25 Funny Ways to Tell Husband – I Am Pregnant

If you’re wondering “How do I tell husband I’m pregnant?” you might want to consider a cute way to make the big announcement. In this article, we’ll explore 25 funny ways to tell husband – I am pregnant. Some couples prefer a serious and heartfelt approach; others opt for a more lighthearted and humorous way to break the news. These creative and playful ideas can make the announcement even more memorable and enjoyable for both of you.

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1.”Bun in the Oven” Surprise-

You can create a fun and cute way to announce your pregnancy to your husband. You could try placing a literal bun in the oven and asking your husband to check what’s baking. When he opens the oven, you can reveal a pregnancy test or a small sign that says, “There’s a bun in my oven, and it’s not for eating!” This would definitely be an unexpected and memorable way to share the news with your partner.

2. Morning Coffee –

This is a great idea! You can really surprise your partner by ordering a custom-made coffee mug that has “We’re having a baby” written on the bottom of the inside of the cup. Imagine the look on their faces when they finish their first cup of coffee and the message is waiting for them! This is a fun and creative way to share exciting news.

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3. Secret Mirror Message –

This idea is a fun and surprising way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant! First, clean the bathroom mirror thoroughly, so there are no streaks left – glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol can do the trick. Then, take a cotton ball and dip it in soapy water. Write your message on the mirror and let it dry. The message appears when your partner takes a shower or bath and the mirror becomes foggy!

4. Puzzle Pieces of Parenthood –

Create a customized jigsaw puzzle with an image of your positive pregnancy test. Invite your husband to solve it, and when he completes the puzzle, he’ll discover your big news.

5. Table for Three is a funny way to tell I am Pregnant –

One cute way to tell your husband you’re pregnant or reveal the exciting news to your spouse in a clever way is to make dinner reservations for three at your favorite restaurant. Ask the staff to write “Congratulations” in chocolate or fruit puree on a plate and place it at the third table setting. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, your partner might quickly figure out the reason behind the message, but if this baby is a happy surprise, you can play coy until they guess correctly.

6. Baby Booties and Beer-

Keep a pair of baby booties next to your husband’s favorite beer in the fridge. So that when he opens the door he is greeted with a surprising message.

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7. Make a Dinner of Baby Foods-

We’re copying this idea from “Full House”. Do you recall how Aunt Becky wanted to tell Uncle Jesse about her joy at figuring out what she was expecting? She put together a selection of baby foods. On the plate, there were baby shrimp, baby corn, and baby back pizza. He didn’t get it at first, but as quickly as it did, he was happy. We love this throwback to the era of the 1990s.

8. Let Big Brother or Sis Get in on the Game –

If you have an elder son or daughter, you can include them too. Like Mom or Dad’s shirts, you can make or buy shirts for siblings. When a child announces that he or she will become an elder brother or sister and joins the celebration, he or she feels especially proud and happy.

9. Give Them a T-shirt That Says, Mom or Dad –

Everyone loves a comfortable t-shirt, right? Get your partner a T-shirt that says, “Mom or Dad.” And it is also interesting to know the year of birth of the child. We bet they’ll be proudly showing off their new clothes in the coming months.

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10. Balloon Confetti Pop –

Fill a black balloon with colorful confetti write ‘We’re pregnant’ on it and give a pin to your husband. Ask him to pop the balloon, and when he does, confetti will reveal the news.

11. Baby Pet Announcement-

If you have pets, dress them up in baby onesies or attach a sign to them that says, “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.” Then, ask your husband if he notices anything different about the fur babies.

12. Baby Photoshoot –

Plan a fake family photoshoot and ask the photographer to capture the moment when you reveal a sign that says, “We’re expecting!” This way, you’ll have professional photos to cherish the memory.

13. The Mysterious Package –

Place a small gift box in front of your husband that says, “Open carefully.” Inside, include baby-related items, like a pacifier or baby socks, and a note saying you’re soon to be a dad. This is also a great way to tell your husband about your pregnancy.

14. A Love Letter –

For a beautiful and sensitive idea, write a love letter to your partner announcing your pregnancy. Include all the reasons you love them and how excited you are to grow your little family. This is a sentimental thought and one that can mean a lot to your partner.

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15. Superhero dad –

Gift your husband a “Super Dad” cap and tell him he will need it for his upcoming new superhero role.

16. Little Hint in His Lunch that I am Pregnant –

Pack her lunch for work and put it in a baby bottle or a small rattle with a note that says, “Today lunch is yours, but soon, we’ll share the feeding job!”

17. Unexpected Ultrasound –

Romantic way to tell your husband you're pregnant, surprise pregnancy announcement to husband, I am Pregnant, surprise pregnancy announcement to husband, funny ways to tell husband I am pregnant

Schedule an ultrasound appointment and invite your husband to come along, but don’t mention why. When he sees the image of your growing baby on the screen, the surprise will be evident.

18. Frame It to reveal that he is going to be father soon –

Use a box frame to reveal your pregnancy. You can also include things like your pregnancy test or sonogram image (if you have one yet), as well as small items like a pair of baby socks or a small plush toy. Hang your work of art in your home and have your partner stand near it and talk to you and see how long it takes them to notice!

19. Baby Drawer –

Do you remember those classic rom-coms where the partners would empty out the dresser drawers for each other? You can do the same for your new addition! Simply pick out a drawer from your partner’s dresser, remove all the clothes from it, and leave a cute note inside saying something like “Reserved for baby.” It’s a small but thoughtful gesture that your partner will definitely appreciate.

20. Nursery Room Clues –

Decorate the nursery room or a designated baby space in your home and leave a trail of clues leading your husband to the room. When he finally reaches it, he’ll see the preparations you’ve made for your new arrival.

21. Fortune Cookie Revelation –

Order some custom-made fortune cookies and slip in a message that says, “You will be a dad!” Share the cookies after dinner, and watch his reaction when he reads the fortune.

22. Parent Proposal –

Just as your partner may have proposed marriage to you or you may have proposed marriage to them, make a new proposal to them: Will you become parents? This baby announcement idea is perfect for soon-to-be parents! Play this by getting down on one knee and opening the “ring” box while holding the pacifier.

23. Say It with a Joke –

Why not add a little humor to your pregnancy announcement and surprise your partner? You can create a fun pregnancy reveal card that you can leave at a surprise location or give directly to your husband, spouse, or partner. You can write something silly, like a coupon that says, “Free diaper changing classes, redeemable in eight months.”

24. A Sweet Surprise-

Another cute idea for a pregnancy announcement to your partner involves ice cream—and everything’s better with ice cream! Order a custom-made spoon that says something like “We’re having a baby” and give it to your partner with a bowl of their favorite ice cream. As they finish their first spoonful, they’ll notice the sweet message!

25. Family Time-

If you and your significant other are both close to your families and they live nearby, hosting a dinner party and announcing your pregnancy in front of everyone present can be a memorable and enjoyable way to share the exciting news. This will not only be a surprise for your partner, but you will also be able to celebrate with your loved ones.

Announcing your pregnancy to your husband is a moment filled with joy and excitement. These 25 funny and creative ways to tell your husband, “I am pregnant,” can make the announcement even more special. Whether you choose a playful game, a clever gift, or a humorous twist, the key is to make the moment memorable for both of you. Whatever approach you decide on, remember that it’s a beautiful moment that marks the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter in your lives as parents. Congratulations!


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