How to avoid Pregnancy – 20 Best Methods to Prevent Conception

Oh God, I forget to use precaution, How to avoid pregnancy now. If this question is in your mind then must read on 20 Best Methods to Prevent Conception. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for many of us but if you are not ready for it then it can prove to be a terror. Despite taking all precautions to avoid pregnancy, sometimes they fail and pregnancy occurs.

The mere thought of unplanned pregnancy can bring jitters to the couple. Abstinence is the confirmed way you can avoid getting pregnant. But if you are active sexually than you must explore all the available options to avoid pregnancy.

how to avoid pregnancy

How to Avoid Pregnancy

Most couples have protected sex which is pretty normal now. However, it is important to know that this birth control methods are not 100% safe and can at times fail. Be it a product error or a human error, failed contraception needs to be taken care of to prevent pregnancy.

Birth Control Methods

If you are not aware of the birth control methods below mentioned are a few to name –

  • Combination Pills- Everyday combination pills which contain progestin and estrogen, two hormones which are synthetically produced and are very similar to the hormones made by a women’s ovaries.
  • Daily Pills- Daily pills which contain only progestin.
  • Intrauterine Devices- IUDs or Intrauterine devices which can be hormonal or non-hormonal. They can be worn for 3 to 10 years.
  • Vaginal Rings- Vaginal rings which can be worn for 21 days and then remove for 7 days before replacing.
  • Skin Patches- Skin patches containing estrogen as well as progestin, are worn for 21 days. After that remove for 7 days before changing to a new patch.
  • Ovulation Calculator- You can also start tracking your fertility. Strictly avoid sex while you are ovulating since that is an unsafe period. There are many apps for safe period calculation which you can use for tracking your menstruation and ovulation cycles. But keep in mind that this method will work only if you have regular menstrual cycles and have a fixed cycle length. It will not work for women who have PCOD, or who are breastfeeding.

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Apart from pregnancy, birth control methods are also necessary if you want to be safe from sexually transmitted diseases. Talk to your gynaecologist for proper guidance and consultation.

As far as pills are concerned they have to be taken every day. The missing one-day tablet can lead to unsafe period and having intercourse at such time can cause pregnancy.

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So what if you think that your birth control methods have failed and you are going to get pregnant?

Don’t worry and lose your cool. Today we have come up with 20 best methods to prevent conception and to answer your question i.e. how to avoid pregnancy.

20 Best Methods to Prevent Conception

If you are wondering how to avoid pregnancy after an unsafe sexual encounter with your partner than follow these natural remedies for effective results.

Well!! You thought that plants and herbs can be used only in beauty tips or cooking but think again. Thanks to nature that you can get rid of unwanted pregnancy naturally by using some safe herbal methods.

Below, we have collected a list of home remedies on how to avoid pregnancy naturally. Also, the health risks which are associated with these remedies are minimal.

As we know home remedies include substances and ingredients which are easily available at our home and are also economical. So let’s have a look at these best methods on how to avoid pregnancy.

1) Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an effective home remedy to abort pregnancy naturally and birth control. It is believed that drinking overnight cinnamon infused water cause abortion.

how to prevent conception

This will help the uterus to stimulate and will help in abortion, miscarriage and many other vaginal issues. You can check with your gynaecologist before trying it out.

2) Parsley

Parsley is another very effective home remedies if you are scared about how to avoid pregnancy naturally.

best way to avoid pregnancy

It is easily available and does not cause any side effects since it is very mild. Do try it if you think that the last sexual encounter you had can lead to pregnancy.

3) Indian wormwood or Mugwort

It is a leafy plant which resembles parsley. But be aware not to overdo it since it can cause renal failures. So consume this herb only after consulting your doctor. Avoid it if you have any kind of kidney problems.

4) Spearmint

Do not confuse this with Pudina which is Peppermint. Spearmint or garden mint is in use since olden time to prevent pregnancies.

It is also important to take your doctor’s advice before using this herb because it can be poisonous if taken in the wrong amount.

5) Cotton Root Bark

This is an effective abortifacient. The roots of the cotton plant can stimulate the hormone oxytocin which is released during childbirth. This hormone may cause the pregnancy to discontinue.

It is also believed to have the ability to stop the production of progesterone hormone which is essential for the pregnancy to continue.

The cotton plant root has to be organically grown. Or else it can make you feel sick. It is not easily available.

6) Angelica

Angelica induce uterine contractions and works very powerfully on women’s reproductive system.

This herb is also known as Dong Quai in China and is an effective home remedy to avoid pregnancy.

Keep in mind that Angelica herb increases the bleeding so women should avoid who have a heavy menstrual flow, women using blood thinning tablets, or if your blood doesn’t clot quickly.

7) Blue Cohosh

This one is another herb which is used in the last two weeks of pregnancy for toning the uterus and female reproductive system so that the process of birth becomes easier.

It can be taken in combination with other herbs such as Angelica or Black Cohosh. The abortive qualities of this herb are extracted ideally in an alcohol base and use a tincture which is available in the market.

It will release the hormone oxytocin thereby aborting the pregnancy. Also, make sure you don’t overdo it. It can stress your kidneys.

8) Anjeer or Dried Figs

Other popular natural contraceptive methods on how to avoid pregnancy are eating Anjeer right after intercourse. This will help in controlling birth.

herbal remedy for pregnancy

They also help in improving your blood circulation. Consume 2-3 figs every day and do not overdo it since it can also upset your stomach.

9) Black Cohosh

This is another home remedy on how to avoid pregnancy after one month naturally and also belongs to the Blue Cohosh family.

It works in a similar way too by stimulating the production of oxytocin that results in contractions within the uterus and prevents pregnancy. It also softens the cervix and prepares it to release the contents of the uterus.

10) Dry Apricots

This can be useful in preventing pregnancy. However, they shouldn’t be consumed when you get positive test reports.

It would control birth and also cure excessive bleeding.

11) Papaya

Papaya fruit and seeds have been used in birth control since ancient times. It helps to avoid pregnancy and leads to abortion.

prevent conception, abort pregnancy

Eating papaya fruit after sexual intercourse helps to avoid pregnancy. Papaya also reduces the motility of sperms and is a method to control conception.

Raw papaya has papain enzyme which blocks the production of progesterone hormone.

This hormone is essential for a healthy pregnancy. It is hazardous to the developing embryo as well. It causes uterine contractions by stimulating the production of oxytocin hormone.

12) Thistles Plant

Thistles is another powerful uterine stimulant plant which can cause temporary sterility in women.

13) Wild Carrot Seeds

Women have used this traditional remedy to avoid pregnancy from ancient times. Studies show that wild carrot seeds disrupt the implantation process. They release the fertilized egg if it has been implanted since a short span of time.

If the egg is unable to implant than pregnancy fails and menstruation will start.

14) Stoneseed Roots

It is a very effective herb for controlling unwanted pregnancy. Available in powder form as well. It was used in olden times for abortion by the Dakota Indian tribes.

15) Jack In The Pulpit Root

This herb prevents pregnancy by making the implantation process difficult. It is a very powerful herb.

16) Smart Weed Leaves

This herb grows all around the world and is widely available. It consists of three substances namely gallic acid, quercetin and rutin which disrupt the pregnancy. It also promotes the menstrual cycle to become regular.

17) Rue Herbs

This herb has been used in teas from ancient times to induce abortions. It contains pilocarpine and rutin, these components can induce early abortion. Keep in mind that it is a very powerful herb and people with heart, kidney or liver problems should not use it.

18) Asafoetida

Asafoetida is common in Indian kitchens for its pungency and flavour enhancing qualities. It can act as an effective home remedy to avoid pregnancy and induce abortion.

19) Neem leaves

Neem is another common remedy for naturally controlling birth. It avoids pregnancy by directly affecting the male sperm viability and motility and thereby prevents fertilization.

how to avoid pregnancy

It can also protect women from sexually transmitted diseases and any vaginal infections.

20) Ginger Roots

This is a very common ingredient in our kitchens. It can also help to prevent unwanted pregnancies by stimulating menstrual bleeding.

So these were our natural methods on how to avoid pregnancy.

Keep in mind that this information is not based on scientific data but are only age-old remedies. The advice of your doctor is a must before you try them out.

Secondly, every woman is different so not all herbs will be safe for you. Some of them can possibly cause side effects so also understand the associated risks.

A wrong herb or wrong dosage can lead to a lot of complications and can also make you infertile. So it’s very important to understand the correct dosage if you are thinking about how to avoid pregnancy naturally.

It is always best to consider safe methods to avoid pregnancy such as condom, IUD, pills etc which are more reliable and involve minimal efforts.

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