Sathabisham Nakshatra Baby Girl Names

Suri Suri means red rose, happiness, consort of the sun, krishna, goddess, learned, sage Girl
Surina Surina means a goddess, wise Girl
Suru Suru means good taste, delighting Girl
Suruchi Suruchi means good taste, taking great delight in, with refined tastes Girl
Surupa Surupa means beautiful woman, her own roop, truth Girl
Surve Surve means beautiful Girl
Survi Survi means the sun, sacred Girl
Surya Surya means the sun, one of the original vedic triad with agni and indra Girl
Sushali Sushali means good conduct Girl
Sushama Sushama means beautiful woman Girl
Sushanti Sushanti means complete peace Girl
Sushila Sushila means good conduct Girl
Sushita Sushita means so sweet, white Girl
Sushma Sushma means beautiful woman Girl
Susila Susila means true beauty and kindness. a lover of good. genuine and caring (wife of lord krishna) Girl
Susita Susita means so sweet, white Girl
Sutaa Sutaa means daughter Girl
sutada sutada means granter of issues Girl
Sutapa Sutapa means seeker of god Girl
Sutara Sutara means holy star Girl
Suthipha Suthipha means bright Girl
Suvali Suvali means full of grace Girl
Suvarna Suvarna means girl with a golden complexion, color of gold, golden Girl
Suveetha Suveetha means welfare, prosperity Girl
Suvetha Suvetha means welfare, prosperity Girl
Suvidha Suvidha means facility Girl
Suvitha Suvitha means welfare, prosperity Girl
Suyasha Suyasha means good achievement Girl
Svadhi Svadhi means goddess durga, well minded, thoughtful Girl
Svana Svana means sound Girl
Svara Svara means morning, goddess of sound Girl
Swaathi Swaathi means a nakshatra, goddess of learning, goddess saraswati Girl
Swapanthi Swapanthi means goddess lakshmi, dream like Girl
Swapna Swapna means dream Girl
Swapnali Swapnali means dream Girl
Swara Swara means tones, self shining in sanskrit Girl
Swarali Swarali means voice, aawaj Girl
Swarnika Swarnika means gold Girl
Swarupa Swarupa means beautiful woman Girl
Swasti Swasti means all peace, name of a star Girl
Swathi Swathi means a nakshatra Girl
Swati Swati means a nakshatra, goddess of learning, goddess saraswati Girl
Sweccha Sweccha means freedom Girl
Swechha Swechha means apni ichchha own wish Girl
Swedha Swedha means lovely, white, clearness Girl
Sweena Sweena means only mine Girl
Sweta Sweta means fair complexioned, pure Girl
Swetha Swetha means fair complexioned, pure Girl