Aanick Aanick means anything extremely small Boy
Aanika Aanika means goddess durga, the brilliance of stone Girl
Aanisa Aanisa means close, intimate, good friend, continuous, without darkness, light, unceasing, generous, loyal, close Girl
Aanisah Aanisah means close, intimate, good friend, continuous, without darkness, light, unceasing, generous, loyal, close Girl
Aaniya Aaniya means lord hanuman, fulfilment (son of anjani) Boy
Aanjaneya Aanjaneya means lord hanuman, son of anjana (son of anjani) Boy
Aanjay Aanjay means unconquerable, unbeatable Boy
Aansh Aansh means portion, day Boy
Aanshal Aanshal means strong, mighty, powerful, one who has strong shoulders, passionate Boy
Aanshi Aanshi means gods gift Girl
Aantika Aantika means older sister Girl
Aantya Aantya means successful, accomplished Boy
Aanush Aanush means beautiful morning, star, following desire Boy
Aanvi Aanvi means one of devis names, name of a goddess Girl
Aanya Aanya means inexhaustible, limitless, resurrection Girl
Aaoka Aaoka means lustrous Girl
Aapeksha Aapeksha means passion, being passionate Girl
Aapt Aapt means reliable, trustworthy, successful, logical Boy
Aapti Aapti means fulfilment, conclusion, success, completion Girl
Aapu Aapu means breath, faultless, virtuous, divine Boy
Aaqib Aaqib means another name of prophet muhammad, follower Boy
Aaqil Aaqil means wise, intelligent, thoughtful, sensible Boy
Aaqilah Aaqilah means wise, sensible, intelligent woman Girl
Aar Aar means light bringer Boy
Aara Aara means ornament, decoration, light bringer Girl
Aarabhi Aarabhi means karnatic musical (raaga) famous note Girl
Aaradh Aaradh means adoration, deep rapturous love Boy
Aaradhak Aaradhak means worshipper Boy
Aaradhana Aaradhana means worship, adoration Girl
Aaradhaya Aaradhaya means worshipped, blessing of lord ganesh Girl
Aaradhita Aaradhita means worshipped Girl
Aaradhy Aaradhy means worshipped Boy
Aaradhya Aaradhya means worshipped, blessing of lord ganesh (celebrity name: aishwarya rai) Girl
Aaradhyay Aaradhyay means belief, respect Girl
Aaradya Aaradya means worshipped, blessing of lord ganesh Girl
Aaraiz Aaraiz means rain bearing cloud Boy
Aaranay Aaranay means beginning, starter Boy
Aarani Girl
Aaranyan Aaranyan means jungle, forest Boy
Aarashi Aarashi means first ray of the sun, heavenly, rice, queen Girl
Aarathana Aarathana means soft and beautiful Girl
Aarathi Aarathi means worship, hymns sang in praise of god, divine fire in ritual Girl
Aaratrika Aaratrika means dusk lamp beneath tulsi plant Girl
Aarav Aarav means peaceful, sound, shout (celebrity parents name: akshay kumar & twinkle khanna) Boy
Aaravi Aaravi means peace Girl
Aarayna Aarayna means queen Girl
Aarchi Aarchi means ray of light Girl
Aardra Aardra means 6th nakshatra, wet Girl
Aaria Aaria means goddess parvati, goddess durga, a noble lady, honoured, friend, faithful, wise, benevolent, auspicious Boy
Aarib Aarib means handsome, healthy Boy
Aaridhya Aaridhya means to be accomplished, to be made favorable, to be worshipped Girl
Aarif Aarif means acquainted, knowledgeable Girl
Aarifa Aarifa means women who recognizes islam Girl
Aarifah Aarifah means women who recognizes islam Girl
Aariket Aariket means lord ganesh, against desire Boy
Aariketh Aariketh means lord ganesh, against desire Boy
Aarin Aarin means full of joy, mountain strength, ireland, peace, sunray Boy
Aarini Aarini means adventurous Girl
Aarish Aarish means first ray of sun, sky Boy
Aarit Aarit means one who seeks the right direction, honoured, admired, beloved, friend Boy
Aaritra Aaritra means one who shows the right path, navigator Girl
Aariv Aariv means king of wisdom Boy
Aariz Aariz means respectable man, intelligent Boy
Aarjav Aarjav means honest, sincere, one whose steadfast in happiness and sorrow Boy
Aarksh Aarksh means of the stars, celestial Boy
Aarman Aarman means hope or desire, army man, wish Boy
Aarna Aarna means goddess lakshmi, water, wave, effervescing, stream Girl
Aarnab Aarnab means ocean Boy
Aarnav Aarnav means ocean, air, sun, wave, stream, sea Boy
Aarnavi Aarnavi means heart as big as ocean, bird Boy
Aarochan Aarochan means shining, bright, name of the sun, brilliant Boy
Aarohi Aarohi means a music tune, progressive, evolving Girl
Aaron Aaron means light bringer, exalted high, enlightened, lofty, powerful mountain Boy
Aarpit Aarpit means to donate, to give or offer something, offered, dedicated Boy
Aarsh Aarsh means bright, hero, truthfulness, dominion, crown, pure, worshipped, divine Boy
Aarshabh Aarshabh means its an another name of shri krishna Boy
Aarshin Aarshin means almightys place, pious Boy
Aarshvi Aarshvi means name of lord vishnu Boy
Aarth Aarth means meaningful, meaning Boy
Aarthi Aarthi means way of offering prayer to god Girl
Aarti Aarti means form of worship, singing of hymns in praise of god Girl
Aarul Aarul means grace of god, blessing of god Boy
Aaruna Aaruna means dawn, red, passionate, fertile Girl
Aarunya Aarunya means merciful, compassionate Boy
Aarupa Aarupa means without the limitations of form, divine, moon faced, goddess lakshmi Girl
Aarush Aarush means first ray of the sun, calm, red, brilliant, another name for the sun Boy
Aarusha Aarusha means first rays of the morning sun Girl
Aarushi Aarushi means dawn, red sky in the early morning, first rays of the sun, flame, bright, life giving Girl
Aarvi Aarvi means peace Girl
Aarvinder Aarvinder means of the god of heavens Boy
aarya aarya means goddess parvati, goddess durga, a noble lady, honoured, friend, faithful, wise, benevolent, auspicious Girl
Aaryak Aaryak means kind, honourable, noble, wise Boy
Aaryaman Aaryaman means noble-minded, aristocratic, noble, belonging to the sun, the sun, friend Boy
Aaryamani Aaryamani means belonging to the sun, the noblest of nobles Girl
Aaryamik Aaryamik means noble Boy
Aaryan Aaryan means of the aryan race, ancient, warrior, speedy, another name for indra, kind, benevolent Boy
Aaryana Aaryana means best, noble Girl
Aaryav Aaryav means noble person Boy
Aaryaveer Aaryaveer means brave man Boy
Aaryavir Aaryavir means brave man Boy