

8. Aazeen

It means beauty. This is one of the best Muslim girl names also used in Hindu households. But irrespective of religion, you can also name your sweet girl baby with this Muslim girl’s name.

9. Abda

This is one of the short Muslim names for girls which means Worshipper and is also easy to pronounce.

10. Abeer

Strong, auspicious powder traditionally applied during the festival of Holi.

11. Abra

These Arabic names of girls meaning lesson could make a potential baby name for your daughter.

12. Adiva

Name your daughter Adiva for a gentle and pleasant personality.

13. Afia

We as parents are very protective of our kids. Name her Afia which means Away from all Problems.

14. Afra

The cute, lovely name which denotes color white.

15. Amana

Some may feel that Amana has a new-age feel to it. But it is among those traditional Islamic names for girls which mean Faithful, to believe.

16. Amrah

Another Muslim girl names which mean beloved.

17. Aasma

Aasma is a wonderful Muslim girls name which means excellent.

18. Benazir

Benazir sounds like this name is made for the royal queen. It means matchless or incomparable.

19. Bushra

For every parent bringing their little munchkin is a great blessing from God. It is the best thing that happens to a couple of post marriage. Bushra means Glad, tiding, or a piece of good news.

20. Bisma

If you want your daughter to smile forever and never be sad name her with this best Muslim girls name which means Smile.

21. Chanda

Chanda name is also common among Hindus and Muslims both. It means a beautiful Moonlight.

22. Dahma

She was a scholar of religion and excelled in grammar and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts.

23. Deeba

These Muslim girls names mean Obedient. Every parent wishes for an obedient kid. Isn’t it? An obedient daughter, human, and follower of God – the name encompasses almost all your wishes!

24. Dimah

If you are a nature lover Dimah is a great option for Arabic names for girls which in Arabic means carrying rainwater.

25. Doaa

Pray, a voice of the heart, request to All-mighty Allah, a source of connection with Allah and Human

26. Duaa

Couples pray for a safe and healthy child throughout the pregnancy. Name your sweetheart Duaa if your prayers have come true in the form of your baby girl as Duaa means Prayer.

27. Durdanah

Sometimes, the most amazing names are not so popular ones. Durdanah is one of those Muslim girl names which means Pearl.

28. Eiliyah

The beautiful one to grow with peace and love with God. This is one of my favorite Muslim girl names which is lovely, modern yet so meaningful.

29. Enisa

Enisa just means Good friend. Such a simple and sweet name in this list of 101 best Muslim girl names with meanings.

30. Ezzah

Ezzah is a simple and sweet name with a profound meaning. A person who is honest and gives respect. But ‘respect’ is never easy to get and give. It is what we crave for all our life!

31. Fadila

We all wish for a Good looking daughter. Fadila means good-looking, attractive.

32. Fahmida

These Muslim girl names mean intelligent, wise. It makes a very interesting choice for baby girls because of their uniqueness.

33. Falak

One of my favorites among Muslim girl names which mean Sky is light and beautiful

34. Farhana

This is among those Islamic names for girls which mean Happiness. Great choice for parents looking for easy names.

35. Fathiya

This is my favorite among Muslim girl names which means Joy, happiness, the new beginning. Bringing a new member of the family is definitely a feeling of being happy and excited.

36. Forhana

This is also unique among Muslim girl names which mean Happy, ecstatic. Bringing a new member of the family is definitely a feeling of being happy and excited.


His beautiful Islamic names of girls mean Successful. I am sure you will want your little chipmunk to grow and become successful in everything they do. Then why not try such a positive meaning name.

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38. Gasheen

Gasheen is one of the Islamic names for girls which means good, likable, and beautiful.

39. Ghufayrah

This Muslim girls name was of a woman who was a positive and pious soul and kept vigil in the night. I have come across this name in many Muslim households.

40. Gulbano

This beautiful and unique name is equally meaningful. This is one of the Arabic names for girls which means Rose.

41. Habiba

Your daughter is your Beloved, sweetheart, darling. M I right? So name her Habiba which is a unique yet traditional name for Muslim girls.

42. Hafeezah

Hafeezah was a person who was Keeper of the sacred book. If you are religious and traditional choose this name for your daughter and everyone in your family will love your choice of selecting the name.

43. Halimah

In today’s world, there is a scarcity of people who think about others. Inculcate these habits in your daughter by naming her Halimah which means gentle, patient, mild tempered.

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44. Hanan

Hanan is a unisex name that means Mercy/compassion

45. Ifra

Name your daughter with this cute little Muslim girls name which means Giving happiness

46. Inaaya

Do you ever feel that your daughter is a divine gift from God? Then name your daughter Innaya. This Muslim girls name simply means Gift of happiness.

47. Inbihaj

Inbihaj meaning is lovely. After all, who wouldn’t love a name associated with ‘happiness and cheerfulness.

48. Ishraq

Ishraq means Coming up of the sun. This name brings such a positive vibe around it.

49. Ismat

Looking for a name that is very girly and feminine? Choose this Muslim girl names which as a very nice meaning Pious.

50. Izdihar

If you don’t mind a unisex name for your daughter then try Izdihar which means Flourishing, blooming.

51. Jahida

If you want a name that has a universal appeal, Jahida will be a good bet. It means someone who helps the vulnerable

52. Jumeirah

This is one of those Arabic names for girls which means Name of a female companion.

53. Labeebaa

Labeebaa is an Arabic name for girls which means intelligent, quick to understand, sensible, judicious.

54. Lubna

An aromatic resin yielding tree used for medicine and perfume production.

55. Lutfiya

Lutfiya is one o the Muslim girl names meaning Delicate, graceful, Kind, Compassionate.

56. Mandurah

Mandurah is an Arabic name for girls which means balanced, tuned, rectified.

57. Maahirah

The very feminine name meaning Skillful, able, experienced.

58. Malala

Are you hunting for a name after a famous personality, then choose Malala, In the 19th century there was a freedom fighter in Afghan named Malalai. Malala Yousefzai is another popular Nobel Peace Prize winner.

59. Nailah

You can spell this name in several different ways, eg Nylah. It means ‘champion’.

60. Paniz

Paniz is a Muslim girl’s name that means sugar, figuratively meaning adorable’

61. Rabia

Rabia means a breeze. May your cute baby grow into a cheery, chirpy and light-hearted girl.

62. Rihana

Yes, one of the most famous singers of today’s generation bears Muslim girl names. You can even spell it like Rihanna, and it means ‘sweet basil’.

63. Saaebah

Arabic names for girls which means sensible, rational, intelligent.

64. Saafah

Muslim names for girls which means frond, large and usually divided leaves in plants like palm trees and ferns.

65. Saaliah

For parents who are traditional and believe in their religion a lot choose this unique name which means Pure pious and devoted.

66. Sahara

Sahara is an edgy feminine name which means desert. You can also spell it is Zahara. It would make a very different name for your daughter.

67. Sarrah

Sarrah is a very modern, unique Muslim girls name that means Happy, pure.

68. Saffiyah

Saffiyah is among Islamic names for girls having a very pious meaning. This instantly creates very positive vibes and means Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend

69. Samrah

Samrah is a Name of a fruit, written in Quran 25 times.

70. Samaara

Another Islamic name for girls Samaara means one who speaks under the moonlight. This girl has tan color skin like that of a moonlit desert.

71. Samanta

Muslim baby girl names that means one who listens, one who is a good listener.
It’s an Islamic name for girls meaning goodness, kindness, happiness, beauty.

72. Savaira

It means Morning. This is among those Muslim baby girl names which are very popular yet have a feel-good factor to them.

73. Seher

Another Muslim girl names that mean Beautiful sunshine of the sun and day.

74. Shaden

This poetic and charming name denotes grace and strength in the best way possible. Shaden means ‘baby gazelle that lives on her own in the wild’.

75. Shameena

Shameena is one of those Muslim names for girls which means beautiful in Arabic.

76. Taalia

If you love names that possess a vintage feel to it, name her Taalia. This Muslim girls name means a Rising star.

77. Talibah

Talibah means knowledge seeker.

78. Tanisha

Tanisha means Happiness. Your daughter will be proud of this cute name when she grows up and will say thank you.

79. Tasneem

Tasneem means Fountain of paradise. It’s a modern, unique Muslim girl name and perfect for contemporary parents.

80. Tabassum

This one is my favorite among other Muslim girl names which means Smile. Has a simple meaning but it is one of those Arabic names for girls with a feel-good factor to it.

81. Ummid

We all have high hopes from our kids as every parent. Ummid simply means hope and reflects the emotion beautifully.

82. Vardah

If you have a liking for floral cute girly names than name your daughter Vardah. It means Rose.

83. Vida

Vida is a Muslim baby girls name that means apparent, prominent, visible.

84. Wafaa

The baby name like Wafaa will motivate your daughter to always follow the right path in life. She will learn to be Trustworthy and loyal to her closed ones.

85. Wajihah

Every couple wants their daughter to do good for herself in her life. Wajihah means Eminent, distinguished. This name may encourage your daughter to be something special in her life.

86. Wasimah

Wasimah is a distinguished, rare and wonderful Muslim girls name meaning Graceful, pretty.

87. Yasmina

Another floral feminine name means A beautiful flower that shines.

88. Yumna

It is believed that daughters bring Good fortune and success to the family. Isn’t it a cute and spirited name?

89. Yalina

I am obsessed with this gorgeous name which means Soft, gentle

90. Zara

If you name your daughter Zara it makes her turn into a fashionista when she grows up. Zara is one of the Muslim girl names which means Beautiful flower

91. Zahara

Zahara is a Flower, It also means Beauty, and there is a star which has the same name.

92. Zakia

Everyone would love to have a daughter who is a beauty with brains. Name her Zakia which means Beautiful, intelligent.

93. Zainab

We end our list of 101 best Muslim girl names with meanings with this beautiful name Zainab. It means the name of a beautiful tree exuding a fragrance.

94. Zareen

These cute Muslim girl names mean Full of expression and smile

95. Zartaj

Daughters are the queen of their parents. They are also queen for husbands for a lifetime. Name your daughter Zartaj which is very unique and means Queen

96. Zeena

Something beautiful means Zeena. This is one of those Islamic names for girls which is very popular yet stylish.

97. Zubi

Such a cute and awesome name with a lovely meaning Loving and understanding

98. Zulfa

The first part of the night is said to be Zulfa. One of those Arabic names for girls which have profound meaning yet is very rare.

99. Zuhra

Zuhra is a star’s name which means brilliant.

This list is never ending as there are many more unique and beautiful Muslim girl names with nice meanings.

Choosing the best one for your daughter that provides her unique identity is very important.

Islamic names of girls are unique and sound melodious and vivid. Hope this helped all you parents to pick a special and different Muslim girl names.


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